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Council 11 - San Francisco

About Council 11

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at SFO. Local CWA #29011

Celebrate Juneteenth (Jun 19, 2024)

Council Office

  •  (650) 952-6144
  •  (844) 423-2211 (emergency)
  • Council Roster
  •  (650) 952-5738 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #29011
  • AFA-CWA Council 11
    P.O. Box 250292
    San Francisco, CA 94125-0292
    (map and directions)

Connect with Council 11

Kristie Rivera

LEC President

Phone: (415) 260-4748

E-Mail: krivera@unitedafa.org

Felissa Hay

LEC Vice President

Phone: (415) 910-0388

 E-Mail: fhay@unitedafa.org

Domini Wisely

LEC Secretary

Phone: (415) 949-9068

E-Mail: dwisely@unitedafa.org

To Be Announced

Council Representative

Phone: (650) 952-6144 

E-Mail:  afasfo@unitedafa.org

John Langwell

Council Representative

Phone: (347) 567-6055

E-Mail: jlangwell@unitedafa.org

To Be Announced

Council Representative

Phone: (650) 952-6144

E-Mail:  afasfo@unitedafa.org


Laure Roessler

Council Representative

Phone: 831-291-8456

E-Mail:  lroessler@unitedafa.org


Celebrate Juneteenth (Jun 19, 2024)

Message for Juneteenth from the AFL-CIO

Today, as communities around the country celebrate Juneteenth, we reaffirm our commitment to racial justice and equity in the labor movement.

We also reckon with the ways we’ve failed in that sacred struggle, as economic disparities for Black Americans persist more than 150 years after the abolition of slavery. And because the fight for workers’ rights and civil rights are inseparable, we recognize that our democracy is under attack—and powerful interests want to erase the hard-earned progress we’ve made on voting rights.

The labor movement knows the importance of making our voices heard at the ballot box and in our workplaces. That’s why we are organizing today, on Juneteenth, and every day.

If you haven’t already done so, register to vote right now. It takes less than two minutes. If you are not sure if you’re registered or might have moved since the last Election Day, you can also check your voter registration status here.

Unions are one of the most powerful tools to ensure racial equity and fairness on the job.

So how do we elect people who care about workers and working families? By showing up at the polls.

We wish a joyful Juneteenth to all who are celebrating today. Thank you for getting ready to exercise your democratic rights on this meaningful day!

In Solidarity,


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