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Guam Council 65 - Guam

About Council 65

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at GUM. Local CWA #29065

Report from Summer 2021 MEC Meeting (Jul 25, 2021)

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  •  CWA Local #29038
  • Association of Flight Attendants
    Council 65 GUM

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    P.O. Box 5135
    Mangilao, Guam  96923
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Rsei Isim

Rsei Isim

LEC President
Stuart Aricayos

Stuart Aricayos

LEC Vice President
Richard Delin

Richard Delin

LEC Secretary
Richard Delin

Ray Leon Guerrero

Council Representative

Report from Summer 2021 MEC Meeting (Jul 25, 2021)

Dearest members of Council 65,

Not since our merger have, we seen such uncertainty in the future of our Guam base. Who would of thought that we would be asking our fellow Flight Attendants to relocate out of Guam because of over-staffing. We are just as anxious, frustrated and saddened at all the changes happening to our base as families are adversely affected by the transfers. Having returned from the Summer 2021 MEC Meeting in Chicago, we asked for an audience with president of AFA United Ken Diaz, Vice President Adam Novish and Secretary Jeff Heisey to address your concerns. No holds bar. We provided our MEC Officers the questions many of you are asking.

1.      Why the two positions to our Honolulu flying.

a.      We are obviously understaffed. Yes, someone dropped the ball in the numbers but we are past that. All across the system the Optimizer program will continue to maximize flying assignments from across the bases even assigning out of base to fly as in the case with the SFO FA flying our HOPPER and utilizing two out of base HNL FAs to cover our GUM/HNL/GUM flying.  For our Reserves, be prepared to have higher than normal TMAC hours.

2.      Why the premium positions.

a.      The company had decided to use the seniority of the HNL base as a methodology to award the premium positions, which we have flat out objected to as this does not guarantee a senior FA will be flying those positions from HNL.  We asked the MEC to encourage the company to assign both premium position for Guam.

3.      We also asked for the return of our transferees back to Guam to cover our shortages.

a.      As you already heard from Jennifer O’Brien’s townhall, the RECALL is happening as we speak. Yes, 10 is the number but that could possibly change as quickly to a higher number not to long from now when operation improves. While 10 is the initial number, our push is to encourage the company RECALL FAs to support both GUM operation and the coveted GUMHNL route. 

We can’t predict what the company will do in the coming months, however, we can continue to advocate that Guam be included in any changes to flying in the Pacific. We have MEC's committment to ensure that the Guam FA Base grows strong  and be a part of the company's plan moving forward.  As for now, thanks for your voices and for NOT letting up, we will be by your side through these changes and ensure your voices are heard.


In Solidarity,

LEC 65

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