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INSIDE THIS ISSUE - April 30, 2016

• Hotels and Amenities
• KCM Change
• URGENT: Take Action Now to #DenyNAI
• LEC Meeting and Day Of Action Member Informational Meeting

Hotels and Amenities

GUM Hotel Change

Our most recent move from the current hotel in Guam became necessary because of safety, rest, and health issues, all of which were documented by our Members.  The move to the new hotel is intended to address those concerns.

There have been some questions regarding what, if any, amenities will be offered at the new property. The focus of these questions has been on crew bag storage and refrigerators.

AFA advocated for refrigerators, microwave oven availability and bag storage facilities, based on questions we have received.  The hotel has confirmed that there are refrigerators in all the rooms, and they will be allowing crews to use the microwave oven in the coffee bar, as well as having complimentary access to the business center.  However, they will not offer baggage storage.  The reasons behind this particular decision were many.

While United tries to obtain as many amenities as possible based on AFA’s advocacy, when signing a new contract with a hotel, these are not contractual requirements; hence the hotel is not required to provide baggage storage.

San Francisco Hotel

As an aside, we’ve recently learned of issues involving the delivery of packages to our layover hotel in San Francisco, and the handling of our stored luggage. As stated above, the hotel is under no obligation to provide these services to us.  As a result of the ever increasing demand for these services, and in an effort to continue to provide us with some level of service, the hotel will now be charging $3.00 for every package delivered to the hotel.  

In the event you encounter service deficiencies or failures while at a hotel, address the issue with the staff with a focus on resolving the issue during your stay.  If you are unable to successfully resolve the issue, we want to know the details.  As mentioned above these are amenities that are offered to us, and not a right, so please be gracious as you are resolving any issues with the hotel.  Always make sure to TVLLOG the issue.  In this way, your Union can address it with United.  If it’s an issue that requires moving of rooms or even hotels, follow the ‘Self-Help’ steps to ensure that you get the adequate rest before your next flight. 

As always your LEC Officers and our Hotel & Transportation Chairperson, Nobu Masui, are available to you to answer questions and to address your comments or concerns.

KCM Change

4/28/2016 - Notice to Crewmembers

In the upcoming weeks, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will implement new changes to the Known Crewmember (KCM) program for crew members traveling to an international destination on personal travel.  The TSA policy change is as follows:

*   Crew members traveling as a passenger for personal travel from a U.S. location to an international location, must be screened as a passenger through the passenger screening checkpoint prior to entering into the airport sterile area.  Crew members are no longer allowed to use the KCM access point for personal travel from the U.S. to an international location.

Notice:  Crew members traveling from the U.S. to international locations on company business may continue to use the KCM access points.  Company business includes; but is not limited to, the following:

*   Flight Operations
*   Training
*   Crew Positioning
*   Dead Heading
*   Other Company Business

URGENT: Take Action Now to #DenyNAI

 TAKE ACTION NOW!  Register your objection to the DOT ruling to allow Norwegian Air International to operate on an Irish certificate and trample labor standards in the U.S. and E.U.

We need each and every Flight Attendant and the traveling public to take the following actions. We only have a few weeks to stop this threat to our jobs!

 1   Fill out the form to register your objection to NAI with the DOT. The deadline is May 6, 2016.

 2   Call your Representatives and tell them to support HR 5090. Find your Representative at and call their D.C. and home offices.

 "I am a Flight Attendant and constituent. I am urging you to co-sponsor H.R. 5090, to enforce the high labor standards negotiated in the E.U./U.S. Open Skies agreement. And, I urge you to also sign on to the Collins/Garamendi letter to Secretary Foxx to deny the NAI foreign air carrier permit. We can't let U.S. aviation be destroyed like U.S. shipping. This is about my job, our nation's economy and our safety and security."

 3   Join the picket line in front of the White House on May 12 to show our unity and strength in opposition to the recent tentative approval of NAI.

 What:  Airline Workers Mobilize to #DenyNAI
When:  Thursday, May 12 at 12:00pm ET
Where:  Lafayette Park (In front of The White House)
1601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC
Who:  Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA)
Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)
Transport Workers Union of America (TWU)

Member Informational Event and LEC meeting May 19th!

We will be having a Member Informational Event and LEC meeting on May 19th.

Where:  Narita International Airport, Meeting room "A", 6th Floor

Time:  2:00pm-5:00pm

On the agenda for this meeting:

Joint Negotiations Update
Hotel Discussion
MEC and BOD Advance Agenda Items
Local Council Business
Members Forum

Snacks will be provided.

In solidarity,

Rick Gonzalez
Cell: 090.2206.1924
Office: 0476.33.8182
Fax: 0476.33.8183

Marisa Deng
Council Representative
Cell: 080.5052.6306
Tony Wetterer
Vice President
Cell: 090 6025-4252
Cell: 415 216-3262

Nobu Masui
Council Representative
Cell: 090.7765.2065
Norman Morinaga
Cell: 090.8840.6475

AFA Council 38
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Dear AFA (Toll Free from Japan):  00531 12 1081

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