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Always on Your Mind: Turbulence Protection

Date: March 31, 2017
Type: AFA Article

Turbulence is a known hazard in our profession and while turbulence is often outside of our control, there are actions we can take to help protect ourselves. As Safety Professionals, our primary responsibility on the aircraft is to manage emergency situations and, where necessary, evacuate the aircraft. Turbulence injuries adversely impact our ability to effectively fulfill these responsibilities. It is crucial that Flight Attendants take immediate action to protect themselves in a turbulence situation. Reconsider your immediate instinct to return to your assigned jumpseat, instead maintain situational awareness, know where the closest jumpseat and open passenger seats are, if none of these are available secure yourself by sitting on the floor.

Please keep in mind, service carts blocking our jumpseats or items inadvertently placed in our jumpseat during the service can prohibit our ability to quickly take a jumpseat and fasten your seatbelt and shoulder harnesses in a turbulence related situation. In an instance where turbulence hits unexpectedly, take action to protect yourself immediately and utilize the options you've developed in that given situation. Proactively assessing options and immediately taking decisive action to protect ourselves makes the ultimate difference. While we cannot control turbulence, we can control our reaction to it when it hits. Bottom line–protect yourself and always be aware.

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