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Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at CLE. Local CWA #24063

Goodbye 2020 (Dec 31, 2020)

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Melinda Beal

Melinda Beal

LEC President
Marsha Catri

Marsha Catri

LEC Vice President
Niki Dolan

Niki Dolan

LEC Secretary

Goodbye 2020 (Dec 31, 2020)

Goodbye 2020,

You tried to break us, but it did not work. We are still standing, still fighting, ready for the year to come.

Dear Council 63 Members,

As we usher in the New Year, we are presented with questions and uncertainties many of us have not experienced before. Thank you for your patience and kindness while your Union representatives work to get the information of the process ahead.

I cannot stress enough the importance to subscribing to e-lines. Go to Unitedafa.org, scroll to the bottom and there you will find the link to subscribe. This publication has all the up-to-date information as it is coming out.

The recall letters for our Members on furlough have been sent out. You will respond to your recall on help hub. After you respond, you will receive a conformation email. IMPORTANT - You must respond within 14 days of receipt of the recall letter. Be advised, if someone in your family receives the letter, that is the date of receipt. Failure to respond within the 14-day time period results in you forfeiting your right to recall and you will be permanently separated from United.

Flight Attendants affected by the furlough will be paid their 71-hour contractual minimums starting for December. Pay for December gets paid in January. The first paychecks for January are already calculated, so you will not see your December pay on the 4th. AFA is advocating that United cut a separate check prior to the 16th, however (to my knowledge), that has not been agreed upon.

Going forward, if you originally had a NAL for January, and you have already picked up trips, management has agreed to allow you to give away/trade those trips up until January 14, 2359 HDT, with no reduction to your 71-hour minimum guarantee. This date refers to the day you trade the trip, not the date of the trip pairing.

For example: if you have a trip on Jan. 20, you have up to January 14th to give that trip away with no effect to your 71-hr. min. If you give away your trip after the Jan. 14th deadline your 71-hr min. will be reduced by the hours of the trip.

Benefits…. This is an area that has caused much frustration this past year. Unfortunately, I feel we will continue to have challenges in the coming months. January is the month many of our Members would begin COBRA. We have not had absolute confirmation on when payroll-deduct benefits will commence. To ensure your benefits are not interrupted, it is encouraged to pay your January benefits bill and then we expect to get more information regarding how management will handle the disparity in cost for your reimbursement.

Unemployment questions must be handled through the local government unemployment office. Each state has its own laws and requirements. Over the last year, we had many of you reaching out to each other, sharing experiences and knowledge on the process. These informal groups have proven to be the most effective way to disseminate information, and I encourage you to keep it up.

We understand there are many questions that have not been touched on in this letter. Please reach out to any of your Union Officers and we will work to get the information you need.


In Unity,

Melinda Beal                     Marsha Catri                      Niki Dolan

mbeal@unitedafa.org       mcatri@unitedafa.org         ndolan@unitedafa.org


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Register for the October meeting at this link CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Register for the October meeting at this link CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

 Council 63- Cleveland

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Melinda Beal
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