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About Council 27

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at BOS. Local CWA #21027

Happy June....but bid carefully in July. (Jun 04, 2019)

Council Office

  •  (617) 567-5560
  •  (617) 567-5618 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #21027
  • AFA-CWA Council 27
    331 Brown Hill West
    Starksboro, Vermont

Connect with Council 27

Andrew Fahy

Andrew Fahy

LEC President

Phone: (617) 671-5912

E-Mail: afahy@unitedafa.org

Jerome Sangalli

Jerome Sangalli

LEC Vice President

Phone: (954) 816-9742

E-Mail: jsangalli@unitedafa.org

Cameron Matthews

Cameron Matthews

LEC Secretary

Phone: (321) 276-0278

E-Mail: cmatthews@unitedafa.org

Craig MacInnes, Jr.

Craig MacInnes, Jr.

Council Representative

Phone: (781) 608-1799

E-Mail: cmacinnes@unitedafa.org

Todd Richard

Todd Richard

Council Representative

Happy June....but bid carefully in July. (Jun 04, 2019)

It says June, but still feels like April outside.  The diversions and legalities continue to pummel the pairings into something that has no resemblance to how they were built.  Carry your contract in book form, or at least on your phone, and make yourself familiar with self help as we get further into thunderstorm season.

 As we look forward to the July bid package, we have been issued fair warning by our Local Scheduling Committee. There will be 103 - 3 position lines, 7 - 2 position lines of which 2 lines will have all night flying built in, and 53 - 1 position lines. The layover cities are similar to what we are used to, with no notable exceptions. There will be more flight attendants on reserve than there were for June.  The line averages were above 80 hours.

Celeste, Cindy, and Karen had a difficult build month, and they wish for us to be aware of some changes to the pairings. The company has built many more pairings for Boston that will have overnight flying.  Some at the end of the pairing as is the norm, but some have the all night flight at the beginning of the trip. For example, the first leg of day on might be to Denver, with a sit and then an overnight flight to Florida with a long layover.  Remember that your AFA volunteers build the lines, but have nothing to do with how the pairings are constructed. Please bid carefully and bid to cover yourself.  Not many things are worse at work than having insufficient bids pop up when you are looking at your July line award.

Image result for afa pride pin

 The AFA pride pins are back in stock for June, and we have a decent supply available for those that do not currently have one.  Please let Jerome, Todd, Craig, Cameron, or Andrew know if you would like us to get one to you.  If you already have one, please let us be sure to get one to anyone that would like one before taking extras for your friends out of base. All bases were sent what they needed for June.  Thanks.

Lastly, there are still computer errors on CCS, I know how shocking that you all must find that to be. One of the most common is a lineholder picking up a trip from a reserve.  Here is the current fix to that problem, although it is only temporary, as it needs to be corrected.

Picking Up Flying on Reserve Days Off in the New Month Following a Lineholder Trip
MEC Reserve Committee

We have recently clarified the process by which a 
Lineholder may pick up a trip on Reserve days off 
in the new month which immediately follows the last trip of the Lineholder month without regard to 
whether or not there is a carryover into the new (Reserve) month: 

1.    The Flight Attendant must first contact crew scheduling and specify the Reserve day(s) off on which she/he would like to pick up a trip.

2.    The scheduler would remove the OFF day(s) and waive the minimum day off requirement.

3.    The scheduler would change the designation for each day from
"R" to "L".

4.    The Flight Attendant would then be able to pick up a trip on the desired days using the automated means in CCS.

This may be accomplished at any time once the new month's (Reserve) schedule has been loaded. There is no need for the Flight Attendant to wait until they have completed the Lineholder pairing nor is there a requirement for Crew Scheduling to “release” the Lineholder to pick up the trip. 

A Flight Attendant on Lineholder status may waive her/his legal rest down to the trip trade/pick-up minimum waiver rest provided for in JCBA Sections 6.V.2. and 6.W.3.: 

First, it is important to remember that the amount of legal rest required by JCBA Sections 6.U., 6.V. and 6.W. is governed by the type of flying in the preceding duty period and for the purposes of this article, we are only reviewing Legal Rest at home.  Keep in mind, the Flight Attendant’s status during the preceding pairing (Lineholder or Reserve) must be considered because of the different legal rest requirements of JCBA Section 8.I.3.a. which provides, “twelve (12) hours free from duty at the home domicile shall constitute the minimum legal rest for Reserves.”

Said another way, a Flight Attendant’s ability to exercise the trip trade/pick-up waiver provisions set forth in JCBA Sections 6.V.2. and 6.W.3. is directly dependent upon her/his status for the pairing that immediately precedes the pick-up or trade. Concisely, 

  • If a Flight Attendant is coming from a Lineholder trip, she/he may waive the legal rest down in order to pick up a trip on Reserve days off that immediately follow the trip. 
  • If, however, the Flight Attendant is coming from a Reserve trip, she/he may not waive the legal rest below the required Reserve legal rest period in order to pick up a trip on Reserve days off that immediately follow the trip.

NOTE:  Trips picked up on Reserve days off are considered Lineholder trips for the purposes of legal rest requirements. Therefore, a Reserve Flight Attendant may waive the legal rest to the trip trade/pick up minimum home rest in order to pick up/trade a subsequent additional trip(s) within the same block of Reserve days off.


Thank you for staying informed, and if you have questions call an officer or the local office.

617 567-5560

  Your local officers

Andrew  Jerome  Cameron  Todd  Craig 

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

        Our local Council meeting will take place on September 26th, at 11am.  We will meet at Stephanie's adjacent to the base. RSVP if you will be attending so we know how many to plan for. Non-Alcoholic beverages and light snacks will be provided,   


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