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Council 20 - Frankfurt

About Council 20

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at FRA. Local CWA #21020

Council 20 Newsletter (Jun 02, 2020)

Council 20 - FRA Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 05/26/2020
Time: 4:00PM Paris Time
Location: Join Zoom Meeting
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81716314075?pwd=eWJWVno3bnlXT0JQOXpJenNkdFVKQT09 Meeting ID: 817 1631 4075 Password: AFAFRA

The agenda for the meeting will be a short update on current issues, the agenda items mentioned above and an open forum. Please review the agenda items via https://unitedafa.org/afa/mec/meetings/


Council Office

  •  +31620422185
  • Council Roster
  •  CWA Local #21020
  • AFA-CWA Council 20
    Frankfurt Airport Center 1
    Post Box 44
    60549 F, Frankfurt
    (map and directions)
Michael Warner

Michael Warner

LEC President
Merv Gordon

Merv Gordon

LEC Vice President
Lisa Savary

Lisa Savary

LEC Secretary
Harris Poulis-Leinberger

Harris Poulis-Leinberger

Council Representative

Council 20 Newsletter (Jun 02, 2020)

Local Zoom Meetings


We have planned a Local Financial Wellness and Retirement seminar, on Wednesday the 10th of June at 16:00. We are very thankful to Denise for making this seminar possible and look forward to your participation. We ask you to use the link below, but use your full first and last name when signing in to Zoom, and turn on your camera if possible, so the host can verify your identity and let you in to the meeting. Please note that this will not be a local meeting, so no other business will be discusses than the topics of retirement and financial wellness.  


Topic: Retirement & Financial Wellness Seminar

Time: Jun 10, 2020 04:00 PM Paris




1) The process of retirement.

2) What paperwork do I need?

3) Looking at your finances.

4) Resources.


No registration required.


Join Zoom Meeting here:



Meeting ID: 829 7084 0372

Password: Retirement


One tap mobile

Dial by your location

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdTIGx360J 


Meeting ID: 829 7084 0372

Password: 716867


On Friday the 12th of June we will hold a Local Council Zoom meeting where we will provide you with an update, discuss and vote on the candidates for the MEC elections on June 16, and open it up for another Q&A session. Details on how to join this meeting will follow in the next couple of days.  


Review of the May 26 Local Council Zoom meeting


We would like thank all 82 of you that participated in our online local council meeting. We did understand that some of you had some issues to join, so let us know if you need help to make you familiar with the use of Zoom on an individual basis. 


We did not have a lot of new information to share, but discussed some items that came up before the meeting. We also reassured everyone on the call that if we had something important to report, we would do that swiftly via the Unity Facebook page, the Whatsapp group, and the AFA newsletter system. 


Face masks are now a required duty item, and there are discussions about a thermometer as well. We are still waiting for more information about the start up of CQ and RQ (requal) in London. What complicates things is the reduced class sizes of 8 people, obtaining the space at the BA facility, and the 14 day quarantine placed on persons entering into the UK. As with most issues at the moment, we have to wait for more information. Once CQ/RQ starts up again, please keep in mind that for those having to go through RQ (Requal), you will be contacted either via your company email address or directly by the FAST team, to schedule this training. 

We still don’t know if we will have flying in July, more information will become available in the next couple of days. 


Next we discussed the agenda items for the May 29th MEC meeting. We discussed all 8 agenda items with you (see a detailed review of the agenda items on the unitedafa.org website) and gave everyone an opportunity to vote on them. Your votes were:

Agenda item 1: For

Agenda item 2: Against

Agenda item 3: For

Agenda item 4: For

Agenda item 5: Against

Agenda item 6: For

Agenda item 7: Against

Agenda item 8: For


Next we opened it up for questions:


1.  Luiz — When will the early retirement program come out?

Michael — The company is making specific plans for all work groups. Should be sometime the end of May. 

2.  Selma — How many people took COLA?

Michael — around 12,500

Merv — Those FA’s who took COLA and received unemployment, the additional $600 ends in July

3.  Nathalie — Does AFA have any control over how the grant money is used?

Michael — CARES act is law and applies to payroll only

Merv — United already was called out because of misuse with ground staff and reduced hours.  AFA-CWA and all unions keeping an eye on how the monies are used. 

