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Council 20 - Frankfurt

About Council 20

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at FRA. Local CWA #21020

Council 20 March Newsletter (Feb 25, 2020)

Council 20 - FRA Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 04/24/2020
Time: TBA
Location: Airport location TBA
Agenda: MEC elections, MEC meeting, the Board of Directors meeting, and issues that you feel require attention.

Council Office

  •  +31620422185
  • Council Roster
  •  CWA Local #21020
  • AFA-CWA Council 20
    Frankfurt Airport Center 1
    Post Box 44
    60549 F, Frankfurt
    (map and directions)
Michael Warner

Michael Warner

LEC President
Merv Gordon

Merv Gordon

LEC Vice President
Lisa Savary

Lisa Savary

LEC Secretary
Harris Poulis-Leinberger

Harris Poulis-Leinberger

Council Representative

Council 20 March Newsletter (Feb 25, 2020)

From your Officers


We will hold our next local meeting on Friday the 24th of April at a location in the airport, and will hold several sessions during the day. This gives you an opportunity to engage in conversation with your council representatives about the issues that you feel require attention, but also allows you to weigh in on the upcoming MEC elections, MEC meeting, and the Board of Directors meeting. 


Due to a system limitation, lineholder Flight Attendants were previously required to call crew scheduling if they wanted to pick up a trip from another Flight Attendant during a scheduled vacation (operational fly-through). The scheduler would ensure that the vacation was dropped from their line of flying and the vacation pay was entered into ADD PAy. Effective immediately, this is no longer required. The system has been updated to automatically drop the vacation days and make the correct entry into ADD PAY.


We have heard from many of you about the lack of open time in the market, creating a lack of flexibility. Although many reasons for this lack of open time lay beyond our control, there are a couple of things we can do. If you see a crew list with an open position that does not show in open time, let one of your officers know or call the crew desk and request the pairing to be placed in open time. We also know that there are several online trading and out of base pickup groups, but we would like to ask you to place all pairings you would like to drop or trade on the Frankfurt EBB first, so everyone has an opportunity to trade or pick up these pairings. 


The company has advised the Union that they will start “auto-designating” absence to FMLA if they become aware of an FMLA qualifying absence. We do not agree with this practice, as the amount of FMLA we can take a year are limited, so we have filed an MEC grievance on the company’s violation of negotiated FMLA provision of no auto-designation. If your absence is auto-designated to FMLA without your concurrence, please let one of your officers know.


Did you know that you can place yourself on sick using CCS? Go to schedule-> sick notification, and then you can, prior to 09:00 HDM of the day prior to your assignment or reserve availability, place yourself on sick by ticking the box, or boxes, next to pairings you believe you will be on sick leave for. Reserves can place themselves on sick for reserve days the same way. For more information go to https://unitedafa.org/docs/nonpublic/contract/sick_leave_guide.pdf


If you feel that your contractual rights have been violated, you can file a Local Council Worksheet via unitedafa.org/reports/worksheet. We will determine if your complaint has merit and bring your issue forward. You can bring all other issues forward using a General Incident Report via unitedafa.org/reports/general, or contact one of your officers. 


A Flight Attendant Bidding System (FABS) for the bidding and awarding of Vacation Relief Lines (VRL) is being developed and implementation is for the last quarter of 2020.  

When FABS is implemented Flight Attendants who are awarded VRLs in the primary bid will no longer bid for pre-constructed Relief lines of flying in the secondary bid; but, will instead use FABS to input preferences for what they would like to fly. Preferences may include the type of flying (domestic, international, language), layover locations, high or low line value, work position, weekends off, to name a few. FABS will then create a Vacation Relief Line for each Flight Attendant based on their preferences and the pool of pairings available.


From our Safety, Health & Security Committee


AFA, ALPA, United and LOSA Collaborative are about to begin a joint Line Observation Safety Audit (LOSA).  LOSA is a peer-to-peer observation which takes place during normal operations by line Flight Attendants. It is the most premiere, proactive safety management tool available in the industry. LOSA data is collected by Flight Attendants and securely transmitted to an outside company known as LOSA Collaborative who will assess Flight Attendant procedures to recommend improvements in safety to United Airlines and the respective Unions. 


