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Council 9 - Denver / Phoenix

About Council 9

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DEN & PHX. Local CWA #27009

C9 Reserve Committee Text Support, Welcome New Hire Class 2238 (Nov 26, 2022)

Council Office

  •  (720) 500-5788 (NEW NUMBER!)
  •  Council Roster
  •  (303) 780-3051 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #27009
  • AFA-CWA Council 9
    United Airlines Training Center - DENTK
    7401 Martin Luther King Boulevard
    Denver, CO 80207
    (map and directions)

Chris Bruton

LEC President

Phone: (720) 635-0201

E-Mail: cbruton@unitedafa.org

Martina Magpoc

LEC Vice President

Phone: (440) 832-3301 

E-Mail: mmagpoc@unitedafa.org

Zac Peirce

LEC Secretary

Phone: (303) 588-8583

E-Mail: zpeirce@unitedafa.org

Peter Coenen

Council Representative

Phone: (720) 933-6646

E-Mail: pcoenen@unitedafa.org

Emmy-Lea Agustin

Council Representative

Phone: N/A

E-Mail: eagustin@unitedafa.org

C9 Reserve Committee Text Support, Welcome New Hire Class 2238 (Nov 26, 2022)

Council 9 Update  - November 26, 2022

  • C9 Reserve Text Support # (970) 409-3369
  • Welcome New Hire Class 2238 to DEN


C9 Reserve Text Support # (970) 409-3369

We are rolling out our newest update to the C9 Communications Center, the ability for Reserves to text their questions directly to the C9 Reserve Committee. So in addition to our main number for all union questions, Reserves can now text the Reserve Committee directly at (970) 409-3369This is for Reserve specific questions only, since it is our C9 Reserve Committee volunteers who will be answering. 

  • If you have non-Reserve related questions, please call or text our main number at (720) 500-5788.



While you may still have the committee's previously advertised personal numbers, we ask that Reserves now use the new number for couple of reasons:

  • One, we are trying to reduce the instances where multiple committee members are working on one individual's issue at the same time, without knowing. This is inefficient and places an undue burden on our Reserve Committee volunteers. 
  • Two, when you text the new # (970) 409-3369 only those committee members who are available will receive the message and so you have a better chance at getting a timely response, as well as giving our volunteers who are not available a chance to rest (remember, they are flying too!)

Our new main number 720 500 5788 remains the primary number to reach officers and committees and has a short contextually driven menu based on your immediate needs to get you to the right AFA officer or committee. 


 Welcome New Hire Class 2238 to DEN!

Last week, members from New Hire Class 2238 began their careers as DEN Council 9 AFA Flight Attendants. Welcome!




Additional Council Information

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please visit our AFADEN.ORG site:


LEC C9 DIA Office: Denver International Airport (Center Core below Inflight - Apron Level)

LEC C9 DENTK Office: Local Council Office located at DENTK (A Building, Floor 0)

Fax:  (303)780-3051

Mailing Address: United Airlines - DENTK
                              Association of Flight Attendants
                              7401 Martin Luther King Boulevard
                               Denver, CO 80207

DEN website:       http://www.afaden.org/        
MEC website:       http://unitedafa.org    
International:        http://www.afanet.org/

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