4.  Nathalie — Is involuntary furlough done by base?

Michael — No, by seniority for entire flight attendant population

5.  Vaughn — How long do you keep your insurance and travel benefits if you are involuntary furloughed?

Michael — Do not know.  We will check and get back to you.

- The following answer is from from our earlier (2009) Involuntary Q&A:


Coverage under the Company's medical/dental plans will continue for the

first 90 days of involuntary furlough as long as you continue to pay any

required employee contribution. After 90 days, to continue coverage for the

next 15 months, you will be required to pay the full cost of the coverage

plus a 2 percent administrative fee.


Vision coverage can be continued for 18 months through the COBRA

continuation provisions. You will be required to pay the full cost of

coverage plus a 2% administrative fee (no company subsidy is available.)


You will also retain pleasure travel privileges for United & United Express

for 90 days from the effective date of the involuntary furlough.


6.  Marian — Information on FB wants you to look to the future with fear. Resist this temptation and get information from accurate sources

7.  Raphaelle — What’s happening at BA can it happens with us?

Michael — We are still under our contract and United cannot make changes and do what BA is doing.   

8.  Elke — Will job shares be offered in FRA?

Michael — AFA will request job shares and other options when we get flying assigned to Frankfurt again. 

9.  Ina — Were management bonuses paid out to upper management?

Michael — Do not know. Will check.

10.  Ilhame — Is there the possibility of CQ in the US?

Merv — Yes we are looking at this option

11.  Yuki — Thank you to all the union team for their hard work.  How long will we be given if involuntary furloughs happen?  And base closure?

Michael/Merv — 30 days for furloughs and 90 days for base closures

12.  Maria Christina — Will CQ happen in June for FRA?

Michael — FAST team will be working through the list based on those who need training first

13.  Sonja — I’m on COLA.  Should I volunteer to go to CQ in the US?  Is there a quarantine?

Michael — With all those that need training if may be difficult to get in

14.  Sangeeta — Can you explain the 70/30 flying restriction for international bases? How many international block hours were flown in June?

Michael — 70% of international BLOCK hours need to be flown by US crews, and up to 30% of international block hours can be flown by crews based in International locations.  

15.  Jutta — What was the agreement between United and the German government at the opening?

Marian — There were no special documents in the AFA files. No one knows what was discussed

16. Nathalie — How will the checklist for CQ be accomplished if we will not be going to the domicile?

Michael — It will be done at the CQ location with an inflight supervisor.  The danger is if you have something incorrect you will be sent home. Be sure to keep your LINK up to date

17.  Ina — Suggesting flight attendants take the time to do their own retirement prework now that we have time

Michael — Excellent suggestion.  We will also be having a Financial Wellness and Retirement Seminar that we will announce shortly.

18.  Selma — Why are the Union Plus classes not offered to international FA’s?

Michael — We will check.  (since then this has been brought to the attention of the MEC and they are looking into the issue)

19.  Uwe — Can CQ be offered 24 hours? 

Michael: we have to follow up on that. 


Review of the May 29 MEC Meeting


This MEC meeting was the first official MEC meeting conduced by Zoom, and was attended by all 4 of your elected officers.


MEC President Ken Diaz gave an overview of the current situation at United, and discussed the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) that has come out. This VSP was not developed with AFA input, and the MEC was given very little time to review the program before it was released. 

The Moratorium on the Grievance process which had temporarily suspended the Disciplinary and Grievance processes during the coronavirus pandemic will be ending. Now that many States in the US are re-opening, the discipline and grievance process will resume in June, although it will be done virtually in several locations. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for June 2 at which Maria Torre, MEC Grievance Chairperson, will provide further details of the new procedures. 

The MEC office in Chicago will also gradually reopen in June and the Local Council Officers and Representatives for Council 38 – Narita were congratulated on their Local election.

There was discussion concerning the June 16 MEC Elections meeting, and it was agreed that this meeting should take place using ZOOM. 


