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Council 38 - Narita

About Council 38

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at NRT. Local CWA #29038

Miso Scoop - Vacation Fly Through, COLA, Nominations, CQ, Covid-19, Reassignments, Sick Calls, Congress, Reminders (Mar 21, 2020)

Council Office

  •  011-81-476-33-8182
  • Committee Roster
  •  011-81-476-33-8183 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #29038
  • AFA-CWA Council 38
    New Tokyo Intl Airport
    Terminal 1 - Central Building
    P.O. Box 168
    Narita-shi, Chiba-ken
    282-0011 Japan
    (map and directions)

Connect with Council 38

Tony Wetterer

Tony Wetterer


E-Mail: tony@afanrt.org

Sato Matsuhiro

Sato Matsuhiro

Vice President and LEC Secretary

E-Mail: sato@afanrt.org

Nobu Masui

Nobu Masui

Council Representative

E-Mail: nobu@afanrt.org

Miso Scoop - Vacation Fly Through, COLA, Nominations, CQ, Covid-19, Reassignments, Sick Calls, Congress, Reminders (Mar 21, 2020)

In this edition:

  • Vacation Fly-Through Deadline Extended
  • COLA
  • LEC 38 Nomination Results
  • CQ Training Suspended 
  • Covid-19 News and Resources
  •  Reassignments, RX and PROT
  • Calling in Sick
  • Contact Congress Today!
  • Reminders


Vacation Fly-Through Deadline Extended


If you have vacation starting in April, it is not too late to submit for a Vacation Fly-Through.  The deadline has been extended until Monday, March 23rd, at 1000 Home Domicile Time.  (CCS - Vacation - My Vacation)


With no lines being build for Narita, everyone will be getting their 71 hour minimum guarantee.  If you have vacation, those hours will be absorbed by the minimum.  If you submit for Fly-Through, those hours will be put into ‘Add Pay’. 





While COLA awards are closed, you can still put in for 1, 2, or 6-month COLA.  The company has indicated that they will continue to award COLAs even after the award of lines.



Council 38 Narita Nomination Results


Council 38 Nominations have closed and AFA International has posted the results on the Election page.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this process!  


We now move into the Election cycle, with the following schedule:


Mail Date:  4-06-20 - Voting Notice and Voting Guide are mailed containing your personal 16-digit activation code.


Polls Open:  4-23-20 - 12:00pm Eastern Time polls open and voting begins.


Polls Close:  5-28-20 - 12:00pm Eastern Time polls close and the election count takes place.



CQ Training Suspended


CQ training has been suspended through the end of April at all training locations.  It is important to note that the 2nd Trimester CQ CBT is still due on April 29, at 2359 Central Time.



Covid-19 News and Resources


The MEC website has compiled all Covid-19 News and Resource information on one page.  This is a great resource to find out the latest, factual, information on what is going on with the virus.  



Reassigments, RX, and PROT


Please read the latest Priority CCS message sent out yesterday with regards to schedule changes.  Due to the volume of calls Crew Scheduling is receiving, the following will be implemented temporarily. 


  • As cancellations begin to appear in your schedules, please do not call Crew Scheduling unless the trip affected begins on the current day.
  • Crew Scheduling will work through the cancelations in chronological order and will make reassignments as needed.
  • If you are reassigned to replacement flying, Crew Scheduling WILL reach out to advise you of the reassignment.
  • If you are NOT reassigned, you will NOT be placed on RX days.  Under the provisions of Section 7.Q.3, you will be relieved of your responsibility for reassignment.
  • Should you be relieved of your responsibility to be reassigned, there will be no reassignment visible and RLSE and PROT will appear on your line for the affected trip.
  • Crew Scheduling will NOT contact you if RLSE and PROT appear on your line for the affected trip; you are released with full pay protection.


Calling in Sick


With higher call volumes and the reduction in staffing at the FAST, the following should be followed when calling in sick.


Place yourself on sick in CCS by 09:00 Home Domicile Time (HDT) (CCS - Schedule - Sick Notification) a day prior to your scheduled trip, training assignment or reserve availability; whenever an illness prevents you from fulfilling your assignment. 


  • If it is after 09:00 HDT, you must call to be placed on sick.


Non-urgent inquiries can be emailed to the following:


FAST Administration & Return to Work:  FAST-Inflight-Admin@united.com

FAST Training & Scheduling:  BB-FAST-TrainingScheduling@united.com

LINK Support:  FAST-Link-Support@united.com



Tell Congress:  Put Aviation Workers First *Reminder*


Make sure to contact Congress to help bailout the airline industry, and help to keep people on the payroll, and stop furloughs.  You can take action here.  





March 23: April Primary Bids Open

March 26: April Primary Bids Close/Awards begin

April 6: Bids close for May 1-month Special COLA, 0800CT

April 29: 2nd Trimester CQ CBT due, 2359CT

Additional Council Information

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