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April 9, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Schedule Committee Report
Bid Carefully and Cover Yourself

IAH Council 42 May 2016 Schedule


The flight attendant schedule month is 30 days, beginning on May 2nd and ending on May 31st.  

For the international schedule GRU returns with non-language and Portuguese language positions on May 5 and EZE moves to legacy CO on the same day.  Included in the lines for May is MUC, SCL, LIM, HNL as well as some Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean island flying. 

With the addition of new hires to the base advanced schedule planning has lifted the limit that was in place on qualified positions being put into IAH. Going forward, we should see flying that would naturally be built and flown out of IAH return. This is true in May for additional SPN qualified Central America flying as well as Purser positions on the Airbus aircraft in the International 01 crew complement.  

For both Domestic and International there are noticeably fewer turns as a percentage of the total makeup of flying. Line averages in both increase slightly from April.

Domestic lines:

  • A total of 245 Flight Attendant positions (an increase of 103 positions from April) with a line average of 83:08. This total includes 8 qualified Purser lines, an increase of 3 from April.

International lines:

  • A total of 301 Flight Attendant positions (a decrease of 18 total Flight Attendant positions from April) with a line average of 83:07. The above total includes 47 Purser qualified positions (a decrease of 3), 33 Spanish language qualified positions (a decrease of 4),  7 German language qualified positions (no change) and 14 Portuguese language qualified positions.

For the month of May all reserve lines will be built with the contractual minimum of 12 days off.

As always, a complete scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the unitedafa.org website. This monthly report provides more detailed information of all issues pertaining to scheduling in IAH and around the system.

Your IAH schedule committee is always available should you have any questions or concerns.

Fly safe, Your Council 42 Schedule Committee

Bid Carefully and Cover Yourself

We also want to remind you to keep in mind when you are bidding, that our base has had a lot of transfer activity and new hires assigned to our base. this can affect what you usually hold so make sure you cover yourself while bidding for May.

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