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Council 20 - Frankfurt

About Council 20

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at FRA. Local CWA #21020

January Newsletter (Jan 03, 2020)

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Michael Warner

Michael Warner

LEC President
Merv Gordon

Merv Gordon

LEC Vice President
Lisa Savary

Lisa Savary

LEC Secretary
Harris Poulis-Leinberger

Harris Poulis-Leinberger

Council Representative

January Newsletter (Jan 03, 2020)

From the President


I wish all of you a very good and healthy 2020, with a little more kindness, acceptance of each others differences and inclusiveness. And I wish those of us struggling with health issues strength and betterment, and know that all of us are looking forward to working with you again.  

The last year has been interesting, we all noticed rising tensions and a more stressful work environment. Your newly elected Council 20 Officers and volunteers thank you for the trust you have given us to represent you, and we have put a plan together that will try to address your concerns. But also a new way of communicating with you, making sure that your voices are heard, your questions answered, and you are given an opportunity to vote on issues being discussed at various tables. There are two important dates to keep in mind; on the 10th of January we will hold our local meeting, and on the 20th of February our negotiations committee will hold a listening session in Frankfurt. I hope to see you there! 



Our plan and priorities for 2020


Your Council 20 Officers and Committee Chairs held a meeting on the 15th of December and had a long and very fruitful discussion on what we think is important for our members and our future. We agreed to a council-at-large structure, where your officers, Denise, Sylvia and Yuko will work hand in hand to address issue that come up, and jointly take decisions that are important to all of us. Your voice and vote is leading everything we do, therefore we will hold 4 local meetings per year. 


Our priorities for 2020 are negotiations, improving our work environment, ensuring everyone is familiar with our insurance and retirement options, and improving the way we communicate with you. We’ll be making sure you’ll be reaching to the right volunteer to get assistance and your questions answered. 


Contract negotiations are around the corner, so we will provide you with all information during this process in the most transparent way possible. We realize that there are many things that you like to see changed in the new contract, so please be involved in the listening tour, fill out the survey, and let your voice be heard in local meetings.


The lowering of staffing levels by management, a bumpy transition to CCS, numerous scheduling issues, but also a  lack of transfers for over a decade, have had an effect on our work environment. To address this, we will make more resources available to our EAP/PS  team. They will be available in person to discuss issues and help us find solutions to the challenges we face. 

Our Health and Safety committee is making a plan to be more available so they can deal directly with the issues we face onboard. 

Ensuring familiarity with insurance and retirement options, our benefits team will also receive resources to assist you better in making decisions related to your insurance package, retirement choices, and assist you when you are injured on the job. We will also start finding solutions to some lingering local issues that have not been addressed properly. 

Improving the way we communicate with you: we will be more available to you in person in 2020, at the airport, by appointment or on layovers. This monthly newsletter is an example of our new way in communicating with you so you feel supported and receive the answers you need. And we are working on some other initiatives as well. 


Tasks & Responsibilities within our Council:

Merv Gordon, our LEC Vice President, will chair our Grievance Committee, and will be assisted by Michael Warner. Claudia, Lisa and Harris will receive training as well, and we will make sure Denise and Yuko are familiar with the Grievance process. 


Denise DeChantal will chair our Benefits, Insurance and Retirement committee, assisted by Michael Warner, and they will also be the point persons for anything related to occupational injuries. Both of them will also start researching and addressing some local issues related to insurance and retirement that have not been properly addressed over the years. 


Yuko Dierkes will chair our EAP/Professional Standards committee, and will work together with Stephan Bach, Bruno Prevost, Burkhard Fleischer, and Merv Gordon. Please contact any of them for confidential issues or concerns you have. 


Sylvia Thiel will chair our Health & Safety committee, and will be joined by Claudia McClure, who will undergo training for this position in the new year. Both of them will be available to all of us, to ensure we have a safe work environment and there is follow up over the issues we face daily in our work. 


Harris Poulis-Leineberger, our LEC Council Rep, will be coordinating our local negotiations support, and will be our local resource for all information regarding our 2021 contract. 


