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Warmer Weather = Turbulence

Date: April 25, 2017
Type: AFA Article

The warmer weather is upon us and with its arrival comes turbulence. This is a good time to remember that safety comes first on every flight. Turbulence is an occupational hazard, one that we all should take very seriously. When it comes to cabin safety, place yourself and your fellow Flight Attendants first. To minimize injuries caused by turbulence, when not directly engaged in the service, it is a good rule of thumb to stow all service components that are not in use including carts, coffee pots, and glass bottles. Ensuring the use of cart housings, tie downs and latches can minimize safety hazards. It is through these efforts as Safety Professionals that we demonstrate our commitment not only to each other but to the passengers in our care.  Stay safe and always consider your own needs first! 

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