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Council 21 - Washington DC

About Council 21

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DCA. Local CWA #22021

New Check-In Process January 1, 2019 (Goodbye Positive Check-In) (Dec 16, 2018)

Council 21 - DCA Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 01/03/2019
Time: 12:45-3:45
Location: IAD Meeting Rooms Across from Baggage Claim #1, Main Terminal

Old Business

New Business

Review of January 15-17 MEC Meeting Agenda

MEC Meeting Advanced Agenda items* (If any)

Open Discussion/Member Forum

(Agenda Subject to Change)

ALL Members in Good Standing Are Encouraged To Attend!

Council Office

Todd Failla

Todd Failla

LEC President
Patrick Hodges

Patrick Hodges

LEC Vice President
Chelle Tennyson

Chelle Tennyson

LEC Secretary
Lois Breece

Lois Breece

Council Representative
Michelle Masterson

Michelle Masterson

Council Representative
Thom Vargas

Thom Vargas

Council Representative

Meeting Minutes




New Check-In Process January 1, 2019 (Goodbye Positive Check-In) (Dec 16, 2018)


Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

During this busy Holiday Season, here are some important reminders for you:

December 17            January Bids Close 0800 HDT
Dec. 04- Dec. 29       Pass Travel Enrollment Opens
Dec. 13- Jan. 07       Holiday Bonus Point Incentive Program
Dec. 20- Jan. 04       Absence Certificate Requirement for Christmas Holiday Sick Calls

As a reminder, consistent with the terms of the JCBA, the balance of any uniform points do not roll over to the next year. In order for Flight Attendants to get full use of your annual uniform points, Flight Attendants are encouraged to use any remaining 2018 uniform points balance before the last day of the calendar year. 

We encourage you to place orders early to avoid the risk of forgetting to do so during the busy upcoming Holiday season. Questions? Contact Cintas Customer Service Team by telephone, Monday – Friday, 0700 – 1800 Central Time at one of the following numbers:


Customer Service

FAX Orders to

United States









Hong Kong



Tokyo (NRT)



The last day for orders using 2018 points is December 31st by telephone and via the Cintas website.  Please note the following exceptions to normal business hours:

Cintas Customer Service Call Center will be closed on the following days:

Christmas Day, December 25 - Closed

New Year’s Day, January 1 - Closed

Cintas Customer Service Call Center will close early on the following days:

Nov. 30th -Close at 4:30 pm for Customer Service Holiday Party

Dec. 24th – Close at 3:30 pm for Christmas Eve

Dec. 31st – Close at 3:30 pm for New Year’s Eve

The Cintas website will remain open for online ordering until 11:59 pm CST, on 12/31.

To log in to your Cintas account, enter UAL0 followed by your six-digit file number with the “U”. Once there, you will be required to create a new password. Once that’s completed, the system will require you to sign in again.

We are available to you 24/7 by either stopping in the IAD Office, calling 703 260 0051 during normal business hours or by using the prompts after hours. Here is the prompt order. Call 703 260 0051, then

1 –  Non-immediate issues; calls will be returned next business day.

2 –  Reserve ONLY Issues (Immediate need)

3 – Urgent and Immediate Matters.

Contact your Reserve Committee by Text or Email:

In addition to being on call 24 hours a day for urgent and immediate Reserve issues, the Local Reserve Committee is now available by text message or email for non-urgent matters.  You can text message/email the Reserve Committee with any non-urgent concerns or questions.  The Reserve Committee will make every attempt to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Text Message - 571.420.1721

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Email - dcareserve@unitedafa.org

To email Council 21, please use afadca@unitedafa.org.

Note! We do not use or respond to united.com emails for union business.

Thank you for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumors and to respect each other.

In Solidarity and with Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA, IAD Council 21


(ALL) Local Council Meeting Notice #2:

Please join us for the first meeting of 2019! We hope to see al of you there.

Date: Thursday, January 03, 2019
Time: 1245-1545
Location: IAD Meeting Rooms Across from Baggage Claim #1, Main Terminal

Old Business

New Business

Review of January 15-17 MEC Meeting Agenda

MEC Meeting Advanced Agenda items* (If any)

Open Discussion/Member Forum

(Agenda Subject to Change)

ALL Members in Good Standing Are Encouraged To Attend!

New Check-In Process January 1, 2019 (Goodbye Positive Check-In):

MEC Communications Committee

Standing together with one voice while backing up and validating United AFA advocacy regarding the challenges we face with our current Positive Check-in process combined with Flight Attendant Aircraft Boarding times & Crew Briefing challenges, Inflight management announced details of our New Check-In Process in the December 12, 2018, Inflight Services Weekly.

Beginning January 1, 2019, we will no longer be required to go to the base prior to our flight. On a trial basis, whether at a base or non-base location, the dedicated check-in location is the departure gate. We must all be mindful that our full cooperation is necessary for the success of the trial period.  Reporting to the departure gate by the required check-in time will be a big part of ensuring the success of the trial period.

More details including a Q&A about our new Check-In Process can be found in Flying Together.

January 2018 Special Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLA’s) Awards 
MEC Communications Committee 

Special COLA awards for the January 2019 schedule month were posted yesterday, December 13, 2018. Flight Attendants may view the status of their request in CCS under the Special COLA Request page.

