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Reports and Feedback Forms

Choose one of the reporting systems below, depending on the type of report you want to file. If you are unsure, then submit a 'General Incident Report'.

Dispute Resolution Worksheet

Dispute Resolution: Local Council Worksheet

You may initiate the Dispute Resolution Process by filing a worksheet with the local AFA, within 60 calendar days after the flight attendant(s) would reasonably have knowledge of the dispute. The local AFA will review and evaluate every worksheet.

Management 'Discussions' ReportInterference Incident Report

The company, its supervisors and representatives are prohibited by law from interfering with, coercing or intimidating employees in the exercise of their right to choose a Union representative.

Contract Legality ReportLegality Report

Use this reporting form to report potential Contract violations or submit contract questions to your Local AFA Council.

Management 'Discussions' Feedback FormManagement "Discussions" Feedback Form

When approached by any member of management about your thoughts on our negotiations, simply state, "my AFA Negotiating Committee speaks for me." Then, report the incident through this feedback form

Marginal Service ReportMarginal Service Report

Section 4.L.2. of our Contract addresses any staffing issue that creates a marginal service condition such as not being able to complete our standard practice work assignments within the allotted times.

General Incident Report FormGeneral Incident Report Form

Use this report to submit issues and questions about issues such as occupational, reserve, EAP, Leave of Absence, etc.. If you are unsure of what report to submit, then use this one.

Hotel and Transportation ReportHotel and Transportation Report

Use this report to submit problems with a hotel or transportation provider. Don't forget to also use TVLLOG.

Safety Incident Feedback FormAFA Safety Incident Feedback Form

Use this form to notify your Local Council about a safety incident onboard or off the aircraft.

OSAP, FASRs, and other Safety ReportsISAP, FASRs, and other Safety Reports

Use these forms to report safety incidents to United, as well as AFA International.

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