Council 11 SFO Newsletter

April 2, 2016

Inside this issue:  Update on Routing of Pre-Merger United 787 (78U)

Update on Routing of Pre-Merger United 787 (78U)

United today announced additional information regarding the routings for the 787-9 aircraft that will be assigned to Pre-Merger United Flight Attendants.

A new 787 aircraft designator will be created to identify those aircraft that will be assigned to and flown by Pre-Merger United Flight Attendants - 78U.

Starting on June 9, 2016, the first of the original three 78U aircraft will be scheduled six (6) days a week to fly a morning departure from Newark to Los Angeles that will return to Newark as an early afternoon departure.  This flying will be assigned to Flight Attendants currently covering the p.s.™ flying at the SFO, LAX and EWR domiciles.

Effective in August 2016, when our second and third 78U aircraft are placed into scheduled service, these will operate between San Francisco and Taipei, assigned at SFOSW. (SFO-TPE flying currently assigned to Pre-Merger CAL Flight Attendants will be transitioned for assignment to Pre-Merger UA Flight Attendants.)

Concurrent with the scheduling of this aircraft between SFO & TPE, the domestic flying associated with the 78U will also be scheduled from SFO at which time the flying between Newark and Los Angeles on the 78U is expected to be discontinued.  At this time, the specific days of operation have not been determined.

To My Council 11 Flying Partners,

I am extremely proud that we were able to get three of our 787s back on our side of the house where they belong. I advocated for these aircraft to be flown out of SFO. This is icing on the cake for Council 11 Flight Attendants. This is a wrong that was made right and I can end my term on June 30th with the satisfaction that it was resolved.


In Solidarity,

Chris Black
LEC President


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