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E-Lines: December 22, 2017

Date: December 22, 2017
Type: Dear AFA

Scholarships Available to United Flight Attendants and Their Families

 Being a Member of the largest Flight Attendant Union in the world provides you with many benefits.  One of those benefits are scholarships that are only for active Members of the Union.  Some of the scholarships that are available are:

 Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund
The Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of our active Members who will be attending a college or university.  The scholarship was founded by Dee Maki.  She started the scholarship trust for the dependents of active Members who do not have the opportunity for higher education.

 If you would like to apply for this scholarship please visit the AFA International Website Scholarship page http://www.afacwa.org/scholarships.  This page also includes details on the scholarship fund as well as the guidelines and application requirements.  The deadline for applications is April 10, 2018.

 Joe Beirne Scholarship Program
The Joe Beirne Scholarship Program was established in October 1974 by Communications Workers of America (CWA) Executive Board in the memory of Joe Beirne who took great pride in fighting for education and learning.

 This scholarship is offered by CWA each year and offers sixteen partial scholarships to selected winners in a lottery drawing. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2018.   Details on this scholarship are on the CWA website http://www.cwa-union.org/pages/beirne.

 Union Plus Scholarship Program
The Union Plus Scholarship Program was started in 1991 by Union Plus Education Foundation and provides scholarships to current and retired Union Members of a participating Union, their spouses, and their dependents.  This scholarship is supported in part by contributions from the provider of the Union Plus Credit Card.

 This scholarship is offered by the Union Plus Education Foundation each year and offers scholarships for students selected for university, college, trade, or technical schools. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2018 by 11:59 A.M. Eastern Time.  Details on the scholarship are on the Union Plus website https://www.unionplus.org/benefits/money/union-plus-scholarships.

Tumi® Shipping Reminders

 Keep in mind the following items as they relate to shipping of Tumi items.

  •  If you order Tumi accessories with the Flight Attendant luggage program, free shipping is available through December 31, 2017.
  •  Beginning January 1, 2018, if you order the wheeled tote as an additional item, you will pay the shipping cost.
  •  If you order either the Tumi rollaboard or the wheeled tote as your company issued luggage, free shipping will apply.

 Additional questions should be directed to tumiluggage@united.com.

 Travelpro® will offer repairs on their luggage through January 31, 2018.  Replacement items are no longer available,

End of Year Pay Check Exceptions

 (pmCAL) (CMI) –Electronic deposits will be made on the last business day prior to any pay date that may fall on a weekend or holiday. Monday, January 1st, 2018 is the New Year’s Day holiday. Therefore, the electronic paycheck deposit will be made Friday, December 29, 2017.

 (pmUAL) – January 1st electronic deposit for paychecks will be made on the first business day following the New Year holiday, which this year is Tuesday, January 2, 2018. December 15th was the last paycheck we received in 2017. Although our Contract requires that we are paid on the 1st and 16th of the month (or the business day prior), the January 1st paycheck is an exception to ensure that income is paid pursuant to IRS regulations in the New Year.

Resolutions for the New Year

 With the holidays fast approaching, we realize the season also brings with it the hustle and bustle anxiety that comes with trying to ensure a joyful celebration for those who matter most to us in life.  We encourage you to take the time necessary to care for yourself during these days leading up to the holiday itself.

 Immediately on the heels of Christmas comes the New Year.  The New Year is not just a ritual. It is the celebration of new hopes and dreams. It is an opportunity to start with a clean slate. While New Year resolutions are typically focused on weight, general health and finances, there are other options.  What might the new year offer us if we used it as an opportunity to commit to improvements in our emotional and mental well-being and how might this impact our overall health and wellness?

