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Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at LAS. Local CWA #29025

Vacation Election Open/Positive Checking/Reserve (Sep 29, 2018)

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William T. Carico

William T. Carico

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Vacation Election Open/Positive Checking/Reserve (Sep 29, 2018)

Uniform Appearance Standards

Effective October 1, 2018, not only do we begin the positive check-in process at each base, we begin to see a renewed focus on appearance standards. In anticipation of these new procedures, we’re recommending that all Flight Attendants refresh their understanding and familiarity with the Uniform Appearance regulations that are applicable to all Flight Attendants, effective October 1. As of this date, all Flight Attendants will be evaluated under a common uniform standard.

We’ve received some questions in the MEC office asking questions about some form of a solidarity action which is suggesting that the Union may be encouraging Flight Attendants to wear the Uniform and some of the accessories, including the Flight Attendant wings, in a manner that is not consistent with appearance regulations. Be assured, AFA recommends a professional appearance at all times and there is no recommendation from AFA suggesting any alternate course.  If you have questions, please contact your Local Employee Assistance/Professional Standards Committee to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Vacation Election Process Now Open

The Vacation Election Process opened September 25, 2018, 0800(HDT). Flight Attendants can make their selections now through October 15, 2018, 0800 (HDT). During the 
Vacation Election Process Flight Attendants choose what they would like to do with their 2019 Vacation days as it pertains to:

1. FLEX – paid or unpaid vacation

2. Deferral of Vacation into your 401(k) – minimum 7/maximum 14 days deferral.

3. Vacation Buy Back with a 0.5% incentive before the annual vacation period

Note: Reserve Flight Attendants opting for unpaid Flex vacation option will have their Reserve guarantee reduced by 4:20 for each availability day in a 30-day month or 4:07 for each availability day in a 31-day month that is dropped as a result of apply unpaid Flex Vacation days to your Reserve schedule. 

As a reminder, Flight Attendants who defer any portion of their vacation into their 401(k) account should be aware these “vacation” contributions are not eligible for the company matching contribution.

Additionally, Vacation Buy Back is based on our Section 4.A. rates of pay and do not include premiums or overrides.

Additional information containing the details of each vacation election option can be found on our website or in the 2019 Vacation Guide. 

Check-in and Boarding Times Effective October 1, 2018

Positive Check-in Effective October 1, 2018 

Beginning Monday, October 1, 2018, Flight Attendants will be required to participate in positive check-in on the first leg of each pairing. Visit the Concierge Desk to check in up to three (3) hours prior to scheduled check-in time.  Provide your name, check-in time and pairing number. 

  • Outside of Concierge Desk hours, Flight Attendants will contact Crew Scheduling via a designated base phone. 
  • On all other flights of your pairing, you will check in at the aircraft at the down-line check-in time.
  • For those whose first flight is a deadhead segment, remember you are also required to check-in at the Concierge Desk. 
  • Deadhead check-in time is forty-five (45) minutes before departure. The deadhead report time for off-line, ferry flights and charters may be increased by fifteen (15) minutes. 
  • Standby Reserves are required to check-in with the Concierge Desk and with Crew Scheduling by their report time.
     A “grace period” will no longer be applicable. If you are unable to check-in at the required check-in time, notify the Concierge Desk as soon as possible. To locate your base phone number, go to Flying Together > Inflight Services homepage > In This Section > Bases

Ready Reserve Preferencing
MEC Reserve Committee

Ready Reserve Preferencing is available to all Flight Attendants who have been assigned Ready Reserve from scheduling or the Reserve Preference System during the Reserve assignment process the night prior. Ready Reserves will find the Preferencing option on CCS beginning today, September 28, 2018. 

Reserves will have 4 preferencing options once on ready reserve status.

1) Maximum flying (RHF) Reserve High Flying 
2) No preference (RNP) Reserve No Preference
3) Minimum flying (RMF) Reserve Minimum Flying
4) Standby reserve ONSB

  • RHF: When a Flight Attendant selects the maximum flying option it will automatically opt the Reserve to over 105 hours for the month. This can't be changed until the next bid month. Max flying indicates that you want any trip available next. When a pairing is in open time a maximum flying preference will be called first, if a standby position is in open time a standby preference will be called before a maximum flying preference.
  • RNP: No preference is called second for a pairing in open time and third for a standby position. This is the default preference if you do not select a preference as a ready reserve. 
  • RMF: Minimum flying means you want to be called last for a pairing or standby position.
  • ONSB: Standby preference means you want a standby position before a pairing in open time. You will be first in line for an available standby position.

A Reserve can change their preference unlimited times during the day as well as days in advance. This is new for CO, you don't have to choose one preference days before and keep it the entire day. Scheduling will honor the order of assignment based on preferences keeping in mind individual legalities such as 1:7, 35:7, and time until legal to be assigned a trip. 

Reserve Flight Attendants are encouraged to review the Reserve Preferencing Assignment Process outlined on page 24 of the Reserve Guide. 

Reserve Process and Assignment

Reserve Process / Assignment


Open Time Snapshot

The list of assignments in open time will be captured and considered frozen. Any flying that opens after the snapshot will still be available to Lineholders for pick-up. Taken @ 1500 HDT.

Reserve Assignment Window

Reserves may input their assignment preferences for the next day. Closes @ 1600 HDT.
(Reopens after assignment process @ 1930 HDT)

Reserve Preferencing Process

Reserve assignments made by the Preferencing system for check-ins from 0400-2359 the next day. Runs @ approx.. 1700 HDT.

Reserve Assignments Completed

Reserves must ascertain their assignment for the next day using one of the automated means, or by contacting Crew Scheduling between 1930-2400 HDT. This is a change for West Coast domiciles.

Assigned Standby Reserve

Reserve is released to check-in. If coming from a day of Ready Reserve, the Reserve remains on Ready Reserve status until midnight.

Assigned a Pairing

·Reserve is released to check-in if assigned during the 1930 process.

·If assigned a pairing as a Ready Reserve after 1930, the Reserve may be displaced from the pairing by a Lineholder up to 15 hours prior to check-in.

If coming from a day of Ready Reserve, the Reserve remains on Ready Reserve status until midnight.

Assigned to Ready Reserve

Reserve is required to be phone available at 0001 for assignments that check-in at 0400 or later. If coming from another day of Reserve, the Reserve obligation is continuous.

Assigned Released

Reserve is released from phone availability until the assignment process for their next day of availability. If coming from a day of Ready Reserve, the Reserve remains on Ready Reserve status until midnight.

Displaced by a Lineholder

Up to 15 hours prior to check-in. If displaced, the Flight Attendant is returned to the Ready Reserve list and may be reassigned.


Standby may fulfill FAA minimum required to board a departing flight while awaiting a delayed crew member.

·When the crew arrives, the Pre-boarding Flight Attendant returns to Standby if time remains in the period.

If crew does not arrive in time for departure, the Pre-boarding Flight Attendant will remain with the flight and be assigned a pairing.

Maximum of four (4) Pre-Boarding assignments per Standby. Reserve will be released to legal rest if pre-boarding ends after 4-hour Standby period has concluded.

Released to Legal Rest

When blocking-in from a pairing, Standby or pre-boarding assignment, and following any required time for debrief and customs, a Reserve will be released to their prescribed legal rest. The Reserve will then participate in the assignment process for their next day of availability.


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