As a reminder:

  • Once awarded, Special COLAs cannot be rescinded.
  • This Special COLA will include Medical Benefits at active employee rates.
  • Pay and vacation longevity step increases are not impacted.
  • Flight Attendants awarded a January 2019 Special COLA will be required to complete any overlap assignment from December 2018 into January 2019. (Section 15.B.5. & 15.C.2.)

Paycheck Harmonization for pmCAL & pmCMI Effective Dec. 14, 2018 Paycheck 
MEC Communications Committee 

As we have previously communicated, there will be a significant change that will affect when pmCAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants receive their final paycheck for 2018, that is, December 14, 2018, as a result of having one less pay period in 2018.   In an effort to ensure Flight Attendants affected by this change are properly prepared, we encourage you to review the information regarding these changes, available on www.unitedafa.org.

Commuter Policy- Clarification on Flight Listing When Commuting by Air 
MEC Communications Committee

Flight Attendants have been requesting clarification on Section 28 – Commuter Program.  As a reminder, pass riders may not hold a confirmed reservation, positive-space or space-available booking for the same routing on the same date of travel

Section 28.B.4.b.- Commuter Program

 Please read JCBA Section 28 (page 219-222) and our previous article for additional information.

Transfers Awarded- Action Required 
MEC Communications Committee 

The company reported in the December 12, 2018, Inflight Services Weekly that as a result from growth in our Airline and also from the benefits of our JCBA Common Metal-

New transfer opportunities became available to Flight Attendants.

  • 40 transfers to HNL will be effective for the February bid month.
  • 50 transfers to LHR will be effective for the March bid month.(allowing time to process work visas)
  • 25 transfers each to DEN, LAS, EWR, and IAD will be effective for the February bid month.

Flight Attendants are reminded that under the provisions of our contractual transfer process, once awarded a transfer, you must either accept or decline such transfer within seven (7) days of the award date.  Keep in mind; a non-response is considered to be the same as declining the transfer. 

When a Flight Attendant declines an awarded transfer, she/he will be inhibited from any further transfers for a period of three (3) months. Whereas, if a Flight Attendant accepts a transfer award she/he will be restricted from transferring for a period of six (6) months.

System Scheduling Reports – DSL Report, January 2018: 
MEC Central Scheduling Committee

Central Schedule Committee’s most recent (DSL) report detailing their activities in the development of the January schedule has been published on unitedafa.org.

December Contractual Holidays:
JCBA Section 2.Q and 4.I

Section 2.Q. of our JCBA stipulates that Flight Attendants receive additional pay for assignments on holidays designated for the country of their domicile. 

Christmas Day – December 25th

Emperor’s Birthday – December 23rd

United States, GUM, LHR, HKG, FRA


Flight Attendants are paid a maximum of five (5) holidays per year, including her/his birthday. When picking up trips out of the base, holiday pay is associated with the holidays applicable to the country of the domicile in which the pairing is picked up.

Holiday Pay is calculated and paid as outlined in Section 4.I of our JCBA.  More information, including examples of holiday pay calculations, are available on our MEC website at www.unitedafa.org


Reserve Contact Following Legal Rest :
MEC Reserve Committee

Reserves continue to report confusion as to when Crew Scheduling may contact them following a legal rest period. As required by the language in Section 8.I.3.c., upon release to legal rest, scheduling may attempt to contact a Reserve during the last hour of legal rest period at the home base.  

The legal rest periods are different depending on the flying in the previous duty period. This rule applies across the board for all periods of legal rest be it 12, 14, or 18 hours. 

In addition, Flight Attendants are not obligated to answer the telephone during this last hour of legal rest even though the company is permitted to attempt contact during the last hour of the legal rest period. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Representatives.

Attention to Safety this Holiday Season

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

With the holiday travel season well underway, it’s important that we ensure safety and security are prioritized. During hectic travel periods, we have more competition for our attention in the cabin during boarding and while inflight. Flight Attendants should remain focused on our number one responsibility, safety. Recognizing that stress and unfamiliarity with any new procedures or aircraft can create a need for additional attention to detail, we must be certain to take the time needed to complete all of our safety responsibilities as outlined in our FAOM.

Safety checks must be completed prior to the closing of the aircraft door, preferably but not necessarily, prior to passenger boarding. Exit row briefings must be completed no later than 10 minutes prior to departure time, and applicable FAA minimum Flight Attendant crew complement must be maintained at all times when there are passengers onboard the aircraft.

When placing safety as our number one priority, we’ll find ourselves doing everything reasonable to complete our boarding responsibilities in the time allotted. However, if as a result of unforeseen circumstances you find yourself unable to complete your duties, you should inform the Purser immediately to ensure we meet the requirement for completion prior to door closure. On-time departures are important corporate objectives, but safety and security are our primary roles and must always be our focus and priority.

Welcome, New Hire Class 1813!
MEC Communications Committee

This past Wednesday, December 12, 2018, we welcomed the 73 graduating Members of class 1813 to the line. Our newest flying partners will report to ORD and BOS on December 19, 2018, for orientation and will be available to fly on December 21, 2018. Please join us in welcoming the newest Members of our Flight Attendant community.


Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Council roster not available at this time.

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