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Council 11 - San Francisco

About Council 11

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at SFO. Local CWA #29011

EOMs drop @ 2359 CT Tonight (Sep 19, 2023)

Council Office

  •  (650) 952-6144
  •  (844) 423-2211 (emergency)
  • Council Roster
  •  (650) 952-5738 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #29011
  • AFA-CWA Council 11
    P.O. Box 250292
    San Francisco, CA 94125-0292
    (map and directions)

Connect with Council 11

Kristie Rivera

LEC President

Phone: (415) 260-4748

E-Mail: krivera@unitedafa.org

Felissa Hay

LEC Vice President

Phone: (415) 910-0388

 E-Mail: fhay@unitedafa.org

Domini Wisely

LEC Secretary

Phone: (415) 949-9068

E-Mail: dwisely@unitedafa.org

To Be Announced

Council Representative

Phone: (650) 952-6144 

E-Mail:  afasfo@unitedafa.org

John Langwell

Council Representative

Phone: (347) 567-6055

E-Mail: jlangwell@unitedafa.org

Hamilton Rodriguez

Council Representative

Phone: (415) 574-0801

E-Mail:  hrodriguez@unitedafa.org


Laure Roessler

Council Representative

Phone: 831-291-8456

E-Mail:  lroessler@unitedafa.org


EOMs drop @ 2359 CT Tonight (Sep 19, 2023)

In this edition, September 19th, 2023:

  • End Of Month (EOM) Conflicts
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • LEC Meeting - 10/10/23

Resolve End Of Month Conflicts Today -

Any conflicts from the current month with the new month that are not managed by Flight Attendants through a mutual trade will be dropped by Scheduling on the 19th at 2359 CT. Once your pairing is removed, Flight Attendants will have the opportunity to self-manage their reassignment by participating in the Self-Adjustment period, beginning from the 20th at 0600 CT. Self Adjustments may be self selected at CCS> Schedule Tab> Self-Adjustment. Self adjustments will close by the 21st at 0600 CT.

If a Flight Attendant fails to self-select their EOM reassignment, Scheduling will reassign the Flight Attendant through automation beginning after the self-adjustment window closes.


Reserve ALERT!  

1 in 7 legality for End of Month Conflicts 

When a Reserve is not scheduled to have at least one (1) day off at home base in any seven (7) consecutive days due to the awarding of the new month's schedule, action is required by the Flight Attendant prior to the first day of the new schedule month. Flight Attendants should contact Inflight Scheduling prior to the first day of the schedule month for rescheduling. 

 Flight Attendants may move a day off from later in the month to resolve the 1-in-7 conflict. The Flight Attendant may indicate preferences as to which day off in the new month will be moved, and these preferences will be considered, if possible.

For the purpose of complying with the 1-in-7 limitation, a Reserve may be released (RLSD) from a day of availability. However, this is employed only as a last resort.

     If the Flight Attendant will be a Lineholder in the new month, she/he will work with scheduling to adjust the schedule. If it is necessary to drop a trip to resolve the 1-in-7 conflict, the Flight Attendant’s preference as to which pairing is to be dropped will be subject to the concurrence of the Flight Attendant and Inflight Scheduling. In the event of a failure to reach agreement, the pairing to be dropped will be subject to the approval of the Crew Resource Manager/designee.

NOTE: A Flight Attendant who contacts crew scheduling and indicates she/he does not wish to waive the 1-in-7 must have the conflict resolved at that time. Flight Attendants should not be told to “wait” to resolve the conflict at a later date, that the “pool numbers” will not allow for a day off to be moved or that there are “no legal trade options.”If you find yourself faced with these explanations, contact your Local Council Reserve or Grievance Committee for assistance in resolving this matter before the first day of the schedule month

Alternatively, Flight Attendants may elect to enter into a “self-trade” to correct the 1-in-7 by trading days off either mutually (with another Reserve) or with the Reserve Pool during the Open Time trade windows. There is no requirement for Flight Attendants to first attempt a self-trade prior to contacting scheduling.

If a Flight Attendant would prefer to leave the scheduled days of availability as awarded, she/he may choose to waive the 1-in-7 legality by doing nothing.If the Flight Attendant does not contact crew scheduling prior to the first day of the new bid month, the 1-in-7 is considered automatically waived.

Lineholder Alert!   HOME Legal Rest Section 6.V (DOM) Section 6.W.2 (INTL)

Lineholder Flight Attendants that have a trip whicht does not provide the contractual HOME legal rest will have their trip dropped by Scheduling by the EOM deadline on the 19th at 2359 CT. If the Flight Attendant wants to waive down their home legal rest in order to retain your trip in the new month, the Flight Attendant must contact scheduling prior to the EOM deadline.


Hispanic Heritage Month - beginning Sept 15th

In September of 1968, Congress first authorized President Lyndon B. Johnson to establish National Hispanic Heritage Week.

In 1989, it was expanded to a month-long celebration.

The start date, September 15th, is significant because it is the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on Sept. 16 and Sept. 18.



Attend the Local Council 11 Meeting - Oct 10th

Advanced registration is required for the upcoming Zoom Only C11 local meeting. Registration is open until one (1) hour prior to the meeting. All SFO Members in good standing are encouraged to attend! 


The Fall Master Executive Council (MEC) meeting will be conducted at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel, Chicago IL on Tuesday OCT 17 - Thursday OCT 19. This is one of the four (4) quarterly meetings held each year where the business of Union is conducted with all fourteen (14) Local Presidents with the MEC Officers. We hope you can join us! Any interested member should reach out to Council 11 by sending an email to afasfo@unitedafa.org


Additional Council Information

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