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Houston Council 42 - Houston

About Council 42

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at IAH. Local CWA #26042

Picketing Postponed (Feb 15, 2019)

Council Office

  •  855-4-AFAIAH (855-423-2424)
  •  CWA Local #26042
Denny Wheeling

Denny Wheeling

LEC President
Elizabeth Hibbard

Elizabeth Hibbard

LEC Vice President
Beth Fortner-Rodgers

Beth Fortner-Rodgers

LEC Secretary
William Sanders

William Sanders

Council Representative

Picketing Postponed (Feb 15, 2019)

Picketing for Saturday the 16th Is Postponed


Our Union worked hard to put an end to the threat to our safety, security, and jobs posed by a renewed Government shutdown. Due to the efforts of the American People, and Organized Labor, our Government has chosen to work in a bi-partisan manner to avoid an extension of the shutdown. In other words - your actions and words caused our Government to take notice. Today, the president signed a bill securing funding for the government through the end of the fiscal year. This crisis is averted. 


Our previously announced picketing action on Saturday the 16that 1:00 PM is now postponed. 


As we continue to recover from the shutdown, the FAA is now tasked with implementing the re-authorization bill which was signed into law last year. This bill contains the provision for mandated, non-reducible, free from duty rest of 10 hours for Flight Attendants, along with hundreds of other safety initiatives for aviation. Our AFA International office will now work with lawmakers and regulators to hold Washington accountable for implementation. We will get updates on that soon. 

Now that the fundamental threat to our safety and jobs is alleviated, our focus remains on our issues with the company as United Flight Attendants. Our MEC Officers have been in discussions with senior management at United, and are making progress on our issues. Our Dec 13th DOA was very successful, and absolutely helped generate those talks. We’ve shown the company that we are unified as United Flight Attendants. 


As we move forward as United Flight Attendants, and as supporters of ALL Flight Attendants industry wide - we will be prepared to do whatever is necessary to demand accountability from our company, as well as from our government on issues that affect our safety, security, and ability to accomplish our jobs as aviation professionals.


Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and effort with our leafletting campaign, and to all of you who are ready to join us back out on the picket line when it becomes necessary. Keep those RED pins on to show our solidarity and resolve.


Take care of each other.


Denny, Elizabeth, and Beth

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