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Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at LHR. Local CWA #21007

President’s Report, June 7, 2019 (Jun 07, 2019)

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Anthony King

Anthony King

LEC President
Christian Bowie

Christian Bowie

LEC Vice President
Angela Fletcher

Angela Fletcher

LEC Secretary
Jenny Adam

Jenny Adam

Council Representative
Minita Mada

Minita Mada

Council Representative

President’s Report, June 7, 2019 (Jun 07, 2019)

President’s Report, June 7, 2019

Central Scheduling Meeting

Last week, Jo Aerts and I attended as guests of the regular monthly meeting that takes place between Central Scheduling and management at Willis Tower. These meetings take place over two days, with guests from an International location on day one, followed by guests from a Domestic location on day two. Accompanied by members from the UALMEC Central Scheduling Committee, we were briefed by Tim Wilson, Senior Manager of Crew Staffing and Analysis, on the different issues that affect next month’s schedules. In addition to reviewing the pairings for London, we learned about new flying for the up-coming satellite base operation, as well as the current status of the 737 Max operations.

This provided an opportunity to raise the concerns that many of you have expressed about mixed crews. Management has responded by building pairings of complete LHR crews to Denver, Houston and a single Newark, although we will still have mixed pairings for Chicago and the other Newark trips. We were also able to raise the issue concerning the high number of East Coast pairings and absence of West Coast flying. This issue is somewhat complex, with multiple factors that need to be taken into account. For example, while it would be good for LHR to operate both IAH trips since the hotel costs are low, IAHSW is in need of additional International flying due to the reduction of the Sydney schedule. Management went on to explain that they prefer to have SFOSW operate that trip because the layover hotels in London are actually less expensive than those in San Francisco! While this is perhaps not the answer everybody wanted to hear, rest assured that we continue to advocate on behalf of your interests.

Let Your True Colours Fly in June!  

June is the month to don the festive Rainbow AFA PRIDE pin in support of the LGBT Community at United! We have spare pins available at the Council 7 office – so please contact us at afalhr@unitedafa.org if you need of one. Your ongoing support of the diversity of our workplace is not only greatly appreciated, it is also vitally important in the never-ending struggle against hate and intolerance.


AFA-CWA UALMEC News – May 29, 2019

AFA has a long history of fighting to defeat discrimination, whenever and wherever it exists. Discrimination of any kind undermines the strength of our communities. Recognizing the diversity of our Union and our work to protect and advance Flight Attendants’ rights, we must work together to protect the rights that should belong to every citizen.

AFA, being a strong voice against discrimination stands in support of LGBT rights. We encourage Flight Attendant participation in the 2019 EQUAL Pride parades scheduled to take place nation-wide during the month of June. Mark your calendar now and adjust your schedules accordingly to attend the 2019 Pride Parades. “Let your Colours Fly”.

Hotel Issues

On behalf of the entire Council, we would like to thank all of you for your diligence in submitting Hotel Reports using the online AFA Hotel & Transportation Report tool. It is however disappointing that we continue to experience so many issues with the different hotels at which we stay. In particular, the absence of hot water and lack of cleanliness at the Morristown Hyatt Regency hotel have been noted and AFA continues to push for effective solutions. Thank you again for your diligence in monitoring these issues and writing them up.

Picking Up Flying on RSV Days-off (following a Lineholder Trip)

Given the complexity surrounding the process by which Reserves can pick-up trips on their days off, it seemed appropriate to re-post an article from the UALMEC Reserve Committee that first appeared on AFA’s e-Lines on May 31, 2019.

The MEC Reserve Committee recently clarified the process by which a Lineholder may pick up a trip on Reserve days off in the new month which immediately follows the last trip of the Lineholder month without regard to whether or not there is a carryover into the new (Reserve) month:

  1. The Flight Attendant must first contact crew scheduling and specify the Reserve day(s) off on which she/he would like to pick up a trip.
  2. The scheduler would remove the OFF day(s) and waive the minimum day off requirement.
  3. The scheduler would change the designation for each day from "R" to "L".
  4. The Flight Attendant would then be able to pick up a trip on the desired days using the automated means in CCS.

This may be accomplished at any time once the new month's (Reserve) schedule has been loaded. There is no need for the Flight Attendant to wait until they have completed the Lineholder pairing nor is there a requirement for Crew Scheduling to “release” the Reserve to pick up the trip.

A Flight Attendant on Lineholder status may waive her/his legal rest down to the trip trade/pick-up minimum waiver rest provided for in JCBA Sections 6.V.2. and 6.W.3.:

First, it is important to remember that the amount of legal rest required by JCBA Sections 6.U., 6.V. and 6.W. is governed by the type of flying in the preceding duty period and for the purposes of this article, we are only reviewing Legal Rest at home.  Keep in mind, the Flight Attendant’s status during the preceding pairing (Lineholder or Reserve) must be considered because of the different legal rest requirements of JCBA Section 8.I.3.a. which provides, “twelve (12) hours free from duty at the home domicile shall constitute the minimum legal rest for Reserves.”

In other words, a Flight Attendant’s ability to exercise the trip trade/pick-up waiver provisions set forth in JCBA Sections 6.V.2. and 6.W.3. is directly dependent upon her/his status for the pairing that immediately precedes the pick-up or trade. Therefore,

  • If a Flight Attendant is coming from a Lineholder trip, she/he may waive the legal rest down in order to pick up a trip on Reserve days off that immediately follow the trip.
  • If however, the Flight Attendant is coming from a Reserve trip, she/he may not waive the legal rest below the required Reserve legal rest period in order to pick up a trip on Reserve days off that immediately follow the trip.

NOTE:  Trips picked up on Reserve days off are considered Lineholder trips for the purposes of legal rest requirements. Therefore, a Reserve Flight Attendant may waive the legal rest to the trip trade/pick up minimum home rest in order to pick up/trade a subsequent additional trip(s) within the same block of Reserve days off.

Changing Times

Some of you may have seen or heard about my name being on the transfer list to the soon-to-be established San Diego satellite base. This is not a rumour and my partner and I have decided that the timing is right for such a move. There are many reasons for this, including tax obligations as well as concerns regarding the property market in London. While my biggest regret is leaving a base that I have grown so fond of, this is an opportunity I simply couldn’t say no to. It has been nearly 20 years, and the friendship and kindness you have all shown me has been amazing and leaves me a better person for it. I will always consider this portion of my career as an incredible privilege.

I remain committed to serving all of you until September, which is when the transfer should take effect, and hope to complete local workshops on both Pay and Reserve. From September onwards, AFA-CWA Council 7 Vice President Christian Bowie will take over as President for the remainder of the terms and I am sure that he will serve you well.

In solidarity and Fly Safe!

Anthony King 

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AFA Council 7 – Contact Info

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 0208 935 5613 

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Anthony King

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Council Representative

Minita Mada

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Council Representative

Jenny Adam

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EAP/Professional Standards

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Safety, Health & Security

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Mags Healy

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Government Affairs

Monique Pfenninger 

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Lesbian, Gay , Bi & Transsexual Issues

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Uniform Committee

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CAUSE Foundation (www.thecausefondation.org)



Membership Engagement

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