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Council 14 - Honolulu

About Council 14

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at SFO. Local CWA #29014

Coconut Wireless Update- HNL Transfers (Apr 22, 2019)

Council Office

  • (for mailing address, please email the council)
  •  (808) 263-8030
  • Council Roster
  •  CWA Local #29014
Kevin Batey

Kevin Batey

LEC President

Home: (808) 263-8030

Cell: (808) 225-1782

E-Mail: kbatey@unitedafa.org

Lani Batey

Lani Batey

LEC Vice President

Home: (808) 263-8030

Cell: (808) 372-8030

E-Mail: lbatey@unitedafa.org

Ilse Epple

Ilse Epple

LEC Secretary

Home: (808) 683-3841

Cell: (808) 284-8763

E-Mail: thpooh@outlook.com

Jeanne Castello

Jeanne Castello

Council Representative

Home: (808) 395-2436

Cell: (808) 371-2436

E-Mail: jcastello.fly@gmail.com

Dwayne J. Myles

Dwayne J. Myles

Council Representative

Home: (808) 672-3000

Cell: (808) 594-3933

E-Mail: mylesabove1@aol.com

Coconut Wireless Update- HNL Transfers (Apr 22, 2019)

HNL Transfers
The company awarded a fourth round of transfers to HNL with a report date of June 1st. Here are the latest awards and acceptances.

Date                    Awarded    Accepted   Seniority

March 28th          60              18              Nov 1986 - Jul 1997*
April 5th               25                4              Dec 1992 - Apr 1998*
April 12th             35              18              Jul   1971 - Feb1999*
April 22nd            15                                May 1986 - Sep 1999

We will find out how many of the April 22nd awards have accepted on Tuesday, April 30th. 
Seniority of those that accepted.

MEC Meeting
The Spring 2019 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) concluded on April 18th, 2019. In addition to conducting the regular business of the MEC meeting, our MEC Grievance, Central Schedule and Employee Assistance/ Professional Standards Committees presented their annual Committee updates to the United Master Executive Council. You may read the daily summaries below.

Day One Summary

Day Two Summary 

Elections were held for several positions on MEC Committees including the Negotiating Committee. Candidate’s credentials were reviewed, and interviews were conducted with those present.

We would like to congratulate the following individuals who were elected to MEC Committee positions.

Central Scheduling Committee:

Greg Jacobs (LAX)
Brian Fleming  (SFO)

Hotel Committee

Marget Wallace (IAD)
Jeffrey Cohen (EWR)

Negotiations Committee

Greg Davidowitch (EWR)
Jack Kande (EWR)
Denny Wheeling (IAH)

Safety, Health and Security Vice Chair

Hope Cervantes (CLE)

System Board of Adjustment

Member: Christian Hertneky (SFO)

1st Alternate: Diane Tucker (SFO)

3rd Alternate: Elizabeth Hibbard (IAH)

Voting Records

Reserve Training
We had planned to conduct reserve training April 25th in the HNLSW domicile from 11:00-1:00. No one attended our last training. Please let me know if you plan to attend, otherwise I will reschedule the training for late May for the next group transferring to HNL with a June 1st report date.

Since many of those transferring into HNL are on reserve for the first time under our JCBA, I wanted to share some Reserve resources. The Reserve page on the unitedafa.org website is dedicated to Reserve issues.

The Reserve Guide and other Reference Guides are helpful in explaining provisions in the JCBA. These Guides are found in your Link (One United app) and on Flying Together. It can be helpful to download these documents to your personal smart phone or tablet utilizing apps like iBooks or PDF Expert. You may then use the keyword search function to find answers quickly.

We encourage all Flight Attendants to subscribe to E-lines
, our United AFA twice-weekly publication for United Flight Attendants. 

Crew Meals on Backstage Flights
I mentioned in a previous Coconut Wireless that we should be receiving crew meals on our deadhead flights to and from ORD to attend Backstage. When you board, ask the crew if your meals are onboard. Please let me know if your meal is not boarded. 

Links and Reminders

Social Media Reminder- Be Aware!

Break (BRK) Days and Removing 1-in-7 Schedule Conflicts

Marginal Service Reporting- Critical to the Effort

Deadhead Reschedule to Work

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures




Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

     Benefits Committee:
Dee Myers: myersd005@hawaii.rr.com                      (808) 261 - 8249 H

     Dwayne Myles: mylesabove1@aol.com                     (808) 672 - 3000 H
                                                                                         (808) 594 - 3933 C

     Sharon McKarcher: smckarcher@gmail.com             (808) 551 - 2976 C

     Employee Assistance & Professional Standards:
     Julie Young: juliarthawaii@gmail.com                       (808) 782 - 5600 C 
     Lani Batey: lbatey@unitedafa.org                             (808) 263 - 8030 H
                                                                                        (808) 372 - 8030 C 

     Government Affairs:
     Kevin Batey: kbatey@unitedafa.org                          (808) 263 - 8030 H
                                                                                        (808) 225 - 1782 C

     Kevin Batey: kbatey@unitedafa.org                           (808) 263 - 8030 H
                                                                                        (808) 225 - 1782 C

     Hotels & Transportation:
     Ilse Epple: thpooh@outlook.com                               (808) 683 - 3841 H
                                                                                        (808) 284 - 8763 C

     Membership Engagement:
     Dwayne Myles: mylesabove@aol.com                      (808) 672 - 3000 H
                                                                                        (808) 594 - 8763 C

     Susie Lindner: dakinesuz@aol.com                          (808) 778 - 8335 C

     Diane Kogachi: dkogachi@unitedafa.org                  (808) 394 - 8193 C
     Dave Seesz: seesz@aol.com                                    (808) 391- 4949 C
     Risa Lee: ril323@aol.com                                          (808) 778 - 7111 C

     Safety, Health & Security:
     Val Van Buren: valvanburen21@aol.com                  (808) 779 - 0734 C
     Jeanne Castello: jcastello.fly@gmail.com                 (808) 395 - 2436 H
                                                                                        (808) 371 - 2436 C

     Dee Myers: myersd005@hawaii.rr.com                     (808) 261 - 8249 H
     Lani Batey: lbatey@unitedafa.org                              (808) 263 - 8030 H
                                                                                        (808) 372 - 8030 C
     Ann Bodinson: bodzns@aol.com


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