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United Launches New Uniform Program

Date: January 3, 2017
Type: AFA Article

January 1, 2017, the combined Flight Attendant uniform program launched. Please make yourself familiar with the details:

  • A 75 point annual allotment will be awarded to each Flight Attendant. The allotment will be based on 12 months of active service from the previous calendar year.
  • Annual point allotments will be prorated for any periods of inactivity from the previous year.
  • Any Flight Attendants returning from a voluntary or involuntary leave of absence or furlough will receive the following: 

The total of all unused uniform points as of the effective date of the leave, plus any uniform points that were accrued prior to the effective date of the leave. The combination of unused and accrued uniform points will not exceed the yearly 75 point maximum allocation.

  • New hire Flight Attendants: If you were hired in 2016, regardless of your pre-merger subsidiary, you will receive a prorated number of points in 2017. All other new hires will receive a prorated number of points on their 13th month of activity – based on their date of hire or seniority.
As a reminder, Flight Attendants may not elect to rollover unused points into a new year.

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