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Council 7 - London

About Council 7

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at LHR. Local CWA #21007

December 13: Day of Action - Thank You! (Dec 14, 2018)

Council Office

  •  011-44-208-935-5613 (from the US)
  •  0208-935-5613 (from the UK)
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  •  CWA Local #21007

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Anthony King

Anthony King

LEC President
Christian Bowie

Christian Bowie

LEC Vice President
Angela Fletcher

Angela Fletcher

LEC Secretary
Jenny Adam

Jenny Adam

Council Representative
Minita Mada

Minita Mada

Council Representative

December 13: Day of Action - Thank You! (Dec 14, 2018)

December 13: Day of Action - Thank You!

It was an amazing day and, on behalf of the entire Council, I want to thank all those of you who came in on their day off; those who landed at 06:00 and then waited patiently for the event to start; those who had later check-ins but still arrived early; and of course our out-of-base guest.  As evidenced by this momentous gathering of AFA-CWA Members at London’s Heathrow airport, levels of concern regarding the handling of the Merger and proposed staffing cuts is unprecedented. In joining our Sister and Brother Flight Attendants who participated in similar events around the globe, we made our collective voice heard. Our message to management is simple: staffing cuts will NOT help us to become the world’s no. 1 airline; while we are determined to see United succeed, we stand opposed to cuts that undermine both Service and Safety.

Management needs to stop sabotaging us and focus instead on getting the basics of this Merger right by being Safe – Caring – Dependable – Efficient. Live up to our corporate C O R E 4 values! Fix the ongoing payroll issues; ensure that crew scheduling remains contactable whatever the circumstances; provide Flight Attendants with timely access to transportation and hotel rooms even when affected by schedule irregularities; reinstall cross-aisles on the 76A and 76L aircraft and relocate the crew rest seats; eliminate excessive Reserve coverage and trip trading restrictions; stop being disingenuous when “inviting” Flight Attendants to mandatory training events; and enhance worldwide travel benefits.

Thank you all again. It was a great day and you make me proud to be your representative.

Fly safe and in solidarity!

Happy Holidays!


Additional Council Information

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AFA Council 7 – Contact Info

0208 935 5613 

Email: AFALHR@unitedafa.org

c/o 32 Wingford Rd


London England







Anthony King

+44 7891 182 947


Vice President

Christian Bowie

+44 7837 581 188



Angie Fletcher

+44 7891 183 129


Council Representative

Minita Mada

+44 7891 183 376


Council Representative

Jenny Adam

+44 0208 935 5613


COMMITTEES     * = Chairperson

EAP/Professional Standards

*Sandra Rowland
+44 7545 489750

Ron Garza

+44 208 876 8348

+44 7809 885 287

Chuck Einloth

+44 20 7207 1833

+44 7748 152 219

Sheina Robertson

+34 93 268 3516.  

Safety, Health & Security

* Christian Bowie

As Above



Jennifer Rivera


Darryl Da Gama

+44 78021 55713


Communication & Education

* Anthony King 

 As Above




*Angie Fletcher

+44 789 113 3129


Joe Baber

+44 741587 9018





*Kurt Rutan

+44 7503 774018 kurtwrutan@aol.com


* Marti Reeves

+ 44 20 8276 6723


Jo Aerts




  Nicky Sabharwal                                                                           afanicky@hotmail.com
Luis Pattarelli



 Robb Ford

 +44 75 2131 3048


Insurance, Retirement and Occupational Benefits

Mags Healy

+44 7792000 663 (mobile)


Chuck Einloth

As above


Emily Lawson 





Government Affairs

* Chuck Einloth  

 As Above



Joe Baber

 +44 741587 9018


Lesbian, gay , bi & Transsexual issues

* Chuck Einloth

As Above


Membership & Dues

* Angie Fletcher

As Above


Uniform Committee

David Sharp


Lulu Riedstra  



CAUSE Foundation (www.thecausefondation.org)





Membership Engagement

*Christian Bowie 

 As Above



Portable Legality Formula


Calculating the time at which you will go illegal is very simple and you can use it regardless of what flight you're on and what station you're leaving from!

First, subtract your Scheduled Duty Time from the Maximum Duty Time permitted for your scheduled Flight time. 

(Maximum Duty Time as per Sec 12.L.2. : 16:00 hrs for scheduled flight time 8:01 or more, 15 hrs for scheduled flight of 8:00 or less). 

For example:

FLT 984 LHR-IAH Aug 11, 2014
Scheduled Duty Time: 12:55 hrs
Scheduled Flight Time: 10:25 hrs; therefore Maximum Duty Time: 16:00 hrs (15:60 makes it easier to add and subtract)

        1560 (16hr maximum converted for ease of arithmetic)

-       1255 (scheduled duty time)


This number represents how much time you have to play with before you go illegal, i.e. 3 hours and 5 minutes before you will exceed your 16 hour maximum duty day.

Next, add that number to the scheduled departure time of the flight:

In the case of our example of FLT 984 on Aug 11, 2014, the scheduled departure time is 1140, so


+         305


You are legal up to 1445; you are illegal at 1446! 

Power of the Pin- Your AFA Pin

Wear your AFA pin every time you fly. This is the most powerful way you can demonstrate your commitment to your flying partners and to management that we are dedicated to achieving an Industry-leading, on time Agreement.

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