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Cleveland Council 63 - Cleveland

About Council 63

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at CLE. Local CWA #26063

council 63 update (Dec 06, 2018)

Council Office

  •  (216) 973-4187
  •  CWA Local #26063
Jayson Jarrell

Jayson Jarrell

LEC President
JoJo Herrernan

JoJo Herrernan

LEC Vice President
Melinda Beal

Melinda Beal

LEC Secretary

council 63 update (Dec 06, 2018)

Day of Action

I have finally secured the permits, after pulling teeth basically, to have our day of action in Cleveland. On Thursday, December 13, we will hand out leaflets at door 6 departure level in response to recent actions taken by United Airlines. We’ve had “ENOUGH” and it’s time to rise up and show United that we are tired of things. From not having our contract completely implemented on October 1st, to the numerous IT glitches, to the most recent staff cuts on the 777 and 757 on international routes.

United Airlines preaches they want to be a leader in this industry so we need to stop following our competitors and lead. Please join me on December 13th from 9am-10 am in handing out leaflets at door 6 outside United’s ticket counter to inform our customers that we are tired of the decisions United has made. We deserve better with this implementation.

All that being said this backfires on us when no one else shows up in support of these efforts. We are only allowed 8 people handing out the leaflets at a time so we will work that out when people arrive and make sure people can rotate to stay warm inside as well. I ask that if you are planning on attending with me to please shoot me a text ASAP to let me know that you will be there 216-973-4187 so I can get a head count. If we only have 2 people coming then it’s better to save face and not have anyone do this. Having at least 5 or more people willing to attend is ideal. This is a system wide DOA (Day of Action) so if you are on sit time during the times other bases will be doing their DOA, you are encouraged to attend in those cities as well. It’s also important to be in uniform.

Please refer to unitedafa.org for all times scheduled for each base on Dec 13th.


Uniform points

-Don’t’ miss out! Your points won’t roll over to next year so be sure to use any remaining 2018 uniform points before the following deadlines:

Telephone orders: 1530 (CT) on Monday, December 31

Online orders: 2359 (CT) on Monday, December 31 via the Cintas website.

Cintas Customer Service Call Center holiday hours:

• December 24: Closes at 1530

• December 25: Closed

• December 31: Closes at 1530

• January 1: Closed

If you have questions, contact the Cintas Customer Service team at: 1- 800-889-0331.



Pass travel enrollment open

Pass Eligible employees can update their enrolled friend, spouse or domestic partner and regular buddy elections until 7 p.m. CT on Dec. 30, 2018 (for retirees, the deadline is Dec. 29, 2018). If you don’t make any updates, your eligible pass riders (family, extended family buddies and enrolled friends) will carry over to next year. If you elected to have buddy passes in 2018 and have registered regular buddy pass riders, those travelers will not carry over to 2019, and their travel eligibility will end on December 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT. You will have to take action if you want to keep all or some of your regular buddy pass riders for 2019. Extended family buddies will not be affected. If you don’t have any changes to make and don’t have buddy passes, then no action is needed.

If you have two enrolled friends, you can designate your primary friend beginning January 1 through employeeRES > My Profile > Manage Profile > Traveler Profiles. The primary friend option enables eligible employees who do not have a spouse or domestic partner on their travel profile to select someone to board at the same boarding priority as a spouse or domestic partner.

Please note, when registering enrolled friends and buddies, their names must exactly match what appears on their travel documents (e.g., driver’s license or passport).

To update your pass traveler elections go to Travel > Manage Pass Riders. For more information on these programs, including questions and answers and an overview chart, go to the Pass Travel Enrollment page. If you still have questions, you can contact the Employee Travel Center through Help Hub



Absence Certificate Requirement for Christmas Holiday Sick Calls 

As provided for in section13.C.4 of the JCBA, management has advised AFA that an Absence Certificate will be required for all sick calls that begin during the period starting December 20, 2018 – January 4, 2019. This requirement will also apply in those instances where sick leave is used to care for a spouse or minor child as set forth in Section 13.D.7.

