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Association of Flight Attendants-CWA United Master Executive Council


Inside Schedule

Latest News

All news and information pertaining to Scheduling, Hotels Bidding, etc.

Bidding Information

Resources and information for bidding and schedules.


ID diagnostic codes, LOF codes, and LOF diagnostic codes.

Check-in and Aircraft Boarding Times

Check-in and Aircraft Boarding Time information.

Domicile News

Domicile and Co-Terminal news and resources.

DSL Reports

Monthly DSL reports from the Central Schedule Committee.

Furlough Resources

News and information for possible furlough announcements.

Hotels and Transportation

News, articles, reports and watch lists for hotel and transportation vendors.

Interim Vacation Bidding

This is the direct link to place your interim vacation bids on file.

Leave of Absence

LOA announcements and news.


What's happening in the operation.

On The Line

AFA-CWA Reference Handbook for United Airlines Flight Attendants

Partnership Waitlist

Use this link to enter United's intranet and place a bid on the waitlist for the Partnership Program.


Reserve news and articles.


Latest service news.

SWLOF Reports

Monthly SWLOF reports from the Central Schedule Committee.

Trade Timetable

Timetable for Trades, Open Flying, PTO & A.N.P.


How to use TRDKEY.

Transfers (domicile)

Latest domicile transfers published each Thursday.


Unimatic news and information.


Vacation bidding information and helpful articles.

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