The goal of the program is to view unaltered behaviors and gain an accurate reading of how work is being accomplished during normal operations and make safety improvements for all of us. It is designed as a voluntary non-threatening, non-punitive, peer-to-peer observational process with a focus on the procedure and not the Flight Attendant. Peers are trained by the LOSA collaborative group. LOSA Collaborative will receive encrypted, transmitted data directly from observers for analysis and they will produce a final report for United, AFA and ALPA.  Flight numbers, names or dates are NOT part of the data collected and the program follows all the ALPA contract provisions required for LOSA projects. 

Observation flights will begin as early as mid-March. We encourage you to welcome observers whose work is intended to enhance your safety at work. Learn more about the LOSA program by contacting your Local Council or by following the link below. 



Revision 31 of your eFAOM outlines the changes to our current practice of conducting preflight safety checks. As Safety Professionals, we know the critical importance of having the required equipment in the correct location and functioning properly in order to effectively handle emergencies should the occasion arise. 


Beginning February 1, 2020, Flight Attendants will conduct Preflight Safety Checks using the eFAOM on Link. Additionally, each Flight Attendant’s assigned position will have individual assigned Preflight Checks rather than zonal checks, which will take less time to complete. The change ensures preflight safety check compliance, as well as increased accuracy and efficiency of the equipment checks. 


We keep on receiving reports about issues that occur at our Frankfurt station. There seems to be a “quick turn” mentality and sometimes a disregard for policy in order to board flights on-time. This is especially the case with remote operations. We ask you to please file IOR’s and/or ISAP’s when:

  • Asked to board when there are still cleaners on the aircraft, and their equipment creates an unsafe situation;
  • Dual boarding occurs without the proper staffing levels. (Pursers must indicate to the CSR when a flight has less than 10 Flight Attendants, in which case only one boarding door will be used when the plane is remotely parked.) 
  • Bus staging occurs;
  • Any other safety issues that occur in relation to remote operations or quick turns. 

You may recall some number of years ago, management established a policy requiring Flight Attendants on aircraft with video safety demonstration systems to stand in the aisle at our live safety demonstration positions while the video was shown. You may also recall that AFA was not supportive of that decision and made recommendations for Flight Attendants to be as close as possible to their assigned exits where they were best positioned to respond to an emergency and be prepared for an evacuation in the event one became necessary on taxi.


Last year, the procedure was revised by the FAA and effective with the August 1, 2019, Revision to the eFAOM, became as follows:

“On aircraft equipped with video presentation systems, Flight Attendants should stand as near as possible to their assigned exit without obstructing customer view of monitors/screens. Flight Attendants should have demo equipment readily available in the event of a malfunction or poor video quality. Drop-down and retractable in-arm video monitors are to be stowed for taxi, takeoff, and landing.”


Cabin safety checks are still required following the safety video. Doing so will ensure cabin readiness and provide passengers with the opportunity to ask questions regarding the safety demonstration or any other safety concern. Starting the safety demonstration video as soon as possible after door closure is essential. Doing so ensures adequate time to complete the demonstration and conduct an effective cabin check. 

As a reminder, during taxi, Flight Attendants are required by regulation to remain at their “duty stations” with safety belts and shoulder harnesses fastened except to perform duties related to the safety of the airplane and its occupants.


Covid 19


We are still being confronted with the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The following links will provide you with some more information on how to protect yourself, and how to manage sick travelers. 





Hand-washing is the single most important infection control measure. Make sure you wash your hands often with soap and water, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with unwashed or gloved hands. It is important to make sure you use the right technique when using gloves. 

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Michael Warner

LEC President & Scheduling Chair


+31620422185 (also Whatsapp, iMessage, Messenger and Facetime)

Merv Gordon

LEC Vice President & Grievance Chair



+ 49-(0)1766-1325633

Lisa Savary

LEC Secretary & Reserve Chair


+33-(0)663-755264 (also whatsapp)

Harris Poulis-Leineberger 

LEC Council Rep & Negotiations support



Yuko Dierkes

EAP/Professional Standards Chair


+49-176-1033-8920 (also whatsapp)

+1(202)-288-8128 (when stateside)

Denise DeChantal

Benefits, Insurance, Occupational & Retirements Chair


+49-151-59087329 (also whatsapp)

Sylvia Thiel

Health and Safety Chair


+49-(0)160-97725904 (also whatsapp)

Raphael Lesourd

Communications Chair


+33 642 056110 (also Imessage & Whatsapp)

Claudia McClure 

Hotel and Transportation Chair


+49-(0)177-6702116 (also Whatsapp)

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