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April 17, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Local Council Meeting
Assignment of Open Premium Positions and New Hires
Day of Action

Local Council Meeting

Date: May 12, 2016 
Time: 1pm
Location: Fairfield Inn and Suites
Agenda: BOD Agenda Items

Our next Local Council Meeting be held at the Fairfield Inn and Suites located at 4025 Interwood N Pkwy, Houston Tx at 1pm. All members in good standing are welcome to attend.

Assignment of Open Premium Positions and New Hires

Section 9.F.7. of  our Contract provides the guidelines for filling an open premium position at briefing regardless of the location where briefing is conducted.  A purser qualification (qualified purser) is necessary for all wide-body aircraft flown domestically or internationally and all purser positions on narrow body aircraft flying international flights and should be filled by a qualified purser, if available.  If no qualified purser is available on these flights, the open premium position(s) on these aircraft will be filled by a Flight Attendant who is not purser qualified. As a reminder, Flight Attendants assigned to language qualified positions shall work non-premium positions and may not fill an open paid galley position. (Section 12.C.7.h.)

In Addition, Section 9.F.7.b. restricts the assignment of any open premium position to a Flight Attendant with less than one (1) year of seniority and does not allow our most junior Members to assume a premium position unless no other more senior Flight Attendant is on the flight.  Premium positions include all purser positions – wide body, narrow body, domestic and international as well as paid galley positions.  There is an exception to this rule when there is no Flight Attendant assigned to the flight with more than one year of seniority.  In this case, our Contract provides that the most senior Flight Attendant among those on the flight will fill the open premium position. 

In general, open premium positions are filled in the following manner:

  • First, by the most senior (Purser qualified) Flight Attendant who elects to fill the position;
  • If none, then by the most junior (Purser qualified) Reserve
  • In none, then by the Flight Attendant who picked up the position through the Open Flying process
  • If none, by the most junior (Purser qualified) Flight Attendant on board
  • If none, then by the most junior Reserve (with a minimum of one year of service)*

*NOTE: In a circumstance where there are two Lineholders and a Reserve who is senior to both Lineholders, the senior Reserve will be involuntarily assigned to the open position.

Once the position is filled at briefing, it remains filled until the end of the ID or until the person filling the position leaves the crew.  This is the case even in a circumstance where the person filling the open premium position has not yet completed one year of service. This means that a Flight Attendant who might be more senior (or purser qualified) joins a crew mid-sequence, may not take the position from a non-qualified or more junior Flight Attendant who has assumed the purser duties at briefing.

Day of Action 

With the election cycle concluded and all of the fresh new faces in our Council we have decided that for this month's Day of Action we will hold a Meet and Greet and Informational Meeting. We will meet at Gordon's Galley located Below gate E4. We will be available at 1100 to answer your questions about negotiations and more. Hope to see you there.

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