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About Council 26

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at HKG. Local CWA #29026

Scheduling Update July (Jun 06, 2019)

Council Office

  •  011-852-2377-3162
  •  011-852-2109-1217
  •  CWA Local #29026
  • AFA Council 26
    Level 20, Infinitus Plaza
    199 Des Voeux Road Central
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    (map and directions)

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Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

LEC President
Robert Lutsch

Robert Lutsch

LEC Vice President
Sheela Pragasam

Sheela Pragasam

LEC Secretary
Ruby Arcalas

Ruby Arcalas

Council Representative
Mei Char

Mei Char

Council Representative

Scheduling Update July (Jun 06, 2019)


 Dear Council 26,

 Thank you to all of you who exercised your right to vote in our Local Council elections. We had an impressive turnout of 83%. We also wish to thank our current officers for their dedication and service to our members over the past three years. We welcome our new officers and appreciate their volunteering their time to our Union and Local Council. Thank you to all who ran for positions we hope that you will continue to volunteer and support our Local Council.




Pride Month


June Pride Month.  AFA is a strong voice against discrimination and we strongly support LGBT rights. Discrimination of any kind undermines the strength of our Flight Attendant community. We celebrate the diversity of our Union, because it is our differences that make us stronger, and work to protect and advance the rights of all Flight Attendants. Unfortunately we have exhausted our supply of pins in HKG  but more are enroute and we hope to have them soon.



Scheduling Update for July 2019 

July is a 30 day (A) month, July 1-30th with a public holiday on July 1, 2019.

We have an 87 hour line average and a total of 290 lines for July.

50 CTN and 30 MAN  lines.

ORD will fly 2 positions and SFO will 4 positions. EWR will continue to have one CTN position.

**this information is always subject to change**


Report Pay Discrepancies to Hub Help

Taking a proactive approach to monitor your pay advice is the best way to ensure potential errors can be corrected prior to payday and taking a moment to review each completed pairing at the end of the pairing is one positive way to ensure you are receiving the pay to which you are entitled – trip by trip.  

Anytime a Flight Attendants pairing ends, we strongly recommend you take a moment to compare the original pairing against what is registered at the end of the trip. Flight Attendants should be checking for negotiated pay factors such as holding time, premium pay, night pay, and language pay. Keep screenshots of your original trip pairing and make notes of if/when holding time becomes applicable. 

Flight Attendants can monitor their pay through the CCS Pay Register. Should you find an irregularity in your pay advice, file a pay claim through the Help Hub. When reporting to the Help Hub, the more information that can be provided the easier and more timely the correction can be made. In the event your concerns cannot be addressed via Help Hub, reach out to your Local Council by filing a Council Worksheet. In this way, your concerns can be reviewed  and we take whatever steps that may be necessary to ensure your proper pay.  Review the Pay Guideon Flying Together or review E-Lines Understanding Our Pay- Part 1and Understanding Our Pay- Part 2.


Drafting Pay for Reassignments for International Pairings After Leaving Base


We’ve had a number of instances where your Local Council Officers have been contacted asking questions about the appropriate pay when reassigned while on an international pairing after having left the base.


After leaving the base, Section 7.Q.5.a. requires reassignments return you to base within twelve (12) hours of your originally scheduled arrival and cannot extend more than eight (8) hours into your next scheduled day off.   In implementing this provision of the JCBA and in recognition that in many cases it is not possible to return you within those parameters from an international location, AFA and the company have mutually agreed that when you are not able to be returned to base within these parameters, drafting pay will apply since reassignment pay does not apply to international pairings after leaving the base.


While this application would seem, on its face, to be fairly straightforward, there is a further complication.  When the Crew Scheduler enters the draft code into your Master Schedule, drafting pay will automatically post to the pay register.  The system will also automatically apply reassignment pay whether applicable or not.  The assignment pay will at some later point be removed from the pay register following a review by Crew Pay.


While in most instances drafting pay will be automatically applied to the Pay Register once Crew Scheduling documents the pairing to record the instance of drafting, there may be instances where you may need to follow-up with Crew Pay to ensure the appropriate pay is applied.  


A word to the wise:  Always check that the drafting code has been entered into your Master Schedule.  If not, follow-up with Crew Scheduling to have the code applied so that you will be properly paid.

Please remember if you are seeking drafting for a previous month and not the current month you must notify payroll. You can request this through help hub.



In Solidarity,



Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

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