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May 6, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Council 42 Schedule Committee June Report
AFA Now Excluded from ISAP
Upcoming Local Council Meeting Reminder
Dear Council 42 Members

IAH Council 42 June 2016 Schedule Report

The flight attendant schedule month is 30 days, beginning on June 1st and ending on June 30th. 

For the international schedule MUC has been built as a four-day ID worth 21:50. Included in the lines for May are MUC, GRU, SCL, LIM, HNL as well as some Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean island flying. For the Domestic schedule with the increase of our domicile population and in the quantity of ID's, there comes an increase in variety of flying as well as a noticeable increase of 3-day and 4-day ID's. Line averages for June are higher in both domestic and international when compared to May.

With the addition of more new hires to our domicile in the past month, IAH 42 is now just short of 1,000 total flight attendants with 958 total for the June schedule month (this includes inactive flight attendants on leave of absences).

In June, The MEC Central Schedule Committee will be conducting its annual training in Chicago.  Council 42 will be sending several volunteers to this training, which will take place from June 20- June 23.

Domestic lines:

  • A total of 327 Flight Attendant positions (an increase of 82 positions from May) with a line average of 84:58. This total includes 11 qualified Purser lines, an increase of 3 from May.

International lines:

  • A total of 312 Flight Attendant positions (an increase of 11 total Flight Attendant positions from May) with a line average of 84:55. The above total includes 51 Purser qualified positions (an increase of 4), 35 Spanish language qualified positions (an increase of 2), 7 German language qualified positions (no change) and 15 Portuguese language qualified positions (an increase of 1).

For the month of May all reserve lines will be built with the contractual minimum of 12 days off.

As always, a complete scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the unitedafa.org website. This monthly report provides more detailed information of all issues pertaining to scheduling in IAH and around the system.

Your IAH schedule committee is always available should you have any questions or concerns.

Fly safe,

Cory, Kim and Craig

AFA Now Excluded from ISAP

As we advised you earlier this week via our May 3, 2016 AFA E-lines, the Association has recently been made aware that a number of Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP) reports filed during the month of April have not been provided to pre-merger United AFA ERC representatives.  

We received new information from United management that is disconcerting and has immediate implications for those Flight Attendants who elect to use the company provided voluntary reporting system, still being referred to as ISAP. Management has advised us today that reports submitted through the established ISAP channels will be reviewed “under the ERC framework”, a framework that now excludes your Union representation.

Because the Association has not been provided clear information on what this new review structure consists of nor are we clear who will be reviewing these reports, it is not possible for us to guarantee how reports will be dispositioned. 

While the Association continues to work a path forward with the FAA for Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) renewal, we strongly encourage all Flight Attendants to submit safety concerns or events via NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) at the following link: http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/report/caveat.html?formType=cabin which is also available from the homepage of our website. 

AFA remains dedicated to a robust safety-reporting program and safety culture. Our commitment has never wavered.  We do not take this action lightly but rather, we act out of a dedicated commitment to our Membership to ensure you have all the information about how the company has unilaterally changed the program we have publicly supported since its inception as the first Part 121 Cabin Aviation Safety Action Program.

Additional information on ASRS can be found by using the following link.  http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/overview/confidentiality.html.  As your representative, know that we continue to work on your behalf and in your best interest. To this end, please provide us with copies of any reports that you submitted to ASRS by dropping those in your Local Council mailbox in the domicile.

Upcoming Local Council Meeting Reminder

We want to remind everyone of the upcoming Local Council Meeting. On the agenda for this meeting will be the advanced agenda items for the upcoming Board of Directors Meeting. Our LEC Meeting will take place at the Fairfield Inn and Suites located at 4025 Interwood Parkway North Houston TX 77032. The meeting will begin at 1pm. All members in good standing are welcome to attend.

Dear Council 42 Members

I hope everyone is doing well. I want to give you a brief update of what has been happening in our council.

As you all know we recently had elections and your newly elected officers have been working to ensure your needs are met. In the next few months we will be sending volunteers to training for the following committees: EAP, Schedules and Government Affairs. Last month Carol Franco was trained as our Hotel and Transportation Chair. Richard Wallis has stepped up to chair the Communications Committee and has already given the AFA board in the Crew Room a facelift.

Our Council has grown in the last few weeks. We have welcomed just under 300 new faces to our profession and will be welcoming just a few more in the next weeks. They are very exited to begin their new careers just as we are exited to see them here.

This month I will be attending the both the MEC and Board of Directors meetings. On May 12th we will be holding our Local Meeting to discuss the agenda items for the BOD meeting and I hope you can attend. Meeting information is posted on this newsletter.

Our Day of Action will take place on May 19th (Picketing) and details will be announced shortly. We hope you can attend and help us send a clear massage to United. We are tired of the delay tactics. We want a Contract now. It’s time to come together and speak with a unified voice.

Hope you fly safe and please don’t hesitate to drop by the office and say hello. We are located in the corridor between gates C45 and E1.

In Unity


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