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Council 14 - Honolulu

About Council 14

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at SFO. Local CWA #29014

Honolulu Fantasy Flight 2019 (Aug 12, 2019)

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Kevin Batey

Kevin Batey

LEC President

Home: (808) 263-8030

Cell: (808) 225-1782

E-Mail: kbatey@unitedafa.org

Lani Batey

Lani Batey

LEC Vice President

Home: (808) 263-8030

Cell: (808) 372-8030

E-Mail: lbatey@unitedafa.org

Ilse Epple

Ilse Epple

LEC Secretary

Home: (808) 683-3841

Cell: (808) 284-8763

E-Mail: thpooh@outlook.com

Jeanne Castello

Jeanne Castello

Council Representative

Home: (808) 395-2436

Cell: (808) 371-2436

E-Mail: jcastello.fly@gmail.com

Dwayne J. Myles

Dwayne J. Myles

Council Representative

Home: (808) 672-3000

Cell: (808) 594-3933

E-Mail: mylesabove1@aol.com

Honolulu Fantasy Flight 2019 (Aug 12, 2019)

Honolulu Fantasy Flight 2019

Aloha HNLSW,

On Thursday December 05th, 2019, we are hosting at least 17
kids from Special Olympics, Hugs (Cancer ) HCAP Waianae (Homeless Boat Harbor) and Hawaii Justice Center (Court Protected) to our Fantasy Flight. As we proceed forward I will share more information as it is confirmed or in a status such as we need help with.

 Right now we need volunteers to do face & body painting inflight. We need volunteers to operate Bubble Machines in the gate room, inflight and hangar. We need volunteers to make #100 leis (our share) for each passenger when we arrive at Christmas Island With that said I want Jason Momoa and Bruno Mars as Celebs too! Anyone have contacts? Aunties, Uncles neighbors or friends of friends?? PLEASE!

Mele Kalikimaka HNLSW

Yes, our Christmas begins in August for our Fantasy Flight!
We will be needing cash donations to upgrade some of our decorations including new balloons for our Aloha Arch. The balloon arch will be set up and used in the gate room, then transported to Christmas Island prior to our arrival.
We will also need to refresh our Minecraft game and purchase some game prizes. These monies will cover all our costs to include; items for #100 lei’s, dry cleaning of mascot costumes, face & body painting supplies. The cash donation gives all of HNLSW the opportunity to be a part of our Fantasy Flight. Everyone is included, participating physically or monetarily. This allows us to make our own ideas happen.

The company’s money will be spent on food and the children’s personal wish list Christmas Present!

Cash Donations for Fantasy Flight 2019

Abbie Hanohano and Denise Dela Pena have volunteered to collect your cash donations. They will also draw 10 names from the HNLSW donation list to be our Fantasy Flight Crew members. As a back up they will draw an additional 3 names to cover anyone unable to attend for any reason. The selected names are non-transferable. If you can’t make it you forfeit being part of the crew and it goes to another Active Crew Member Winner.

So beginning Friday, August 16, thru Monday, September 16, 2019, please try to hook up, seek out or locate GPS, either Denise or Abbie with your cash donations. We will be accepting $5 donations at a chance to be a Crew Member for Fantasy Flight. You can donate as much as you like for more chances to be a crew member. Sammy Teixeira will be our Purser! Seat selections will be done by seniority in briefing. You are welcome to donate more and also decline to be a crew member. We also honor anonymous donations. Please use our Fantasy Flight What’s App to voice any questions or concerns. You may also text me directly 808-782-3120.

Another form of volunteering would be.....
Remember we all have to get off for Fantasy Flight by our own means. So yes when the time comes in November, we will be looking to others for help with either a drop or trip trade to make this all happen.

We are also accepting any in-kind donations you think we might be able to use for this huge once a year Party for our kids and their families. Please let me know what you got? An example would be Hawai’i Candies donates fortune cookies for the tables where they eat! CS also makes up a household bag for each family, about 150 of them. Items include toilet paper, toiletries (hotel or personal contact), can goods ....whatever a family can use. We will try to set up a drop off with CS or leave at HNLSW. One more item needed is coconuts to be painted and used on tables as decorations by CS let me know?

There has always been this Awesome “Aura” about the Kindness each of you has shared. Not only with each other, but for our extra-special kids! It’s like you all have your own unique  Rainbow! Remember this is your Fantasy Flight!
This is where we Live and Love!
Higher ! Faster ! Better !

PS..I want to see Mauna Kea...to be continued!

Colleen Kahaku



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Benefits Committee

Dee Myers myersd005@hawaii.rr.com (808) 261 - 8249 H


Dwayne Myles mylesabove1@aol.com  (808) 672 - 3000 H
(808) 594 - 3933 C


Sharon McKarcher smckarcher@gmail.com (808) 551 - 2976 C

Employee Assistance & Professional Standards

Julie Young juliarthawaii@gmail.com (808) 782 - 5600 C 
Lani Batey lbatey@unitedafa.org (808) 263 - 8030 H
(808) 372 - 8030 C 

Government Affairs

Kevin Batey kbatey@unitedafa.org (808) 263 - 8030 H
(808) 225 - 1782 C


Kevin Batey kbatey@unitedafa.org (808) 263 - 8030 H
(808) 225 - 1782 C

Hotels and Transportation

Ilse Epple thpooh@outlook.com (808) 683 - 3841 H
(808) 284 - 8763 C

Membership Engagement

Dwayne Myles mylesabove1@aol.com  (808) 672 - 3000 H
(808) 594 - 3933 C


Susie Lindner dakinesuz@aol.com (808) 778 - 8335 C


Briana Hottendorf 808Briana@gmail.com (808) 783 - 5051 C
Diane Kogachi dkogachi@unitedafa.org (808) 394 - 8193 C
Risa Lee ril323@aol.com (808) 778 - 7111 C
Dave Seesz seesz@aol.com (808) 391 - 4949 C
Dana Shimoda-Fraiola dshimoda@unitedafa.org (808) 781 - 9745 C

Safety, Health, & Security

Val Van Buren valvanburen21@aol.com  (808) 779 - 0734 C
Jeanne Castello jcastello.fly@gmail.com (808) 395 - 2436 H
(808) 371 - 2436 C


Dee Myers myersd005@hawaii.rr.com (808) 261 - 8249 H
Lani Batey lbatey@unitedafa.org (808) 263 - 8030 H
(808) 372 - 8030 C 
Ann Bodinson bodzns@aol.com N/A
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