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Command Description
ADDKEY Used to add your Keyword.
AMSDIS Displays maintenance information for a specific UAL aircraft. You can view deferred and repaired items.
AMSITM Displays expanded information for a specific maintenance item.
ASNSHO Displays a list of Reserves who have been given an assignment.
C. Accesses the computer assisted instruction lesson directory display.
CLSDSP Display a class.
CLSLIS Displays training and meeting classes available.
CURRTG Displays the current routing of a specific UAL aircraft.
DFAP Use to view your individual pay records. 
DIS*38555 Displays Onboard Service F/A Staffing Guidelines Index.
DIS*9898 Displays passenger loads (24 hours +/-).
DISGAT Displays a flight's departure/arrival gates and times, plane number, and station.
DOAI/ Displays the total number of jumpseats on a flight segment. Displays the number of jumpseats assigned to working crewmembers.
DPSI Displays passenger loads for a specific flight. This is the same as DIS*9898.
DSLLOF Displays the Flight Attendants on a specific ID and date in the future.
DSPADT Displays a Flight Attendant's specific trade transactions on file.
DSPDIG Displays diagnostic codes and their meanings.
DSPDSL Displays a trip ID scheduled beyond 48 hours from now.
DSPFAC Used to enter in flight activity certification upon completion of an ID.
DSPFAI Used to enter a request for WOP, GWOP, OFR, or Trip Trade.
DSPFDA Displays your DAT days used.
DSPFWP Displays your GWOP (PDO) days used.
DSPGWP Displays a domicile's GWOP (PTO) allotment available and days used.
DSPHOL Displays a list of contractual Flight Attendant holiday dates by inserting the country.
DSPID/ Displays an active trip ID for Flight Attendants. Time frame allowed: 27 days ago until 48 hours from now.
DSPKEY Used to add, change or delete your Keyword. 
DSPLOF Displays a Flight Attendant's line of flying.
DSPMEL Used to input a special meal request.
DSPOPN Displays a domicile's Open Flying trade allotment.
DSPREQ Displays a Flight Attendant's current trade, open flying and WOP/GWOP requests on file.
DSPRFL Displays your enotes profile.
DSPROF Used to track the days a Reserve has picked up open flying.
ENMENU Commands used for writing, sending & receiving Unimatic e-notes.
EXFL Displays exception flights on a specific leg.
FAACRT Allows you to update your FAA-required Airmen Certification card information.
FADOCS Displays various Flight Attendant documentation.
FAINFO Displays various Flight Attendant information.
FAMU Displays a list of common Flight Attendant Unimatic commands.
FAPASS Allows you to update your passport information.
FAQUAL Displays various Flight Attendant qualifications (or lack thereof).
FDEM Allows you to update your emergency contact information.
FDMS Displays your Medical Sick Leave information, transfer pay, partnership, TDY and domiciles.
FDUG Displays your 'UG100' personnel information.
FDWH Displays your work history.
FLF (FLT#) Displays flight segment information.
FLTID/ Used to display the IDs assigned to a specific flight. 
FLTLNG Display a list of Flight Attendants on a flight with their qualified languages.
FLTLOF Displays the Flight Attendants on a specific flight segment.
FLTMEL Crew Meal information
Displays a listing of flight schedules for United Express.
Cross Over Bidding
HTLID Displays hotel and transportation information for trip IDs.
IBSBDS Displays an Inflight Briefing Sheet (IBS).
IBSBPR Prints an Inflight Briefing Sheet (IBS) at a Unimatic terminal.
IBSLQR Displays the liquor schedule for a specific flight.
IBSOPS Displays the meal schedule for a specific flight.
IBSTAS Displays the IBS Auto-Start briefing locations.
IBSTEX Displays a listing of IBS Meal Exception Codes.
IBSTMV Displays the movie or short subject titles and dates.
INIDIT Displays the Initial Ditching Qualification Training information.
INIEQP This screen contains Initial Training date, IOE and individual training programs (previously in FDTR).
INISVC Initial Service Qualification Training information.
LIPTRP Display open Language Incentive Pay trips.
LOAREQ Use to apply for a Leave of Absence.
LOFBID Input your Monthly Bids.
LOFDIG Detailed information about errors in your ID and Line of Flying.
LOFKEY Request to display another Flight Attendant's LOF bid record.
MEL Aircraft minimum equipment list.
MELITM Displays a specific maintenance item.
MOVEUP Modify your information on Reserve Move Up List.
MUADIT Displays Reserve Move-Up List Flight Attendant award records.
MULIST List of Flight Attendants requesting a Reserve Move Up Line.
OFLIST List of Flight attendants requesting a trip from Open Flying.
OPNTRP Displays a specific domicile's list of trips in Open Flying.
PERBID Used to create a Permanent Monthly Bid.
PERRLF Used to create a Permanent Relief Bid.
PID Displays the current day and time at your specific station.
PLTID/ Displays active trip ID for pilots.
POSTRD Trade Board Postings menu.
PRTDIS Used to print multiple DIS* pages.
PURTRP Display open Purser trips.
QLMENU Displays the menu of Flight Attendant qualification screens.
RETOLD Displays previous update of Recurrent Emergency Training information.
RETREC Displays Flight Attendant's Recurrent Emergency Training information and RET month.
RLFBID Use to input your Relief Line Bids.
RLFTRP Display open trips marked for Relief.
ROSDSP Displays a list of Flight Attendants in a specific class.
ROSLIS Displays a list of Flight Attendants in a specific class from specific domicile.
RPTLOF Redisplays the last line of flying screen you were just viewing.
Displays a list of available Reserves.
Displays position on Reserve List
RSVSKD Displays a list of available Reserves.
RX Redisplays last multiple page screen you viewed.
SAMDAY Displays a domicile's Same Day Open Flying trade allotments.
SEESET Indicates if Unimatic terminal is for Flight Attendants or pilots.
SEQTRD Allows you to change the sequence of your open trade requests.
SK Displays a listing of flight schedules between two cities.
STD Use to change your Unimatic password.
STRTFT Display and store theft/loss report data.
TDYREQ Enter or delete Temporary Duty Request.
TRADES Displays the main menu for various trade requests.
TRDBRD Used to view the Flight Attendant Trade Board postings.
TRDLST Displays a list of Flight Attendants requesting trip trades.
TRNPRG Your IT (Initial Training) date, IOE (Initial Operating Experience) and individual training programs.
TRNREQ Displays a list of your transfer requests.
Use to write hotel and transportation reports.
Displays layover hotel by station
TVLLSU Use to display your previous hotel and transportation reports.
TVLQCK Displays detailed layover hotel information.
VACBID Displays the Vacation Bid screen.
VACINC Increased Vacation Daily Rate Eligibity
VACKEY To display or modify your VACBID key for use when someone else inputs your vacation bids.
VACPRM Use to view your Vacation Premium Pay eligibility.
WOPLST Displays a list of Flight Attendants requesting WOP, GWOP, 30-day and WOP 
WRKPOS Displays work positions on an ID.

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