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Safety First - Compliance with FARs

Date: September 20, 2016
Type: AFA Article

Everyday as aviation’s First Responders, it is important that we practice safety and security procedures. It’s critical that we enforce FAR’s that require specific actions on our part such as FAR 121.391(d), which states that during taxi, Flights Attendants must remain at their jumpseats "with safety belts and shoulder harnesses fastened during taxi unless performing safety-related duties."  This FAR is addressed in our eFAOM.  To avoid a non-compliance situation, once the safety demo is finished, complete the required cabin check, take your assigned jumpseat and fasten your seat belt. 

During the flight each of us is charged with making a visual inspection to ensure every passenger’s seat belt is fastened, every time the seat belt sign is illuminated, except during turbulence that requires Flight Attendants to be seated.  In this event, Flight Attendants should use the PA to reinforce the illumination of the fasten seat belt sign, and advise passengers to remain seated with their seat belts fastened.

The responsibility for checking hundreds of seat belts should be shared among the entire crew to expedite and lighten the amount of work involved. If a passenger is out of her/his seat when the seat belt sign is on, we do have a responsibility to ensure that we remind them that the seat belt sign is illuminated.  While checking for compliance with seat belts, make sure that child restraints are also FAA approved and check the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) chapter of your eFAOM under Child Restraint Systems for more specific information. 

At the end of both terminating and through flights, FARs require that all Flight Attendants remain on board until passenger deplaning is complete, including passengers requiring a wheelchair or other special handling needs.  The only exception to this is if there are more than the FAA minimum crew and those above minimum must leave to work an outbound flight.  This regulation is detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) chapter of your eFAOM under Minimum Crew Requirements. 

[Pre-merger United] In the event that you are not in compliance with a FAR, every crewmember involved should file a NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) report detailing the circumstances that led to the violation.  You can find the link to the ASRS reports Safety section here. We ask that you please provide us with copies of any reports that you submitted to ASRS by dropping those in your Local Council mailbox in the domicile.

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