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Council 12 - Los Angeles

About Council 12

Officers are on call nights, weekends, and holidays. Call the office directly 24 hours a day to reach the person on call.

White Flag Declared Jan 10 | Feb Scheduling Report | How White Flag Works (Jan 09, 2022)

Council Office

  •  (310) 646-7518
  • Council Roster
  •  844-LOCAL-12
  •  (310) 646-4103 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #29012
  • AFA-CWA Council 12

    5901 W. Century Blvd., Suite 750

    Los Angeles, CA  90045

Dante Harris

LEC President

Phone: 818-415-8190

E-Mail: Dante@afalax.org

Kimberly Burckhalter

LEC Vice President

Phone: 424-356-7762

E-Mail: Kim@afalax.org

Sharlene Kirk

LEC Secretary

Phone: 310-910-4087

E-Mail: Sharlene@afalax.org

Mary Garton

Council Representative

Phone: 619-306-5534

E-Mail: Mary@afalax.org

Anthony King

Council Representative

Phone: 619-306-3271

E-Mail: Anthony@afalax.org

Timothy Trueman

Council Representative

Phone: 424-356-7759

E-Mail: Tim@afalax.org

White Flag Declared Jan 10 | Feb Scheduling Report | How White Flag Works (Jan 09, 2022)

White Flag Declared Jan 10 

The company has declared White Flag in all Bases for Monday, January 10, 2022.  A CCS communication was put out to all FA’s (see below). Please let us know if you have any questions.

January 10, 2022 is designated White Flag Days All Bases effective 10:30 CST January 9, 2022. Flight attendants straight picking up a pairing from CCS OPEN TIME after the posting of this message for
AUS, BOS, CLE, DEN, EWR, FLL, GUM, HNL, IAD, IAH, LAS, LAX, LHR, MCO, ORD, PHX, SAN, SFO, TPA, based trips originating on this designated WHITE FLAG DAY can qualify for white flag compensation as provided in the Contract. White Flag trips can be picked up through the Electronic Bulletin Board. There is no need to contact Crew Scheduling to pick up a trip. You must be in position and operate the pairing or, if cancelled, be reassigned for pay protection. All out of base pick up rules apply. White Flag pay is for all hours flown and credited for the pairing. 



Click here to review the February 2022 Scheduling Report.

White Flag Pay – How It Works

White FlagAs we all have seen, United management has been using white and purple flag as a means of supplementing staffing in many cases preemptively to conserve Reserve resources.  In other instances, especially yesterday, the White Flag has been essential in replacing dwindling Reserve resources. 

With the increased usage of white and purple flag, there have been an increase in the number of reports from some of our Members that they are seeing irregularities in the non-payment of these premiums.

While the notice of White/Purple Flag availability is essential in notifying Flight Attendants of this option, that same notice contains a very clear and important statement which, when condensed down, advises Flight Attendants who are eligible for the incentive pay associated with the declaration: 

 “Flight Attendants straight picking up a pairing from CCS open time…”

Given the volume of open time, there have been greater opportunities for Flight Attendants to trade with open time. However, trading a trip in your line with a white/purple flag trip in open time is not straight picking up from CCS Open Time.

It must also be noted; White and Purple Flag indicators follow the pairing when directly traded to another Flight Attendant.  However, once a pairing with a White Flag indicator is traded via open time, the trip becomes ineligible for the incentive pay. This is because a trade with open time is not a straight pick up.  It is trading one open trip for another.

Some additional things to keep in mind when trading white flag pairings:

The company’s payroll system is not programmed to pay white/purple flag pay once a pairing has been traded with another pairing from open time.  This is less obvious when a Flight Attendant is picking the trip up from another Flight Attendant through mutual ads.  If, at any time during the chain of custody of the white flag trip, the white flag trip was involved in a trade with open time, the pairing is not eligible for white flag pay unless the pairing returns to the open trip file and is subsequently straight picked up.

If you have additional questions on White Flag Pay, please contact the Local Council Office.

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.


5901 W. Century Blvd., Suite 750
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Office Phone: (310) 646-7518
Office Fax: (310) 646-4103
President's Confidential Fax Line:
 (877) 818-3043
E-Mail: afalax@unitedafa.org

1-800-DEAR-AFA (800-3327232)



Kim Burckhalter*  (424) 356-7762
Tim Trueman** (424) 356-7759
Mary Garton (619) 306-5534
Dante Harris (818) 415-8190
Anthony King (619) 306-3271
Sharlene Kirk (310) 910-4087


Maria DiPisa Brady*  (805) 551-2896
George Leivers (760) 458-4252
Heidi Napier
(714) 313-8988
Maria DiPisa Brady (805) 551-2896

Email: Safety@afalax.org



Dante Harris (818) 415-8190
Email: Communications@afalax.org



Marty Bierbrier* (323) 646-8548
Misshelton Cobbs (951) 903-6587 
Alicia Kern (310) 920-2237
Email: Reserve@afalax.org


Dante Harris
(818) 415-8190
Vice President
Kim Burckhalter
(424) 356-7762
Sharlene Kirk
(310) 910-4087
Council Reps  
Mary Garton (619) 306-5534
Anthony King (619) 306-3271
Tim Trueman (424) 356-7759


Lisa Maher* (562) 201-0060
Jean Marc Garcel (310) 766-6499
David Gomez (323) 387-2973
Steve Thomas (323) 828-8179
Email: Engagement@afalax.org



24 Hour Hotline (800) 424-2406
Kimberly Burckhalter* (424) 356-7762
Ernie Cornejo (MEC) (551) 208-1420
Email: EAP@afalax.org



Michele Jackson* (310) 686-1425
Email: Hotels@afalax.org


Workers Comp/OJI Benefits

Maryellen Dament  (310) 433-5916
Email: Occupationals@afalax.org 

* Designates Committee Chairperson **Designates Committee Vice Chairperson

To email an officer, use firstname@afalax.org  (i.e. Dante@afalax.org) 
To email a committee member, use first initial and last name@afalax.org  (i.e. MCobbs@afalax.org)

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