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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - April 6, 2016

• From our own Tobi Whitney, a note for Reserve Flight Attendants for May
• Downtown Boston Picketing Event

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 Hello Boston Peeps!

The May schedule for reserves had some behind the scenes changes,  which will have a cause an effect to the trips assigned.  Our longest trip is 4 days and the reserve lines are usually based on that fact to make sure at least one line has one day of someone coming on call for 4 days after a day off.  This is called a fresh start.  We have run into problems because some of our trips start before 5am and technically a reserve will need to be released the day before to be legal for an early check-in.  So the powers that be decided to consider our fresh starts to be based on 3 days of availability.  Which means they are willing to split the trip up into a 1, 2 or 3 day trip.  It solves the problem of not having reserved legal for these early 4 day trips.  So perhaps in the future,  they will consider going back to mostly 2 and 3 days trips for us. 

In the meantime be prepared for these 4 day trips to get split up,  so that a Boston Reserve will be legal to fly the first part of the trip. Another might end up flying the last part.



 Thank you  very much to every Council 27 Flight Attendant that has ever attended a meeting, a day of action, or gotten involved in any way at all.  Today in Boston, AFA, along with ALPA, TWU, and a retired CSR, joined together to picket against PAR and Altimeter, the Hedge Funds that have intentions of taking over the UAL Board of Directors.  We want to cut down on your email, so if you did not receive E-lines, then click here.

Thanks for keeping informed!

Andrew, Jerome, Cameron, Craig, Graham

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