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Council 21 - Washington DC

About Council 21

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DCA. Local CWA #22021

AFA Council 21 Newsletter (Feb 24, 2020)

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Jill Collins

LEC President


Michael Simpson

LEC Vice President

Brie Vargus

LEC Secretary

Lois Breece

Council Representative


Karen Augustus

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Chip Lowe

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AFA Council 21 Newsletter (Feb 24, 2020)

In this edition:

  • Line Values Under 71 Hours
  • Reserve Lines With 13+ Days Off
  • Aircraft Substitution - Verify Established Staffing Guidelines (ESG)
  • AFA Occupational Volunteers Are Here to Help 
  • AFA Council 21 Reserve Committee Needs Volunteers
  • TSA Crew Member Self Defense Training 

 Line Values Under 71 Hours


For the March 2020 scheduling month, several bid lines were built below 71 hours.  Section 4.C. of the JCBA states "A Flight Attendant awarded any line with less than seventy-one hours (71:00) original flight time line projection will be pay protected up to seventy-one hours (71:00)."  


It is important to remember that this pay protection provision only applies when the Flight Attendant does not modify the original line of flying that is awarded.  Any trip trades, trip drops, or trip pick ups would make the Flight Attendant ineligible for this pay protection.





Reserve Lines With 13+ Days Off


For the March 2020 scheduling month, there were several reserve lines that exceed the minimum of 12 days off.  Any reserve line with more than 12 days off will have the guarantee reduced by:

  • 4 hours 20 minutes (4:20) per additional day off in a 30 day scheduling month.
  • 4 hours 7 minutes (4:07) per additional day off in a 31 day scheduling month.

Section 8.I.1.l. allows Reserve Flight Attendants who were awarded/assigned a reserve line with 13 or more days off the ability to restore the extra off days to reserve days of availability.  The predesignated day is indicated in the bid packet with "+".  Any Reserve Flight Attendant who wishes to restore the predesignated day(s) should contact Crew Schedule Planning no later than 3 days prior to the first day of the new scheduling month.



Aircraft Substitution - Verify Established Staffing Guidelines (ESG)


Due to the many cancellations of Asia flying, we have seen an uptick in the amount of aircraft substitutions.  In many cases, these aircraft substitutions result in a larger aircraft being utilized which may have different Established Staffing Guidelines (ESG) than the originally scheduled aircraft.


It is the expectation of AFA that the company staff all flights consistent with the ESG.  In the event that staffing does not meet the level set forth in the ESG, you are encouraged to contact Crew Scheduling for assistance.  

The ESG’s can be found in the Inflight Policies and Procedures Manual.  To access, open the Content Locker in your Link and select Inflight Policies and Procedures Manual.  You will find the Established Staffing Guidelines in Chapter 1 under Staffing.



AFA Occupational Volunteers Are Here to Help 

Local AFA Occupational Committee Volunteers are finding that many Flight Attendants are uncertain of the process regarding Occupational injuries. If you are injured on the job or on your layover it is very important to know your immediate actions. There are protocols that you must follow to ensure that your occupational case is properly filed and covered. Please keep these instructions where you can easily access them in case you need them. 

There are 2 important links to the Occupational information that you need:

1)    United AFA Occupational Immediate Actions

2)    United Flying Together Employees Guide to Workers Compensation

Thoroughly read through both these websites. Follow the immediate actions right away and call AFA to have a specially trained AFA Occupational Committee Member to help and assist you. Occupational injuries can be a tricky process. AFA Occupational Volunteers will help get you off to the right start as it can be difficult to correct things later on in the process. Please contact your local AFA Council to be put in touch with an AFA Occupational Committee Member. Be careful and fly safe.


 AFA Council 21 Reserve Committee Needs Volunteers!!!

AFA Council 21 is looking for volunteers to join the local AFA Reserve Committee for 2020. 

Motivated volunteers are needed and must be willing and able to make a small but important monthly time commitment to help our newest Flight Attendant community 

Official Committee Training will be held in May 2020 (Specific time and location TBD). We are in specific need of both Language Qualified Flight Attendants and Purser Qualified Flight Attendants that are currently on reserve or have sat reserve under the current contract.   

All AFA Council 21 Members in good standing are welcome to volunteer. If interested, please send an email to dcareserve@unitedafa.org 



TSA Crew Member Self Defense Training

Save the Date:  March 26th.
Time:  8am-12pm
Location: Chantilly
RSVP:  http://bit.ly/afa21-cdt

Limited space available
*If you need additional information or have questions regarding this voluntary training, please email Council 21 Membership Engagement at

The TSA Crew Member Self Defense Training Program equips flight and cabin Crew Members with effective responses for defending against an attacker in a commercial passenger or cargo aircraft.

This is a free four-hour hands-on training.  Conducted by certified TSA instructors, the techniques learned allow Crew Members to quickly respond to a threat.

The training is designed to teach the Crew Members how to identify and deter potential threats through behavior recognition while applying apprehension and self-defense techniques on targets. These methods increase awareness and enhance safety for Crew Members and passengers.


Contact Information

Council 21 Officers and Volunteers are available to you 24/7 either by calling during LEC 21 Office hours 9am-5pm Monday- Friday or by using the following prompts after hours.

Call 703 260 0051, then press

1  - Non-immediate issues; calls will be returned next business day.

2  - Reserve ONLY Issues (Immediate need)

3  - Urgent and Immediate Matters  

To email Council 21, please use afadca@unitedafa.org

Contact the Reserve Committee by Text/Email:

In addition to being on call 24 hours a day for urgent and immediate Reserve issues, the Local Reserve Committee is now available by text message or email for non-urgent concerns or questions.  The Reserve Committee will make every attempt to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. 

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Email - dcareserve@unitedafa.org

Note! We do not use or respond to united.com emails for union 


Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

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