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Errors with the 2013 Uniform Points Allocation

Date: January 7, 2013
Type: AFA Article

Some Flight Attendants are reporting that they are having problems with their 2013 uniform point allocation. The source of this problem is not immediately clear.

The company is aware of these isolated problems.  Management will be working with Cintas to determine the exact cause of the issue(s).  In the interim, if you don't see your 2013 point allotment in the Cintas system when you sign in, management is recommending that you "hold off" on ordering any optional accessory items until the discrepancy with your uniform points balance is resolved. You are encouraged to "shop", even to add items to the cart.  Do not complete the checkout process. We received some reports that Flight Attendants were encouraged to place the order using a credit card to supplement the missing points.  Following review by management, Flight Attendants are to be discouraged from providing their credit card information to the Cintas representative unless it is their specific intent to purchase uniform items.  Contact your supervisor for assistance in resolving any discrepancy in your uniform points balance.

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