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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - March 8, 2016

• IAH Council 42 April 2016 Schedule
• Joint Negotiations Support Town Hall Meeting Reminder

The Flight Attendant schedule month is 31 days, beginning on April 1st and ending on May 1.  

For the international schedule MUC is back in the lines beginning April 4 following the equipment substitution to pre-merger CO that happened the end of March. In addition for the April schedule advance schedule planning made the decision to include 7 German language qualified lines. For the April schedule month IAH currently has 10 German qualified FAs on the seniority list with 8 active. Therefore, we remind all GER qualified FAs to keep this in mind when submitting your April bids. Included in the lines for April is EZE, SCL, LIM, HNL as well as some Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean island flying. For the domestic schedule there is reduced number of lines for IAH with the increase in FA positions in the international lines.

Domestic lines:

International lines:

For the month of April all reserve lines will be built with the contractual minimum of 12 days off.

As always, a complete scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the website. This monthly report provides more detailed information of all issues pertaining to scheduling in IAH and around the system.

Your IAH schedule committee is always available should you have any questions or concerns.

Fly safe,

Your Council 42 Schedule Committee

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