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Sign the Petition Against Knives in the Cabin

Date: March 6, 2013
Type: AFA Article

Yesterday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that effective April 25, knives would be allowed in the aircraft cabin for the first time since 9/11. Our response to condemn this move was swift and we coordinated our efforts through our Flight Attendant Union Coalition to show a united front on this issue among all Flight Attendants.

Today, we have initiated a petition to the White House to block this policy reversal and keep knives out of our aircraft cabins. The on-line petition requires creating an account, but this increases the validity of the petition and makes a bigger impact as we take action together. Sign the petition now: Keep Knives Off the Plane

Since yesterday’s announcement, our unions have received an overwhelming response of outrage from members and passengers across the country. This move by the TSA is outrageous. We are the last line of defense in aviation security and time does not change the fact that we were among the first to die in a war we didn’t know we were fighting on September 11, 2001. At great cost, we know better today. There is no excuse for allowing knives in the cabin. 

This policy reversal is against the best interest of the security of crew and passengers in the aircraft cabin and we will stop at nothing to fight it. We encourage all those who agree and wish to join our growing coalition to sign the petition at: Keep Knives Off the Plane.

Our nation’s aviation system is the safest in world thanks to multi-layered security measures that include prohibition of items that could pose a threat to the integrity of the aircraft cabin. The continued ban on dangerous objects is an integral layer in aviation security and must remain in place.

We are working with our sisters and brothers in the Flight Attendant Union Coalition, representing nearly 90,000 Flight Attendants at airlines across the county, to coordinate a nation-wide legislative and public campaign to reverse TSA’s decision to allow knives in the cabin. We will continue to report to you on a series of tactics to defeat this policy change. Help us grow the power of our Coalition by sharing this petition with your friends and family.

Sign-in is required by this White House petition to prevent multiple click-throughs and to protect validity of the petition. We urge you to exercise the one signature opportunity you have to register your voice against the TSA's decision.

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