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April 25, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Hotels and Transportation Update
Probationary Flight Attendants and Union Activities
Liquids and Gels Exemptions - Brazil
Info Rep Program
Thank You Stacey

Hotel and Transportation Update

The following is an update that was published in the Council 5 Newsletter. Trey Carr is a member of the MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee and wanted to share this information with our Council and asked if we could publish it. Please make sure we are all filing TVLLOG’s

The Hotel & Transportation Committee has been actively working with the company since the MUC hotel was changed from our AFA approved property listed in the key pages.

The initial challenge came when the company was not aware that flights and numbers that had historically been assigned pre-merger CO aircraft were assigned to pre-merger UA aircraft and crews.  When we were made aware of the changes, the H&T Committee immediately requested the hotel to be changed from the property we are staying in now, back to our AFA approved property.

Over the course of the last 3 weeks, the Committee has been in constant contact with the managers in the Procurement department trying to secure accommodations in approved properties. 

We will be having another meeting with Procurement today. We hope to have some sort of resolution on the table.

To date, the H&T committee has received only a fraction of the TVLLOG's that we would expect from members that have issue with the hotel.  Of the approximately 45 TVLLOGs, about 25 are from C5 members. Please make your voices and displeasure heard by using the tools given to us by AFA!

Thank you!

Trey Carr
C5 Hotel & Transportation Chair
MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee Member

Probationary Flight Attendants and Union Activities

We have received questions regarding the rights of probationary Flight Attendants to participate in Union activities such as walking picket lines, wearing AFA pins, and displaying AFA bag tags. What follows is a letter from AFA-CWA General Counsel Ed Gilmartin reaffirming that not only can they wear their pin but also participate in all activities concerning their Union.

Probationary Flight Attendants under the Railway Labor Act

April 20, 2016

PDF Version

To All United Flight Attendants:

The Railway Labor Act provides airline employees with the right to participate in all activities in support of their Union. Though probationary Flight Attendants do not become AFA members until the end of their probation, they can participate in all AFA activities, including the wearing of AFA pins, lanyards and bag-tags and walking the picket lines to show their support for their certified bargaining representative, prior to becoming AFA members.

No probationary Flight Attendant at United Airlines has ever been disciplined or terminated for wearing AFA insignia or walking a picket line.

If any probationary Flight Attendant is disciplined for engaging in those activities, as employees they are protected by their statutory rights under the RLA.


Edward J. Gilmartin
AFA-CWA General Counsel

Liquids and Gels Exemptions for Flight Attendants traveling to Brazil

We want to remind everyone that the Liquid and Gels exemptions for crewmembers entering Brazil have changed. They have removed the LAG exemption for crewmembers. Therefore, limits are the same as for passengers, 3oz or less containers of liquids contained in a 1qt bag and no sharp objects including corkscrews, scissors and small knives.

The government has advised us that they feel this move is necessary during the time leading up to the Olympics.

Info Rep Program

Are you interested in joining the Info Rep program? This means you are willing to get breaking news on negotiations and share that news with our flying partners. It means you are willing to take an active role in building power at the Negotiating table. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in please contact us at afaiah@unitedafa.org and we will advise you when training is available in Houston. For more information click here.

I would like to close this newsletter by thanking Stacey Henry, Council VP. She has accepted her transfer to ORDSW and will be leaving us this week. Her dedication to AFA and specifically our Council will be greatly missed. Stacey I wish you the best, thank you for the support you have given me and the Members of our Council. Council 8 is gaining one heck of a volunteer. Cheers.

In Unity,


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