IAH Briefing
 IAH Council 42 Newsletter

April 4, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Congratulations...


First, we congratulate the Members of Class 1531 for completing their probationary period today. You began your careers with United last October and believe it or not, 180 days has already gone by. YOU MADE IT!

Last week we welcomed Class 1606 to our base and tomorrow we will welcome 37 Flight Attendants from Class 1607. They will be available to fly beginning April 7th. They will receive their AFA Buddy information at orientation and shortly there after those who have volunteered to be their buddies with get their assignments. In addition to the Flight Attendants that have reported to Houston, Class 1607 included, we are scheduled to be assigned Flight Attendants from classes 1608 through 1611 with more updates still to come, stay tuned.


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