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Surplus Information

On June 27, 2014, United management announced more definitive information on their intent to subject approximately 600 of our active Members to Surplus.  Effective for the October 2014 schedule month, the 200 most junior active Flight Attendants each in DEN, LAX and ORD domiciles are subject to Surplus.

Management has indicated the following vacancies, but this information may change based on transfer activity and awards prior to the Surplus bid:

Domicile Surplus Out Domicile Vacancy In
DEN 200 active JFK 420
LAX 200 active IAH 150
ORD 200 active SFO 240

The approximate number of potentially affected and seniority is as follows:

Domicile Number Affected Seniority of Most Senior Affected
DEN 261 12/20/1996
LAX 266 4/11/1998
ORD 278 11/25/2000

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