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Cleveland Council 63 - Cleveland

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Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at CLE. Local CWA #26063

#ENOUGH (Nov 08, 2018)

Council 63 - CLE Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 11/07/2018
Time: 12 Noon
Location: Aloft Hotel
5550 Great Northern Blvd
North Olmsted, OH 44070

Council Office

  • (216) 973-4187
  • CWA Local #26063
Jayson Jarrell

Jayson Jarrell

LEC President
JoJo Herrernan

JoJo Herrernan

LEC Vice President
Melinda Beal

Melinda Beal

LEC Secretary

#ENOUGH (Nov 08, 2018)

We could not have written this any better so with permission I decided to share this as Council 63 is 100 percent on board with this message from IAH!!!

Thank you Denny, Elizabeth and Beth

Response by Council 42 

By now, most of you are aware of the short-sighted decision by senior management to further reduce our already inadequate staffing levels on wide body aircraft. This announcement came disguised as a pat on the back for the hard work our Flight Attendants have done to position United for success. As Ken so aptly titled his response from the MEC, “Great job, here’s your punishment”- we couldn’t agree more. 


As United Flight Attendants we have been at the forefront of this merger since day one. We have worked as separate groups, put up with disparate wage scales and work rules, and all the while- we have proudly done our part to make United successful. Now… we are finally combined with everyone on the same page, and the first thing management does is slap us in the face with this insult of decreased staffing. 


Since Common Metal: 

-We have put up with an integration we were misled to believe was ready to go live.

-Our flight Attendants have been financially hit due to the failure of the IT system during our first 2 months of being combined. 

-Management has made no overtures to us about how they intend to make us whole for these losses.

-The company is actively seeking to renegotiate parts of the contract through the arbitration process rather than honor their word at the bargaining table. 

-And now we enter a race to the bottom against our competitors by cutting staffing and lowering our service standards.

-Our Flight Attendants stand to lose even more due to this terrible decision.


Management doesn’t get a pass on this. 


All of this is in the name of “shareholder value”, “stock buy backs”, and “kowtowing” to the giant institutional investors. Management has shown us they care way more for the spreadsheet than they do about us as the face of the airline- or even truly running an airline. The “Partnership” we once enjoyed with management has turned from a win-win two-way street, into a one-way pipeline of demands and doubletalk. 


Our management team has now made the unfortunate choice to reach for the lowest common denominator. Instead of setting a new bar for excellence, winning over more customers, and actually BEATING our competition- they are content with just trying to BE our competition. I don’t want to be the same as Delta or American- I want to be better!!! Let me ask you a question… Why would any customer switch to a different carrier if all they were getting is the same thing they already have???? The answer is simple… They won’t.


What can YOU do???? YOU must show a united front to management. YOU must stand together with your sisters and brothers. YOU must stop “making it work”. YOU must tell management you are not their doormat, and you will not pay for their merger with your sweat.


In the coming days we will be communicating the next steps we will take as a 25,000 Member strong Union.


Until then…Stay Informed, Get Angry, Get Unified!!! Standing Together as ONE, WE can make a difference!!!!!



-Denny, Elizabeth, and Beth

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