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Uniform Points and Accessory Purchase Updates

Date: January 7, 2013
Type: AFA Article

Inflight management advised AFA late on Monday, January 7, 2013 that the problems you have been reporting regarding Uniform point allocations have been resolved. 

While we haven’t been provided specific information about the source of the problems with the points, management indicates that Flight Attendant should now have the correct 2013 points.  Please contact your Local Council Office if you continue to see any discrepancies.  

In addition, we have received questions from those of you using a combination of points and credit cards.  Management reports that when the total of the items you are purchasing exceeds your available point allotment and you are using a credit card to cover the difference, the Cintas system is not calculating the 25% discount, in error.  All optional pieces, whether purchased with points or by credit card are eligible for the 25% discount.   

Management does not have a time frame for the fix for this problem.  However, Cintas is working on a programmatic fix.  In the interim, Cintas will go back and review all purchases and, where necessary, will  adjust accounts.    Management will advise when the fix is in place.  

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