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About the MEC Government Affairs Committee.

Among AFA-CWA's most important responsibilities is the advancement of issues important to Flight Attendants and our industry on Capitol Hill. The United Master Executive Council has a Government Affairs Committee Chair and Local Council Committees made up of volunteer activists. These dedicated individuals regularly travel to Washington, D.C., to walk the halls of Congress and lobby on the issues that affect Flight Attendants. Because we're the ones who work on the aircraft everyday, we're the ones who know what issues matter most. Together with the constant support of AFA's professional staff, we are our own best advocates.

The Government Affairs Committee members keep Flight Attendants informed of legislative actions that could affect our working conditions, our job security and our safety, health and security. These volunteers also conduct voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, promote AFA's Political Action Committee, FlightPAC, and actively participate in campaigns for AFA endorsed candidates. AFA encourages its members to be politically active on the local, state and federal levels - and support those members of Congress who consistently support Flight Attendants.

Many Government Affairs Committee members are involved in their local labor communities and serve as delegates to Central Labor Councils or as Executive Board members on the state level of the AFL-CIO. These delegates provide AFA greater access to AFL-CIO organizations and ensure that our issues and concerns get the full support of the local labor movement.

The relationships that the United AFA Government Affairs Committee members have built with many Congressional offices have enabled us to seek Congressional support in many different ways. When United announced their intention to seek changes to retiree medical benefits the United MEC and Government Affairs Committee persuaded over 110 House offices and 20 Senate offices to contact United Airlines about this unjust proposal.

AFA-CWA is known on Capitol Hill as the world's largest Flight Attendant Union and the only one that represents a cross-section of our entire profession. For decades, members of Congress and the federal government have not only respected our knowledge of the industry, but have turned to us in times of crisis.

When legislation that affects Flight Attendants is being proposed, AFA is the first and in most cases, the only Union that is contacted because of our status as the largest representative of Flight Attendants. Our steadfast work on behalf of Flight Attendants and aviation safety has increased our visibility for a well respected presence on Capitol Hill. Our greatest successes have been achieved when the United AFA Government Affairs Committee join the Government Affairs representatives from the other AFA carriers and speak with one voice.

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