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Council 9 - Denver / Phoenix

About Council 9

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DEN & PHX. Local CWA #27009

C9 Reminder - End Of Month Adjustment Process Begins Today (Sep 18, 2023)

Council Office

  •  (720) 500-5788 (NEW NUMBER!)
  •  Council Roster
  •  (303) 780-3051 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #27009
  • AFA-CWA Council 9
    United Airlines Training Center - DENTK
    7401 Martin Luther King Boulevard
    Denver, CO 80207
    (map and directions)

Chris Bruton

LEC President

Phone: (720) 635-0201

E-Mail: cbruton@unitedafa.org

Martina Magpoc

LEC Vice President

Phone: (440) 832-3301 

E-Mail: mmagpoc@unitedafa.org

Zac Peirce

LEC Secretary

Phone: (303) 588-8583

E-Mail: zpeirce@unitedafa.org

Peter Coenen

Council Representative

Phone: (720) 933-6646

E-Mail: pcoenen@unitedafa.org

Emmy-Lea Agustin

Council Representative

Phone: N/A

E-Mail: eagustin@unitedafa.org

C9 Reminder - End Of Month Adjustment Process Begins Today (Sep 18, 2023)

Council 9 Reminder - September 18th, 2023

  • End of Month Adjustment Process Begins TODAY


EOM Adjustment Process

The first part of the EOM (End of Month Conflict) adjustment process starts on the 18th with Mutual Trading opening at 1700 HDT. If you have an EOM conflict, please read the explanations below to make sure you understand the process that follows, and that you observe the timelines, so as not to miss the opportunity to adjust your schedule in a way that works for you. You may use either the Mutual Trade process or the Self Adjust process to accomplish this. Failure to adjust your schedule prior to 0600 Central Time on the 21st could result in Crew Scheduling making the adjustments for you, anywhere in the month.

*NOTE* If you have vacation in the new bid month, you are not subject to Crew Scheduling adjustment and there is nothing you need to do. 


End of Month Adjustment Process Explained 

End of month adjustments (EOMs) are necessary when a Flight Attendant’s old month and new month schedules conflict, either because trips overlap or because they result in a legality. Note: In any month where you have a scheduled vacation you will not be subject to adjustment regardless of overlapping trips.  



If the credit time difference between the inbound trip from the old month carried into the new month, and the conflicting trip(s) is greater than 3:00 you will be subject to an adjustment. Per the JCBA, adjustments will be made in this order:

  • The value of the replacement pairing(s) will be +/- 3:00 on the days originally scheduled to work.
  • The value of the replacement pairing(s) will be +/- 3:00 on any available day(s).
  • The value of the replacement pairing(s) will be no more than + 5:00 on any available day(s).
For example, if you bring 6:00 in from the old month, and it makes you illegal to fly your first trip in the new month (worth 15:00), then the credit time difference is 9:00. You will be subject to an adjustment of 9:00 +/- 3:00, making the line value adjustment range 6:00-12:00. In the future when programming is available you could be adjusted up to 14:00.
IMPORTANTYou have 2 opportunities to manage this yourself. If you do not, Crew Scheduling may adjust for you to ANY available days the new month.

Mutual Trade window

  • 18th 1700 Local Time until 19th 2359 Central Time
  • Your first opportunity to adjust the EOM conflict




The first option to resolve an EOM conflict in the next month is to trade one of the conflicting trips with another Flight Attendant. You can trade either the trip in the old month or the conflict trip(s) in the new month. Mutual trading begins at 17:00 HDT on the 18th. You will have at least 24 hours to complete a trade with another Flight Attendant that eliminates the conflict, you may also conduct mutual trades without resolving the conflict. If you are unable to resolve your conflict, or choose not to resolve the conflict through mutual trades, at 23:59 Central Time on the 19th, your line will be blocked from further mutual trading until the conflict is resolved. Once the conflict has been resolved, your guarantee will be reset, your line will be “unlocked” and you will be able to conduct mutual trades for the duration of the bid month. Jobshare (J/S) and Partnership (P/S) Flight Attendants will be locked out from mutual trading until the line has been split. Once the J/S or P/S lines have been split the mutual trades may be conducted under the same parameters as above.



Self Adjustment Window 

  • 20th 0600 Central Time to 21st 0600 Central Time
  • Your last opportunity to resolve your EOM before Crew Scheduling does it for you

If you did not resolve your EOM conflict during the mutual trade window (18th-19th), then at 2359 Central Time on the 19th your conflict trip(s) will be dropped and you may use the self adjustment process which begins at 0600 Central Time on the 20th.

