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Reassignment, Drafting and Our 111

Date: July 18, 2014
Type: AFA Article

We’ve heard from many of you expressing your concerns regarding the problems we, along with the passengers in our care, are experiencing with United’s poor operational performance.    In light of the ongoing flight cancellations leading to reassignments and drafting, many of you question how long it will be until this poor performance begins to further erode our passengers’ confidence in our airline.  As we experience the reassignments and drafting resulting from an apparent lack of manpower resources, we all feel even more strongly that United should recall our 111 flying partners who have been placed on involuntary furlough status.  Why is it the company hasn’t called these individuals back to work?

Many of you have observed that these issues appear to be a result of a lack of structure within the operation. We, along with our colleagues in other departments, struggle with a lack of tools and resources to do our respective jobs.

Let’s be clear.  Our company’s lack of operational reliability is not due in any part to the performance of any employee group.  We are all doing a remarkable job with limited resources.  Rather, it is the direct result of management not providing employees with the tools necessary to do their job.

Our Contract provides us collectively and individually with some level of predictability and structure and is legally binding on the company.  Each of us has a shared responsibility to ensure our Contract is enforced.   While perhaps unpopular, our Contract does provide management with the ability to draft a Flight Attendant to cover an open flight however, this action can only be taken after the company has exhausted other means of covering open flights as set forth in our Contract.   Each of us share the responsibility to ensure that the Order of Assignment is followed.  Compliance with the terms of the Contract ensures the structure and predictability on which each of us rely in managing the foundation of our personal lives.

We must continue our dedicated efforts in the service of our passengers and never lose sight of the fact that we are the real reason our passengers continue to fly our airline.

We continue our advocacy on behalf of our 111 who have been placed on involuntary furlough status and will not rest in our efforts to return them to their rightful place on the line with us.  In addition, our efforts continue in achieving a Joint Contract that will benefit all Flight Attendants and will allow us to work side by side with all of our Flight Attendant colleagues, including those who have crossed over, at pre-merger Continental.  Together we will ensure the continued success of our company and redefine what it is to be United.  We are United.  We are AFA.

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