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2013 Contractual Profit Sharing

Date: February 14, 2014
Type: AFA Article

2013 Profit Sharing payments were made to all eligible employees today.  Flight Attendants, who did not make a special election for their Profit Sharing or did not qualify for a special election, should have received their Profit Sharing paid in the manner in which you receive your monthly paycheck – either direct deposit or as a paper check. 

Keep in mind, IRS regulations dictate that these types of special payments require Federal Income tax withholding at a minimum rate of 25% plus Social Security (FICA), Medicare and any applicable state and local income tax withholdings.  Profit Sharing payouts where approximately 3.3 % of your 2013 annual earnings, whereas it was 2 percent of your annual earnings in 2012.

United announced on January 23, 2014 a $571 million profit for the full year of 2013, which triggered Section 5.J., our Contractual Profit Sharing Program. Our Contract provides a payout when adjusted pretax earnings at United Airlines exceeds $10 million dollars. Fifteen percent of United's adjusted pretax earnings form the basis for a pool that is distributed pro-rata to all eligible Flight Attendants.  This year's Profit Sharing pool for eligible employees is $190 million.

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