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Council 11 - San Francisco

About Council 11

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at SFO. Local CWA #29011

Clearing The Fog 1/27 (Jan 27, 2023)

Council Office

  •  (650) 952-6144
  •  (844) 423-2211 (emergency)
  • Council Roster
  •  (650) 952-5738 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #29011
  • AFA-CWA Council 11
    P.O. Box 250292
    San Francisco, CA 94125-0292
    (map and directions)

Connect with Council 11

Kristie Rivera

LEC President

Phone: (415) 260-4748

E-Mail: krivera@unitedafa.org

Felissa Hay

LEC Vice President

Phone: (415) 910-0388

 E-Mail: fhay@unitedafa.org

Domini Wisely

LEC Secretary

Phone: (415) 949-9068

E-Mail: dwisely@unitedafa.org

Aabid Khan

Council Representative

Phone: (650) 952-6144 

E-Mail:  afasfo@unitedafa.org

John Langwell

Council Representative

Phone: (347) 567-6055

E-Mail: jlangwell@unitedafa.org


Hamilton Rodriguez

Council Representative

Phone: (415) 574-0801

E-Mail:  hrodriguez@unitedafa.org


Laure Roessler

Council Representative

Phone: 831-291-8456

E-Mail:  lroessler@unitedafa.org


Clearing The Fog 1/27 (Jan 27, 2023)

Clearing The Fog, January 27th, 2023:

  • CQ Rebalance Announcement
  • CBTs Due 1/29
  • Per Diem Report
  • AFA Buddy
  • Welcome New SFO Transfers

 Inflight Announces CQ Rebalancing 

United's Inflight Services Weekly (ISW) email on January 25th announced the need to “rebalance” the CQ Due months of some Flight Attendants based in EWR, IAD, ORD, SFO and LAX. We hear your frustration of another change to your CQ Due month. We urge Members to review the communication to determine if you may be affected by the additional change. Affected training DUE months include: NOV 2023  DEC 2023  FEB 2024  MAR 2024   APR 2024   MAY 2024  JUN 2024.

As a reminder, CQ training is on an 18-month schedule. Flight Attendants can check your CQ DUE month on CCS> Training Tab> Training Qualifications. The CQ Preference re-bid window will open in March. The following months and seniority levels are the approximate seniorities that could be affected - OCT 2023 (1999-2022); NOV 2023 (1997-2022); FEB 2024 (2008-2022); MAR 2024 (2007-2022); APR 2024 (1983-2022); MAY 2024 (2011-2022); JUN 2024 (1999-2022). 


CBTs Due Soon - Jan 29th 2359 CENTRAL (2159 PACIFIC)

The CBT module for CQ is due January 29th, 2359 CT or 2159 Pacific. Failure to complete this module may result in a non-qualified status (NQ) which requires additional CBTs as well as NQ training. Flight Attendants will become non-qualified on 0001 CT Feb 1, 2023 if any portion of the CBTs are not complete and have their February schedule removed without pay protection. The CQ CBTs are a mandatory part of the CQ curriculum to retain Flight Attendant qualifications. Be aware a scheduled outage of TakeOff Learning will take place tonight, Friday January 27th from 2100 - 2230 PST. Make a plan to ensure you don't miss this deadline. If you have any questions, please contact the Council 11 AFA office.


Per Diem Reports Available Now

2022 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports (MFTR) prepared for income tax reporting purposes are now available on Flying Together. To access your report, go to Flying Together>Employee Services>Tools and Resources>My Pay Advice>Per Diem. For additional information, please contact the Payroll Care Center via Help Hub or at (1-877-825-3729)


Become an AFA Buddy! 

Are you a SFO based Flight Attendant with at least 6 months of seniority and the desire to make New Hire Flight Attendants feel welcome and supported? Then, AFA Council 11 needs YOU to become an AFA Buddy to help the New Hires coming to SFO in March 2023 have a more personalized peer to peer experience to set them up for success. We ask each AFA Buddy to make contact with your New Hire at least once per month for the six months of their probationary period.

Want to help? Please email your name, employee #, phone # and personal email address to afasfo@unitedafa.org. Our AFA Buddy Coordinators will match you to a New Hire once they report to SFO. You won't regret the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our newest Members.


 SFO InfoRep Volunteers

Are you interested in getting the latest updates on Negotiations? Do you want to have a connection to making sure that factual information about Negotiations is being disseminated among our colleagues? Then we have an opportunity for you to become a Negotiations Support Activist in the InfoRep program! Council 11 needs Flight Attendant Activists to participate in this very important training. Do you have what it takes to become a SFO InfoRep? Check out InfoRep Program — Contract 2021 and sign up today! Training dates and locations are being finalized for SFO or at a location near you! Please email afasfo@unitedafa.org with the heading INFOREP. Be sure to include name, phone number and email address. You will be notified of training opportunities once dates and locations are confirmed. 


Welcome New Transfers to SFO -

After more than six (6) months, we are finally welcoming over 200 new transfers to SFO with the start of the FEB 2023 schedule month. We are excited to welcome new colleagues to our base. Some are returning to SFO after being based elsewhere, while others are coming to SFO for the first time. Please help Council 11 welcome our newest Members to SFO.


Additional Council Information

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