You will be given a list of solutions, involving one or more pairings, in the self adjustment process that are pre-checked for legalities in your line. These trip(s) may also be presented in other Flight Attendant’s self adjustment options, and will be used on a first come, first served basis.  Ideally, solutions will involve trips on days you were originally scheduled to work, however if none are available, or you are not legal, any other available day(s) may be used. If there are no solutions present, or the system seems to not be working properly, take screenshots and contact Crew Scheduling ASAP so that they may assist you with an adjustment. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not take advantage of the above opportunities to resolve the trip conflict during the self adjustment window, then Crew Scheduling can adjust for you, using any available days in the schedule month.


How to Self Adjust

When the self adjustment window opens on the 20th, you will be able to adjust your schedule by selecting “Self Adjustment” from the Schedule tab in CCS. The self adjustment screen will display complete solutions and/or partial solutions. To perform a self adjustment go to CCS > Schedule > Self Adjustment.


Go to  Trip Trades and Adjustments Guide  (pg. 97) for detailed information on How to Self Adjust

Crew Scheduling Adjustment Window

  • 21st 0600 Central Time until 23rd 0800 Local Time
  • You cannot "decline" adjustment by Crew Scheduling during this 2 day window
  • Crew Scheduling may adjust anywhere in the month on your days off
  • Only happens if you failed to adjust during either the Mutual Trade or Self Adjust window

If you are unable to resolve the conflict through mutual trading or self adjustment, Crew Scheduling will attempt to resolve the conflict without your input. You may be assigned to any legal pairing that meets the adjustment criteria on any open day in your schedule.

Subject to RA days

  • Optional, but only if you have already opted out while the bid window was still open (see below How to Opt Out of RA Days)
  • If RA days are placed in your line, you can call Crew Scheduling at any time to be assigned

If Crew Scheduling cannot find a suitable pairing(s) to resolve your conflict, you could be assigned to Reserve Adjustment (RA) days on the days you were originally scheduled to fly, and then on remaining days(s) off in the new bid period, even as a Lineholder. The RA days will be placed on your Master Schedule anytime up until the start of the trade windows on the 23rd of each month. You will not be considered a Reserve, however you may participate in Reserve Preferencing or contact Crew Scheduling to be assigned a trip from open time prior to Reserve Preferencing.

  • A Lineholder may elect not to be assigned RA days, which would result in a subsequent reduction in line guarantee, if they specify this in the Adjustment Request screen in CCS during bidding.

How to opt out of RA days: 

  • Click on your picture in CCS
  • Click "General Settings"
  • Click " Adjustment Request"
  • Select "Do Not Use RA Days"
  • You may set your preference for up to 5 months in advance


Key Points to remember:

  • If you do not use the opportunity during either the Mutual Trade window or Self Adjustment window to resolve the conflict, Crew Scheduling has a wide latitude to adjust for you. 
  •  If you have VAC in the new month, Crew Scheduling may not make any adjustments to your schedule and the conflict pairing will drop (guarantee will decrease accordingly)
  • Crew Scheduling adjustments can be placed anywhere in the month so it is in your best interest to try to resolve the conflict yourself during the mutual trade or Self Adjustment windows.
  • If Crew Scheduling is unable to find pairings for you during the Crew Scheduling adjustment window, AND if you have not opted out of RA Adjustments, then those RA days can be placed, contiguously, anywhere in the month.  
  • IMPORTANT: For those with VAC in the new month, if the VAC touches an overlapping trip from the old month, and that trip is either not part of your original bid line in the old month OR you have modified it in ANY way (ie. partial drop) the pairing will NOT be dropped by the VAC.

Go to  Trip Trades and Adjustments Guide  for more information.



Additional Council Information

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please visit our AFADEN.ORG site:


LEC C9 DIA Office: Denver International Airport (Center Core below Inflight - Apron Level)

LEC C9 DENTK Office: Local Council Office located at DENTK (A Building, Floor 0)

Fax:  (303)780-3051

Mailing Address: United Airlines - DENTK
                              Association of Flight Attendants
                              7401 Martin Luther King Boulevard
                               Denver, CO 80207

DEN website:       http://www.afaden.org/        
MEC website:       http://unitedafa.org    
International:        http://www.afanet.org/

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