Lisa Savery, our LEC Secretary, will be responsible for our local budget, besides being the reserve chair. You can contact Lisa at any time you have questions about our budget, and she will be happy to assist you with all your reserve questions.


Claudia McClure will be our new Hotel and Transportation chair, and she will be happy to answer any question you may have about this topic. 


Raphael Lesourd will be our new Communication chair, responsible for developing a new way of communication with all of you. 


Michael Warner, our LEC President, will also be our Scheduling chair, responsible for building our lines of flying, assist Denise on the Benefits committee and work with Raphael on communication. 


We feel that this plan, and by spending our time and resources this way, could have positive effect on the way we work together and support each other. We want to continue keeping the communication channels open and we will do our best to provide you with help and support. Don’t expect everything to be resolved right away, some will take time, and we also need your help, by supporting each other, being patient, and accept each others differences at work. 


Negotiations update


On the 20th of December, our negotiations website has gone live, contract2021.org, where you can follow everything about our upcoming contract talks, dates and times of the listening tour sessions and the upcoming contract survey. 

On February 20th from 12:00 till 15:00 our Negotiations Committee will be holding a listening session in the Weston Grand Hotel in Frankfurt. We encourage you to come to and share with our negotiators what is most important to you for our new contract. 

The contract survey will open also on January 20th and and will close March 6th 2020. This survey is administered by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, who will also analyze the results. Our Negotiations inforeps, who are currently being trained will be available to answer questions and concerns you have 


From our Benefits Chair 


Dear Frankfurt Family,


First let me wish you all a very happy and healthy 2020. 


As your Benefits Chairperson, my focus for the coming year will be on education. I realized during the recent Benefits enrollment that not having a local HR person to answer questions created a huge gap. Misinformation and long wait times with the Benefits Center caused a lot of frustration. I will do my best to minimize this for the future. 


With that said, two points I would like to touch on:


#1 SOS/Medaire — If you are ill on your layover, or anytime when on duty, PLEASE contact them immediately. Of course if it is an emergency call 911 first but SOS should be the next call. The app is on your LINK and you can download it to your personal phone. Anyone can make the call if you are unable. Those who have used SOS have very positive comments about this service. 


#2  Retirement — Believe it or not some people may be considering retiring in the next years. I would like to have a retirement seminar sometime in 2020 so that you can become familiar with the necessary steps to transition easily into a life without jet lag. 


In closing, I would like to thank you for looking out for friends who are ill and need support. No one wants to be in that place. From experience I know how important it is to feel connected. A phone call, a card, a visit help to ease the fear.  So many thanks. 


Let’s all focus on being healthy both in mind and body. Prevention does make a difference so get those yearly physicals and checkups. 


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns: 


+49 1515 9087329



Happy and safe flying, Denise 


Local meeting


We would like to invite you to our local meeting on the 10th of January from 17:00 till 19:00 at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel in conference room 1043 (subject to change). Please join us for a discussion about the agenda for the MEC meeting being held from January 14-16, our budget proposal and plan for 2020. We invite those attending to join us for dinner afterwards, but please note that any alcoholic drinks are at your own expense.



Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Michael Warner

LEC President & Scheduling Chair


+31620422185 (also Whatsapp, iMessage, Messenger and Facetime)

Merv Gordon

LEC Vice President & Grievance Chair



+ 49-(0)1766-1325633

Lisa Savary

LEC Secretary & Reserve Chair


+33-(0)663-755264 (also whatsapp)

Harris Poulis-Leineberger 

LEC Council Rep & Negotiations support



Yuko Dierkes

EAP/Professional Standards Chair


+49-176-1033-8920 (also whatsapp)

+1(202)-288-8128 (when stateside)

Denise DeChantal

Benefits, Insurance, Occupational & Retirements Chair


+49-151-59087329 (also whatsapp)

Sylvia Thiel

Health and Safety Chair


+49-(0)160-97725904 (also whatsapp)

Raphael Lesourd

Communications Chair


+33 642 056110 (also Imessage & Whatsapp)

Claudia McClure 

Hotel and Transportation Chair


+49-(0)177-6702116 (also Whatsapp)

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