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About the MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee.

Our United MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee monitors and participates in accident/incident investigations; participates in monthly safety meetings with the company; participates in congressional hearings dealing with Flight Attendant safety and health issues; participates in designing cabin interiors of new and reconfigured aircraft; coordinates with United's Initial and Continuing Qualification (CQ) training programs to ensure consistency with FAA and AFA-CWA objectives; and maintains an MEC Safety, Health & Security database.

Safety Reports

AFA Safety Report

This report is sent to your Local Council.

ISAP Report

This report is sent to AFA, United, and the FAA. About ISAP


This report is sent to United. Check the box to copy-in AFA.

Health Report System

This report is sent to AFA international.

Incident Report System

This report is sent to AFA international.

Latest News

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