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Council 6 - Newark

About Council 6

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at EWR. Local CWA #21005

LEC Meeting, NYC Labor Day Parade (Aug 14, 2019)

Council Office

Shaun McNulty

Shaun McNulty

LEC President
Kim Montgomery

Kim Montgomery

LEC Vice President
Pamela Caponetti

Pamela Caponetti

LEC Secretary
Susannah Carr

Susannah Carr

Council Representative
Laverne Nelson

Laverne Nelson

Council Representative

LEC Meeting, NYC Labor Day Parade (Aug 14, 2019)


Dear Council 6,

The C6 Autumn LEC Meeting will be held on September 9, 2019 at 11:00 -13:00. Details will follow at a later date. 

 Our Brothers and Sisters at Endeavor are extending an invitation to us to participate with them at the New York City Labor Day Parade. Hopefully we will be joined by other AFA members from Envoy, Cathay Pacific and Norwegian. Click the link below to register, it's not necessary but will ensure we have enough t-shirts, water and snacks.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

In Solidarity, 

Shaun, Kim and Pam

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Hello All,

Its that time of year again!!! Last year AFA Local 45 was the first Flight Attendant Union to organize and participate in New York City's Largest Labor Day Parade since 9/11. This was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. This year we would love to not only do it all over again but this time inBIG NUMBERS.Let's show New York City who AFA is. Local 45 (EDV AFA) would like to formally invite you to join us. The parade this year with take place on Sept 7th and meeting time will be at 8 am.
Meeting location will be communicated once given by the parade board. At this timeTanya Clarke (LEC P of Local 45) andJudy McParland (LEC Sec of Local 45) is overseeing thisevent. Please direct all questions to them.



In Solidarity,
Council 45

Tanya Clarke, Council 45 President,tclarke@edvafa.org
Oscar Caban, Council 45 President Assistant,ocaban@edvafa.org
Judy McParland, Council 45 Secretary,jmcparland@edvafa.org


Additional Council Information

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Shaun McNulty 

833-AFAEWR6 ext 710

Kim Montgomery

Vice President
833-AFAEWR6 ext 711

Pam Caponetti

833-AFAEWR6 ext 712

Help Line: 833-AFAEWR6 or 833-232-3976


Safety, Health and Security 1
Occupational/OJI Benefits 2
Grievance 3
Reserve Committee 4
Retirement and Benefits 5

Hotel and Transportation Committee 700
Line Building Committee 701
Government Affairs 702
Insurance and Retirement Benefits Committee 703
President Shaun McNulty 710
Vice President Kim Montgomery 711
Secretary Pam Caponetti 712
LaVerne Nelson 713
Susannah Carr 714
Directory by name 8

Grievance Issue? Down load the Council 6 EWR App and file a worksheet. Or go to Unitedafa.org, click on Forms, Click on Local Council Worksheet

MEC 847-292-7170

EAP/ Professional Standards
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Mary Tyson 908-672-3584
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Safety, Health and Security

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Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com
Rita Pearl  rpearlewr@gmail.com 

Insurance & Retirement
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Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com
Rita Pearl  rpearlewr@gmail.com  

Kim Montgomeryewr@gmail.com

Membership Engagement
Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com

Hotels & Transportation
Michael Desrosiers mdesrosiers@unitedafa.org



Roger Jamerson olsen93@msn.com
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Shaun Christopher Washington swashington@unitedafa.org

Government Affairs

Jennifer Ritter jritter@unitedafa.org

Joint Implementation Team

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