 Consider the following are seven positive mental health resolutions* for your new year:

  1.  “I will treat myself with respect and speak nicely about myself.” Try taping a list of positive characteristics about yourself in various places throughout the house to remind you of these affirmations.
  2.  “I will be physically active on a daily basis.” Multiple studies show a link between exercise and improved mental health.
  3.  “I will act and not react.”  Many times we feel like everyone is “pushing our buttons”. When this happens, we are caught up in a reaction cycle.  If you know you’ll be around someone who says negative things, plan for this and have a list in your head of disarming statements. You might even consider modifying your plans to limit exposure to negative people.
  4.  “I will learn to relax and enjoy.” Many times we become so busy we forget how or even when to take care of ourselves. Find or “re-discover” an activity that is relaxing and enjoyable to you. Dedicate time to this daily or at a minimum, weekly.
  5.  “I will be mindful.”  Being mindful is about staying in the moment. We cannot change yesterday and we cannot predict tomorrow. We do, however, have control over our attentiveness in the here and now. So, commit to being aware in the moment, and enjoy that moment.
  6.  “I will work towards being the person I want to be.”  When we see life as a journey and a time to continue to be the person we desire to be, we find hope and fulfillment in our tomorrows.
  7.  “I will resolve to be mentally healthy”.   There is still a stigma about seeing a mental health professional.  However, it is truly one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. A therapist gives us an unbiased ear and can also help us to understand why we do the things we do ... think of seeing a therapist as a mental health oil change. If you need assistance finding a referral, give your AFA EAP a call.  Your Local AFA EAP Committee Members are listed at afacwa.org/eap.   We are just a phone call away.

 We join your Local Council Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Professionals in wishing you and yours a safe and enjoyable holiday season and the very best in the New Year ahead.In Solidarity,

Jennifer Grega
MEC EAP/PS Committee

Ernie Cornejo
MEC EAP/PS Committee

*These suggestions have been adapted from an email written by Chip Coffey, the Director of Outpatient Services at St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center. 

(pmUA) Reserve Christmas Wish List

 Flight Attendants assigned to Reserve for the month of December, have an opportunity to preference where they would prefer to layover for the holiday. Section 10.C.13.c. of our Contract provides that at Christmas time, a Reserve Flight Attendant can indicate their preference for layover cities, for the three (3) days before and two (2) days following the holiday.

 For more information about our Contractual Reserve Christmas Wish List please visit our website.

Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel

 Flight Attendants who are working Crew Members this holiday season are able travel with up to two buddy pass riders at the Flight Attendant’s pass classification seniority. This applies to domestic and international travel, and is available beginning December 18, 2017, and ending on/before midnight January 5, 2018.

 When making your reservation through United's employeeRes, remember to check the "traveling with working crew member" box so that your "buddies" are booked at the correct pass classification. You are required to notify the gate agent in person, when your "buddy" accompanies you at the city where they are boarded and at a connecting city with an aircraft change.

 Note: Travel is space available. Additionally, if your buddy is unable to be boarded on the flight to which you are assigned to work because seats aren’t available, they will be listed on the next available flight at the normal buddy pass travel classification and seniority.

Industry Update - Silver Airways Flight Attendants Ratify First Contract

 On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, Silver Airways Flight Attendants ratified their first Contract with a unanimous vote and 93.3% participation.  This Contract increases pay and provides improvements in their working condition.  The United MEC congratulates the Flight Attendants at Silver Airways in achieving their first Contract between AFA and Silver Airways. 

 To read the full AFA Media Release please visit our website.

Happy Holidays - No E-Lines on Tuesday, December 26

 On behalf of the Officers and Members of the United Master Executive Council, we wish you and your families a very safe and happy holiday season.  In order to enable all of our volunteers to enjoy the holidays with their families, there will be no E-lines edition on December 26th.

Reminders and Quick Links

December 23 Contractual Holiday for NRT – Emperor’s Birthday|
December 25 Contractual Holiday for Domiciles in U.S., FRA, GUM, HKG, & LHR
December 26 (pm-UA) - Mandarin Language Qualified Vacancies at LAX
December 28 2018 Pass Travel Enrollment Closes
December 31 Last day to order Uniform Items online – Uniform Points Expire
January 1 Contractual Holiday for Domiciles in U.S., FRA, GUM, LHR, & NRT
January 31 Deadline to Apply for Union Plus Scholarship

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