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Council 9 - Denver

About Council 9

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DEN. Local CWA #27009

Reserve 1/7 and 24/7 legalities; Required Supv Meetings (Aug 16, 2019)

Council Office

  •  (303) 780-3050
  •  Council Roster
  •  (303) 780-3051 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #27009
  • AFA-CWA Council 9
    United Airlines Training Center - DENTK
    7401 Martin Luther King Boulevard
    Denver, CO 80207
    (map and directions)
Ken Kyle

Ken Kyle

LEC President

Phone: (303) 913-6978

E-Mail: kkyle@unitedafa.org

Chris Bruton

Chris Bruton

LEC Vice President

Phone: (720) 635-0201

E-Mail: cbruton@unitedafa.org

Zac Peirce

Zac Peirce

LEC Secretary

Phone: (303) 588-8583

E-Mail: zpeirce@unitedafa.org

Peter Coenen

Peter Coenen

Council Representative

Phone: (720) 933-6646

E-Mail: pcoenen@unitedafa.org

Martina Magpoc

Martina Magpoc

Council Representative

Phone: (440) 832-3301

E-Mail: mmagpoc@unitedafa.org

Reserve 1/7 and 24/7 legalities; Required Supv Meetings (Aug 16, 2019)

Council 9 DEN/PHX-Satellite Newsletter:  August 16, 2019

In this edition -

·  New Programming to Address 1/7 and 24/7 FAR Legalities for Reserves

·  Supervisor Contact Requesting An Individual FA Meeting

*  *  * 



Note:  Earlier this week a One United communication was released announcing additional CCS enhancements and new programming that directly impacts Reserves. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to read and become familiar with this information via the above link.

 *  *  *


New Programming to Address 1/7 and 24/7 FAR Legalities for Reserves to be deployed August 13, 2019 at 2200 CT

Effective at that time, Crew Scheduling will no longer need to insert a break day ("BRK") as a placeholder to resolve 1-in-7 or 24-in-7 FAR violations as the result of a new month's bid award being loaded into the system. Consequently, the system will no longer automatically prevent Reserves with blocks of 7 or more consecutive days of availability from trading or prevent Crew Scheduling from making assignments.


1-in-7 and 24-in-7 alerts will appear in the "Alerts" section found below the Master Schedule to ensure Flight Attendants are aware of these potential legalities. Please refer to the 1-in-7 and 24-in-7 Alerts Guide on Flying Together and attached for descriptions and screenshots.


It is important to remind Reserves scheduled to be on duty for 7 or more days over month end due to their bid award that they must contact Crew Scheduling prior to the first day of the new bid month to have the 1-in-7 conflict resolved. If they do not contact Crew Scheduling before the first day of the new bid month, the 1-in-7 conflict is considered automatically waived. (The 24-in-7 FAR must still be satisfied with a 24-hour period free from duty.)


Additional CCS Enhancements to be deployed August 14, 2019 at 2200 CT

We are pleased to report that within the CCS enhancements are included several items related to the Reserve Availability screen that were suggested by our AFA testers and those who attended our most recent MEC Reserve Training in May. Those are:

  • The ability to Print, Save or Email a copy of the Reserve Availability list.
  • Abbreviated column headers to reduce column width.
  • Fixed column headers when scrolling.
  • Displaying all results without the need to add rows.
  • Screen remembers previous search criteria.

Again, please see the complete article and detailed information on the One United section of Flying Together.

Supervisor Contact Requesting An Individual FA Meeting

A reminder for all to check your Corporate Webmail (as required).  Per the P&P, Chapter 1 - General>Email:  "All Flight Attendants are required to check their email prior to working."  Pay particular attention to any email marked “MUST READ” as these are emails for which the FA will be held accountable.  Base Management overseeing DEN and PHX have advised Local C9 AFA that Supervisors may contact the FA (you) by this means in order to notify you of a mandatory meeting or need to communicate with the Supervisor.  You ‘may’ in some circumstances receive a phone call regarding same, BUT notification via Corporate/Global Webmail to your united.com address will OBLIGATE the FA to respond. 

What to do?:
   Respond to the Supervisor as requested in order to schedule a meeting.  You may ask the Supervisor the intent/purpose of the meeting but they are typically not going to share that information with you until just prior to the meeting.  If when you attend the meeting, FIRST request the documentation which will be involved in the meeting (the issue at hand); REVIEW THE DOCUMENTATION PRIOR TO ASKING ANY QUESTIONS OF THE SUPERVISOR; you then find out the purpose of the meeting, and if you discover it is disciplinary in nature, at that point you do have the ability to request a rescheduled meeting in order to obtain the assistance of an AFA Grievance Representative/witness.  Also, if you attend the scheduled meeting and you find there is more than one Management Representative involved in the meeting, the Company MUST give you the opportunity to obtain the assistance/participation of an AFA Representative.

To recap, check your Corporate Webmail prior to working.  If you find a MUST READ email you will need to respond to the Supervisor if requesting a meeting.  Should you fail to do so, your supervisor MAY hold you accountable for a disciplinary “Missed Meeting” infraction.

Avoid the unnecessary, check your Webmail for any “MUST READ”.

Contact your Council 9 Officers should you have any further questions.


Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.


COMMITTEES [*chairperson in bold]

Employee Assistance Program/Professional Standards [EAP/PS]
Rosemary Richter-Kelly

Chris Bruton

Susan Ach
Eileen Adams           




Family Leave
Ken Kyle
Chris Bruton


Government Affairs
Shelly Vogl
Patty Johnson               



Ken Kyle
Chris Bruton
Martina Magpoc                                
Zac Peirce


Dalton Laine
Leanne Belair


Rebecca Rook
Leslie Caren Barr


Chris Bruton

Occupational Benefits
Tara McCollough


Zac Peirce


Peter Coenen                       
Chris Bruton                 
Martina Magpoc 
Lisa Denson
Casey Schmitt
Jessica Anocibar
Justin Licastrino
Lexie Lamothe
Ryan Winkelman
Emmy Agustin
Tyler Wood
Grant Simmers
Autumn Jones


Retirement & Insurance            
Cindy Glen
Valerie Perry


Safety, Health & Security
Kylie Simon


Heidi VanHanswijk-Pennink
Sharon Lemenille-Bodkin

Ryan Winkelman




Local Council Office located at DENTK - Temporary building "1".

Local Phone:  (303)780.3050          Fax:  (303)780-3051

Mailing Address: United Airlines - DENTK
                              Association of Flight Attendants
                              7401 Martin Luther King Boulevard
                               Denver, CO 80207

DEN websitehttp://www.afaden.org/        
MEC website:  http://www.councilnewsletters.com/    
International:   http://www.afanet.org/

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