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Council 22 - FLL/MCO/TPA

Council Office

Call or text us @ (833) 352-3222

Connect with Council 22

Randy Hatfield

LEC President

Phone: 833-352-3222 X700

E-Mail: rhatfield@unitedafa.org

Kristin Orren

LEC Vice President

Phone: 833-352-3222 X701

E-Mail: korren@unitedafa.org 


Erin Dougherty

LEC Secretary

Phone: 833-352-3222 X702

E-Mail: edougherty@unitedafa.org 

Council Resources:

Employee Assistance Program
   /Professional Standards:

  •  Anthony Medina (anthonymedina65@gmail.com)


  •  Randy Hatfield (rhatfield@unitedafa.org)


  •  Cameron Matthews (cmatthews@unitedafa.org)










Welcome to Council 22 (FLL-MCO-TPA)

Congratulations Council 22!

We are excited to have our very own Council, where you will be able to have your voices heard and a place to have our unique issues brought forward. We have made it easy to contact us….

  • 1 833 FLAFA22 (833 352 3222)

We currently have in place the following Committees of the Union to assist you day one through an ON-CALL SYSTEM KNOWN AS GRASSHOPPER.


·        RESERVE

·        SAFETY

·        GRIEVANCE


In addition, with the exception of Grievance, we are looking for volunteers for all Local Council Committees, as we build them with Council 22 Members.  Please contact us at the above email address to express your preferred interest.

We will be introducing a weekly Newsletter, as well as, Zoom Meetings, Get Togethers and many other types of engagement.

We have “Red AFA pins”, that will be distributed to All of our Members, please let us know if you would like to pass them out to your fellow Flight Attendants.

We will thrive on the open, honest and factual information that you deserve. We will protect your Contractual Rights educate and advocate for you. We encourage participation and dialogue, to best be able to make Council 22, work for you.