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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - March 4, 2016

• 787's letter from MEC President Ken Diaz
• St. Patricks Day...of Action!!
• Vacation Schedule

March 3, 2016    [From pmUA MEC President Ken Diaz]

Dear Flying Partners:

I would like to take a few minutes to talk with all United Flight Attendants about an issue that has been at the forefront of discussions at all pre- merger subsidiaries. As we communicated to you in January, AFA has been trying to fully understand how United Airlines management is taking delivery of their 787s and assigning them to the line, and whether or not they are in compliance with the Expedited Mediation Protocol and Related Agreements dated September 2, 2011.  Beginning in August of last year, AFA has been asking for information from United regarding how it designates aircraft as being assigned to one pre-merger carrier or another.  We have stated on more than one occasion that we believe the public statements being made by the Company regarding the newly received 787s do not comply with the Letter of Agreement.

United finally met with AFA in December and despite not providing any concrete evidence, continued to assert that all 787s being delivered were correctly being assigned to the line as pre-merger Continental aircraft.  Shortly after that meeting AFA provided United management with documentation from Boeing’s website which clearly contradicted their explanation. However, they did not address the discrepancy.  Then to further confuse the matter, on January 11th, Sam Risoli spoke to Flight Attendants in the IAD co-terminal, telling them that 787s # 26-30 would be designated as Continental aircraft.

On January 19, 2016, in response to United’s unwillingness to provide the requested data and documentation, to which we are entitled, AFA filed MEC Grievance 1-16, protesting the Company’s failure to identify and designate aircraft in accordance with the Letter of Agreement. The arbitration was scheduled for March 2nd and 3rd, with a decision due by March 19th.

Last week, United management asked that this week’s hearing be postponed.  The Company stated that, while attempting to collect the documentation for AFA, it discovered the following: (A) one of the 787s currently in service is in fact from the original pre-merger United order of 25 787s; (B) two 787s that will be delivered by this Spring belong to pre-merger United; and (C) pre-merger United may be entitled to one other 787. 

These admissions, after so many months, confirm AFA’s concerns.  However, this does not resolve the dispute, or satisfy the MEC grievance.  AFA believes there are still more unanswered questions regarding the allocation of the 787 fleet. In order to give United management more time to provide the data and documentation, which we have been asking for since last August, we agreed to a postponement of the hearing.

The time frame for this postponement is not unlimited. The resolution of this grievance, based on the previously agreed upon manner in which aircraft are to be identified and assigned to the line, is an issue of critical importance to all United Flight Attendants and, in particular to all pre- merger United Flight Attendants. We have agreed to the Company’s request for a few more days to provide the documentation we have requested. The Company and AFA have scheduled meetings to continue discussions on resolution of this dispute. Our priority is to ensure aircraft are properly assigned to the line and that this is accomplished expeditiously. If this does not occur, we will continue with the arbitration. In either case – whether by agreement or arbitration - we are confident aircraft deliveries will conform to the requirements of our contract. This is about holding management accountable for the commitments that have been made to all of us. 

In Solidarity,

Ken Diaz, President
United Master Executive Council
Association of Flight Attendants – CWA, AFL-CIO


St. Patrick's Day......of Action

  On Thursday, March 17th, Jerome will be leading the charge of picketing at Logan Airport for our Day of Action.  Although the tone of the last JNC update made things appear to be working their way towards where we need to be, (together, we are ONE airline after all!) we still need to keep applying pressure on the company to make sure they stay the course, and make the time at the bargaining table as productive as possible. Due to the very restrictive nature of the permit we receive for picketing, we need to limit the number of participants.  We had a phenomenal showing on our Day of Action prior to Christmas, and MassPort was not quite as happy as we were of the success of the event.  At the request of many of those that have attended our past Day of Action, Jerome has moved the event to a much earlier start time to be seen by more of our valued passengers. 0700 to be exact.  However, we are not allowed to have any extra people while we are picketing, so if you are able to attend, we need a true RSVP as soon as possible.  Jerome is unavailable until Monday, March 7th, but he will need to hear from everyone that will plan on attending.  He can be contracted by email through and he can be reached by phone @ 954 816-9742.  We do not want to lose our ability to demonstrate at Logan, so please make sure you have been in touch with Jerome, we have to have exact numbers and as much as we love having a large showing, we kindly request that no one just , "shows up" without Jerome giving the okay.  Thank you for the large turnouts that have brought us to this point, everyone appreciates that you have taken your own time to further our collective cause, and thank you for understanding that MassPort is not as Labor Friendly as the rest of Massachusetts seems to be.


With the horrible allotment of vacation days we all had to bid from this year, many of the local officers have had overlapping vacation schedules.  As much as we try to bid around each other, this year it was impossible.  Andrew will be unavailable except via email from March 10th-24th.  He may be reached @ during this time.  Jerome will be unavailable during his vacation from March 25th-April 10th.  Graham will be on vacation March 12th -30th.  Craig may be reached the whole month.  Many of you that follow social media are aware that Cameron is having a few health issues, and it our hope that except for social calls, we as a group will give him a little time to get back to 100%.  Everyone needs a little personal time, and he deserves it for all he has been doing for Council 27!

Thanks for staying informed, and have a great weekend!!

The Council 27 team

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