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March 18, 2016

Inside this issue:United and AFA reach settlement on B787 Allocation



United and AFA reach settlement on B787 allocation

United and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) are pleased to announce that we have reached a settlement to AFA’s grievance related to the allocation of B787 aircraft.

United investigated AFA’s grievance and discovered that the B787 aircraft delivered in July 2015, tail number 956, was erroneously assigned to be flown by subsidiary Continental Flight Attendants. Under the terms of the settlement, this aircraft will be reassigned to be flown by subsidiary United Flight Attendants effective at the schedule change during the June flying month. In addition, in recognition of the erroneous assignment of the aircraft, United will make a payment of damages, to be distributed to subsidiary United Flight Attendants. We expect the individual payments to be reflected on their May 16thpaychecks.

“The aircraft order book and resultant allocation of aircraft is complex, and in this case, we made a mistake. We are committed to correcting our error as quickly as possible. ” said Doug McKeen, Senior Vice President of Labor Relations. “We are glad that we were able to work together with AFA to successfully resolve this issue.”

“AFA and the company worked expeditiously to correct the mistake in the assignment of the 787 aircraft. We believe the agreement that we’ve reached will compensate Flight Attendants for the impact of the error on the entire system,” said Ken Diaz, AFA United MEC President. This resolution is necessary in order to move forward in building a new United Airlines based on a foundation of trust and transparency.”

In the spirit of working together to ensure that future additions to the United fleet are properly designated, United will be meeting monthly with representatives of the Flight Attendant groups to discuss upcoming changes to the fleet.

United/AFA Boeing 787 Settlement Q&A

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