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Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at ORD. Local CWA #24008

Council 08 - Chicago Loop (Jan 09, 2019)

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Council 08 - Chicago Loop (Jan 09, 2019)

ORD Scheduling Committee Summary – February 2019 
The February schedule month is a 31-day month from 1/30-3/1.  
When compared with January schedules, the changes in primary lineholder counts for February lines are as below:
Domestic Lineholders
International Lineholders (regular)
International Pursers
Language Speaker Lineholders
The line average for ORD February lines is similar to January, at about 78 hours. Not all pairings assigned to ORD will be covered in lines, so that open trips will be available for adjustments and the open trade window.
The significant drop of international positions is caused by reduced international flight operations, along with decreased international staffing effective February 1st.
For ORD flights, PEK, PVG, and GRU will have the variable staffing (“load”) position prescheduled in the lines.
The late FRA flights will not operate from 1/31 to 2/21.
AMS, BRU, and CDG continue to have reduced operation during the week until 2/25.
NRT will not operate on Tuesdays for the first 3 weeks in February.
Both PEK and PVG do not operate 3 times during the week of the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival.
ORD-MUC-ORD flights change to 777 equipment, starting 2/14.
ORD covers the many of the ORD-LHR-ORD positions. Only 2 trips per day are assigned to ORD during the first half of the month; ORD covers 3 trips per day during last half of the month. There continues to be considerable day-to-day variances in the LHR pairings, as well as the number of assigned positions. 
Every month there maybe changes to the bidding work position matrices, as well the work positions corresponding to specific pairing number ranges. Given the significant international staffing changes occurring for the February schedule month, it is important that Flight Attendants reference the bid packet in order to determine accurate work positions.
Domestic flying is generally increased the second half of the month, causing some lines to have heavier flying during the last two weeks of the month.
About 22% of the domestic lines are 1-day trips, including red-eye turnarounds. Low time 1-day and red-eye turnaround lines have more condensed flying during the last half of the month.
Overall, the number of multi-day pairings with red-eye flying is decreased compared to previous months.
More than two-thirds of the domestic lines are comprised of 3-day and 4-day trips, with more 4-day pairings assigned to ORD for February.

ORD will have 40 regular reserve lines, all with 12 days off; ORD continues to have international Purser reserve lines, as well as designated LQ reserve lines

Additional Council Information

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 AFA Local Council 8 Office is located at 11555 W. Touhy Ave., Chicago, IL  60666 (CQ Building)

For more information on how to contact us, please see below...


Dispute Resolution Worksheet - Enforce our Contract

If you experience a Contract violation that you are not able to resolve, document the issue by filing a Dispute Resolution Worksheet accessible through the homepage of www.unitedafa.org. Documenting the issue provides our Local Council Grievance Committee with the information necessary to address the issue with management and reach a resolution. Your report may result in a correction to your pay or help us educate a scheduler so our Contract is enforced and all of us experience the Contractual protections we fought so hard to achieve over the years. Each of us plays a role on our AFA Grievance Committee every time we fly. Doing your part to enforce our Contract is one of the most important ways we can support our negotiations.


For more information, please contact us at Local Council 8 - Chicago:

Association of Flight Attendant-CWA
Local Council 8 - Chicago
6250 N. River Road, Suite 4020
Chicago, IL 60018

(773) 601-5041
(773) 601-5047 Grievance
(773) 601-5045 fax


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