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About Council 27

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at BOS. Local CWA #21027

They're back!!! (Dec 14, 2022)

Council Office

  •  (617) 567-5560
  •  (617) 567-5618 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #21027
  • AFA-CWA Council 27
    331 Brown Hill West
    Starksboro, Vermont

Connect with Council 27

Andrew Fahy

Andrew Fahy

LEC President

Phone: (617) 671-5912

E-Mail: afahy@unitedafa.org

Jerome Sangalli

Jerome Sangalli

LEC Vice President

Phone: (954) 816-9742

E-Mail: jsangalli@unitedafa.org 

Craig MacInnes Jr.

Craig MacInnes, Jr.

LEC Secretary

Phone: (781) 608-1799

E-Mail: cmacinnes@unitedafa.org

Cynthia Flammia

Council Representative

E-Mail: afabos@unitedafa.org


Alexis Reyes Morales

Council Representative

E-Mail: afabos@unitedafa.org

They're back!!! (Dec 14, 2022)

The new hires are here, the new hires are here!!!

That's right everyone, just in time for the holidays 11 very lucky flight attendants will be starting their careers right here in Boston. Yes, there are only 10 in the photo, so one must be camera shy.

They have no idea how fortunate they are, but please be sure to tell them when you see them around campus starting tomorrow, Dec. 15th.  We will have a ZOOM meeting tonight at approximately 8:45pm, and we will review CCS, reserve questions and reserve preference, and of course pass travel and cabin seat agreements.  I am arriving from LHR so if the flight is delayed we might start a few minutes later, but so far things are on time. We would love to have some seasoned and not so seasoned veterans come and say hello, so if that is something you have time for tonight, jump into the meeting with us, stay a minute or stay for longer. The ZOOM information will be below.  Either way, make sure to wish them well when you see them tomorrow, you can't miss them, they have bright blue jackets on and look excited, some a little nervous, and of course quite a bit younger than some of us.

 As you all know, we like to set them up for success, so we are once again looking for new hire AFA buddies to be their one stop shop ( or phone call) to get a little assistance if they need it. We know we have called on many of you multiple times, so in honor of spreading the wealth, we hope to get a few that have never had the honor being a new hire cheer leader to respond to this email with a name and phone number that we can pass on to one or two of our newest and brightest. Before any one asks, NO, you may not volunteer someone else just to play a practical joke, although it would be rather funny.

Here they are!