Flight Attendants who place themselves on sick leave during the period starting December 20, 2018 – January 4, 2019 will be required under the terms of our JCBA to supply United Medical with an Absence Certificate (Section 13.C.4.). Flight Attendants using approved FMLA during these specified holiday dates are also required to provide the Absence Certificate for any sick leave during this same period. There is only one exception to this rule. Flight Attendants who have had no absences during the prior twelve (12) calendar months are not subject to the requirement to provide an Absence Certificate during the holiday period.

Absence Certificates are different from Physician’s Notes which are used exclusively for the purposes of attendance point reductions. Physician’s notes should be presented to your supervisor prior to reporting for the next trip.   

 Absence Certificates include medical information to which supervisors, under the terms of our Contract, are not entitled to know and therefore should ONLY be provided to United Medical.

In order to comply with the criteria for an Absence Certificate

  •   Print out the Absence certificate form(from Flying Together) and bring a copy with you to your physician's appointment. ( I also have them printed out on the union information desk)

  •  The Absence Certificate must be prepared and signed by the physician after an in-person visit by the Flight Attendant to the physician’s office.

Flight Attendants must actually be seen by an accredited physician in a timely manner, but no later than 72 hours after notifying Scheduling of an illness/injury.

The  Absence Certificate must be submitted to United Medical via fax at (847)-700-2600 on or before check-in time of a Lineholder’s first trip, or a Reserve’s first assignment including Airport Alert/Standby Reserve, following an illness or injury.

If a physician’s release (Absence Certificate) is not received, the Flight Attendant will have 72 hours after her/his first trip flown, Airport Alert or Standby Reserve assignment to provide the Absence Certificate.

In addition to the required absence certificate, Flight Attendants are also encouraged to provide a separate physician’s note, to reduce by ½ point, the points assessed for any sick leave used during this period. The physician’s note may be provided to your supervisor and should contain only the following information: 

1.    Date of illness

2.    Signature of the physician or the physician’s designee on a document that includes, at a minimum, pre-printed physician’s name, address, and telephone number.

3.    Date of examination

4.    Date of return to work

Additional information can be found on unitedafa.org and questions may be directed to your Local Council Representatives. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Holiday Bonus Point Incentive Program  

As with past holidays, the company will implement the Holiday Bonus Point program during the upcoming Christmas holiday. During the period of December 13, 2018, through January 7, 2019, Flight Attendants must meet the following criteria to be receive the attendance point credit:

  • Flight Attendants must be on active status during the designated holiday period. 
  • Flight Attendants must work a flight segment or stand Reserve during the specified period.
  • Flight Attendants must not incur any point generating absence during this period of time.

Any point credit earned during this period will appear in the Flight Attendant’s CCS work history on January 23, 2019 by 19:00 CT.  If a Flight Attendant is qualified for the point credit by meeting all the requirements, it will offset the first point generating occurrence after January 8, 2019 and any remaining credits from previous years may also be applied in the same manner. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.


Deadheading Crew Boarding and Carry-on Luggage Policy 

There continues to be confusion at various airport station locations as to the standards to be applied to Flight Attendants for boarding when deadheading and carry-on baggage.  When scheduled to deadhead

1.    Flight Attendants will be assigned to boarding group number one (1).

2.    Deadheading Flight Attendants in full uniform, may pre-board the aircraft once the FAA minimum crew requirements have been met.

3.    Deadheading Flight Attendants who are not in full uniform may board at any time during the passenger boarding process. 

4.    Flight Attendants must present their boarding pass to the agent at the time of boarding and will be allowed 2 carry-on bags and one personal item, such as a computer bag or purse. 

5.    Deadheading crew are encouraged to stow their luggage in the vicinity of their assigned seat. 

Details of the Flight Attendant specific policy can be located in Shares under GG ATO BOARD.

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

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