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Partnership Award for August 31, 2010

Date: July 29, 2010
Type: AFA Article

The Partnership Flying award is complete for the new six-month period beginning August 31, 2010.  As a result of the Partnership awards the Company will not involuntarily furlough any Flight Attendant. 

The Company reviewed the viability of the Partnership Program at each domicile and determined Partnership awards were possible at all domiciles that had bids on file. In total, 149 Partnerships were awarded to 298 Flight Attendants based in BOS, DCA, DEN, FRA, JFK, LAX, LHR, NRT, ORD, SEA and SFO.  There were no bids on file in HKG, HNL and LAS. The following is a breakdown of the Partnership Flying award by domicile.

Partnership Flying Awards by Domicile

Domicile Partnership Award
DCA 30
DEN 14
HKG no bids on file
HNL no bids on file
LAS no bids on file
LAX 13
NRT 25
ORD 28
SFO 29
Total 149

Review the Partnership Packet (.pdf) in the Schedule Section of  www.unitedafa.org for any questions about the program.

No Involuntary Furloughs

We appreciate the help of our flying partners who were able to avail themselves of the benefits afforded by the Partnership Program while saving the job of a more junior Member.  Together we continue to successfully save jobs.

Partnership Waiting List

The Company will maintain a waiting list of Partnership requests and award additional Partnerships in seniority order based on the seniority of the senior Flight Attendant in the Partnership.  Requests may be submitted at any time and will be awarded as the Company determines an additional need.  It is also anticipated that the program will be extended beyond this 6 month period which will provide another opportunity for everyone to bid and receive a Partnership award. 

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