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Partnership Flying Awards Complete

Date: April 25, 2013
Type: AFA Article

Bidding for Partnership Flying closed Wednesday, April 24 at 0800 CST.  United's Advance Schedule Planning has completed the review of the partnership bids and has determined that all Flight Attendants wishing to participate in this program would be awarded their bid. Bids for the Partnership Program, where awarded to 278 of our flying partners.   

Partnership Awards by Domicile

In total, 139 Partnerships were awarded to 278 Flight Attendants based in based in BOS, DCA, DEN, FRA, HKG, HNL, IAH, LHR JFK, LAS, LAX, NRT, ORD and SFO. There were no bids on file in SEA.  The new three-month Partnership period will begin June 1, 2013 and run through August 30, 2013. 

The Company will maintain a wait list of Partnership requests and award additional Partnerships, in seniority order, based on the seniority of the senior Flight Attendant in the Partnership. Soon we will have a link on our website to submit your bid to the Partnership Wait List.  For those who were awarded the Partnership or those who wish to consider a bid for Partnership, we encourage you to review the Partnership Packet available in the Furlough Section.

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