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(CAL) – Reduced Flying below Forty Hours

Date: March 31, 2017
Type: AFA Article

We’ve received a number of questions suggesting there may be some confusion on the application of the language in Section 5.C.2.a. of the pmCAL Contract regarding eligibility to reduce a monthly flying schedule below forty (40) hours. 

While there is no minimum flying requirement for any Flight Attendant to receive health benefits at active medical rates under the terms of the JCBA, the requirements of Section 5.C.2.a. of providing advance notice in the month prior of the intent to reduce schedules below forty (40) hours in a bid month is a primarily a payroll function.   As set forth in Section 5.C.3. of the Contract, there a consequences of making the election to fly less than forty (40) hours which affect the Flight Attendants paycheck. 

We have received reports that the current automation in CCS continues to restrict those seeking to reduce their hours below forty (40) when they have not made the appropriate indication when bidding.

For this reason, if you think you may reduce your flying in a given month below forty (40) hours, consider checking the appropriate box in CCS during monthly line bid to ensure that option is available to you.  Also, be aware, doing say may result in a reduction in your first of the month paycheck.  In the event you end up exceeding the 40 hours, any difference will be paid on your mid-month (true-up) paycheck.

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