A resolution was brought forward by Council 7, and seconded by Council 20. This resolution entitled “Celebrating our Union’s Diversity through Mutual Respect”  was prepared by all four International Domiciles in response to the levels of intolerance seen on social media directed at the International Domiciles. Although this was dampened by both vigorous rebuttal and an MEC letter of May 13 “AFA Flight Attendants, International Bases and the Words We Use”, a more formal response seemed appropriate. This Resolution was adopted unanimously, and will be recorded officially on the MEC website at https://unitedafa.org/afa/mec/resolutions/. You will find the full resolution at the end of this newsletter.


The MEC worked on the agenda items as a committee of the whole. 

Agenda item 1: Passed (C20 voted for)

Agenda item 2: Passed (C20 voted against)

Agenda item 3: Passed (C20 voted for)

Agenda item 4: Passed (C20 voted for)

Agenda item 5: Withdrawn

Agenda item 6: Withdrawn

Agenda item 7: Failed (C20 voted against)

Agenda item 8: Passed (C20 voted for)



Resolution Celebrating our Union’s Diversity through Mutual Respect


WHEREAS our Union’s Members at United Airlines are comprised of people from a wide range of different identities and nationalities who are based in twenty-three locations within the US and around the world; and

WHEREAS an individual’s identity spans diverse factors including age, background, ethnicity, gender, history, marital status, military service, nationality, political and religious beliefs, and sexual orientation; and as Flight Attendants this also includes Lineholder and Reserve, Junior and Senior, Purser or Language Qualified, Base location, and so much more; and

WHEREAS all our Members, regardless of identity or nationality, work together as Flight Attendants aboard our airline’s aircraft where we share the same System Seniority List and Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement, and wear the same Uniform; and  

WHEREAS all our Members, regardless of identity or nationality, rely on our Union’s collective ability to channel our resources and solidarity in overcoming challenges and devising solutions that protect our profession and advance our careers as Flight Attendants; and

WHEREAS all our Members, regardless of identity or nationality, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect; and

WHEREAS our Union celebrates the diversity of our Membership and acknowledges that leadership can help defend our Members against discrimination and harassment; and

WHEREAS our diversity is what makes us strong, since we are “Stronger Together, Better Together”; and

WHEREAS a harm to one is a harm to all; and

WHEREAS the worst crisis ever faced in aviation history can only be overcome by recognizing that every Member’s interest is vested in banding together through solidarity; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the United Master Executive Council reaffirms our Union’s Mutual Respect Policy and encourages all Members to do the same; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the United Master Executive Council objects to all forms of rhetoric that is harmful or disparaging of any Member’s identity or nationality in any forum and this extends to social media platforms; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Members of the United Master Executive Council commit to use all means available to call on Flight Attendants to be mindful that words have impact and that there are consequences for harmful or disparaging rhetoric; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the United Master Executive Council calls on all Flight Attendants to build solidarity by practicing kindness and respect for one another so that we may stand together united and face the difficult challenges that lie ahead, and;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that: We are Stronger Together! We are Better Together!

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Michael Warner

LEC President & Scheduling Chair


+31620422185 (also Whatsapp, iMessage, Messenger and Facetime)

Merv Gordon

LEC Vice President & Grievance Chair



+ 49-(0)1766-1325633

Lisa Savary

LEC Secretary & Reserve Chair


+33-(0)663-755264 (also whatsapp)

Harris Poulis-Leineberger 

LEC Council Rep & Negotiations support



Yuko Dierkes

EAP/Professional Standards Chair


+49-176-1033-8920 (also whatsapp)

+1(202)-288-8128 (when stateside)

Denise DeChantal

Benefits, Insurance, Occupational & Retirements Chair


+49-151-59087329 (also whatsapp)

Sylvia Thiel

Health and Safety Chair


+49-(0)160-97725904 (also whatsapp)

Raphael Lesourd

Communications Chair


+33 642 056110 (also Imessage & Whatsapp)

Claudia McClure 

Hotel and Transportation Chair


+49-(0)177-6702116 (also Whatsapp)

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