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Council 8 - Chicago

About Council 8

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at ORD. Local CWA #24008

Council 08 - Chicago Loop (Mar 25, 2019)

Council Office

  •  (773) 601-5041
  •  (773) 601-5047 (Grievances)
  •  Council Roster
  •  (773) 601-5045 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #24008
  • AFA-CWA Council 8
    6250 N. River Road, Suite 4020
    Rosemont, IL 60018
    (map and directions)

Connect with Council 8

Erica Levy

Erica Levy

LEC President
Scott Prejas

Scott Pejas

LEC Vice President
Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher

LEC Secretary
Maria Alpogianis

Maria Alpogianis

Council Representative
Thor Erickson

Thor Erickson

Council Representative
Ian Kompel

Ian Kompel

Council Representative
Heidi Spinner

Heidi Spinner

Council Representative

Council 08 - Chicago Loop (Mar 25, 2019)


  • Election Notice - United Airlines Council 8 ORD
  • Local Council MeetingApril 9, 2019
  • Spring 2019 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council 
  • CAUSE® Foundation Holds Paid Trip Drop Raffle – It’s not too Late to Enter!

Election Notice - United Airlines Council 8 ORD

In accordance with the Article VIII of the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws, all Councils in Category III must nominate and elect officers for the term beginning July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2022 (three year term). Local Council Officers to be elected will be LEC President, LEC Vice President, LEC Secretary and four (4) Council Representatives.

As an active member in good standing, you have the right to nominate candidates for office, to run for office and to cast a secret ballot.

Nominations and elections are governed by procedures outlined in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, Article VIII and the AFA Policy Manual.

In order to participate in the nomination and election process a Flight Attendant must be an Active Member in Good Standing.

This means you must not be on a leave of absence, you must be a current member of the Association of Flight Attendants and your AFA account should be in good standing (no delinquent union dues).

For those who are new to AFA, your Apprentice Membership end 4 months from the date of your new hire training graduation.  If your Apprentice Membership is completed on or before the count date you are eligible to vote. Those who are eligible to vote will receive the voting packet.

The next step in the process is electing those members who have committed to serve the membership and received at least two nomination votes. Each member in good standing is eligible to vote for one candidate for each LEC Office.

You will receive the Voting Notice & Instructions along with a Voting Guide listing the candidates running for each office. This mailing will include a new personal 16-digit activation code, and similar to the Nomination process, it will allow you to access the voting system via phone or internet to obtain a username and password and cast your ballot. Due to account security requirements you are issued a new 16-digit activation code for each election.

The AFA Election website contains information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote and step-by-step guides and videos. The official certified results for each nomination and election will be posted on this site under the specific Council’s page.

MAIL DATE:  4-02-19      Voting Notice and Voting Guide are mailed containing your personal  16-digit activation code

POLLS OPEN: 4-04-19     Polls Open and voting begins

POLLS CLOSE: 5-01-19  Polls close and the election count takes place

Local Council MeetingApril 9, 2019

What:       Local Council Meeting
When:      April 9, 2019  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where:     United MEC Office
                One O’Hare Center
                6250 N. River Road
                Rosemont, IL  60018
                2nd Floor Conference Room  

The Local Council Meeting will include a discussion about the MEC Committee Elections that will take place the following week at the Spring MEC Meeting.  The Local Council Elections for Council 8 will open on April 4th and will conclude on May 1st.  During this Local Council Meeting, there will be a Meet the Candidates session for those who are interested in finding out more about the candidates who will be running to represent the Council 8 Members.  As always, there will also be a Member questions and answer session.

Free parking garage at One O'Hare Center
Near Rosemont Blue Line
Refreshments provided
Call 773-601-5041 if you have any questions

Spring 2019 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council   

April 16 - 17, 2019, your Local Council Leaders will attend the Spring 2019 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC). This meeting will be held in Chicago at the Hyatt Rosemont, 6350 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018. Your Local Council President, joined by the 15 other Local Council Presidents from around our system, will address the business of our Union and issues that are important to you.

Additional information and details of the upcoming meeting are available on our website. The MEC Meeting agenda will be posted closer to the end of the month of March.

CAUSE® Foundation Holds Paid Trip Drop Raffle – It’s not too Late to Enter! 

The CAUSE Foundation is holding a "paid trip drop" raffle during the months of February and March. Flight Attendants only have until the end of March to enter. Don’t miss your chance to stay home and be paid for your trip!

There will be eight (8) winners system-wide announced as of April 15th. 

The details on how to enter for your chance to “WIN” can be found on www.unitedafa.org.

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.


 AFA Local Council 8 Office is located at 11555 W. Touhy Ave., Chicago, IL  60666 (CQ Building)

For more information on how to contact us, please see below...


Dispute Resolution Worksheet - Enforce our Contract

If you experience a Contract violation that you are not able to resolve, document the issue by filing a Dispute Resolution Worksheet accessible through the homepage of www.unitedafa.org. Documenting the issue provides our Local Council Grievance Committee with the information necessary to address the issue with management and reach a resolution. Your report may result in a correction to your pay or help us educate a scheduler so our Contract is enforced and all of us experience the Contractual protections we fought so hard to achieve over the years. Each of us plays a role on our AFA Grievance Committee every time we fly. Doing your part to enforce our Contract is one of the most important ways we can support our negotiations.


For more information, please contact us at Local Council 8 - Chicago:

Association of Flight Attendant-CWA
Local Council 8 - Chicago
6250 N. River Road, Suite 4020
Chicago, IL 60018

(773) 601-5041
(773) 601-5047 Grievance
(773) 601-5045 fax


Chicago O'Hare Terminal