AFA Council 27 News

INSIDE THIS ISSUE - May 15, 2016

• DOA and LEC meeting MAY 19th 11am
• MEC and BOD meetings in Atlanta


   The Council 27 DOA, and LEC meeting is now to start at 11am, Thursday, May 19th.  Please come in uniform with your RED AFA pin.  We will meet in the hallway to the base.  Because of restrictions at MASSPORT, we do need exact numbers of those attending, so please RSVP if you are off and able to come to this event. 

   The LEC meeting will follow directly, we will discuss the new items that have been TA'ed in the joint CBA that is being worked on non-stop by the Joint Negotiating Committee, and we will also decide on how we will be voting on the Agenda Items at the AFA Board of Directors, and we will discuss and choose from the candidates that will be running for the open MEC Committee positions at the MEC meeting the will run in conjunction with the AFA Board Meeting.

   The AFA MEC meeting, and BOD meeting will be held May 21st through May 25th in Atlanta, GA.  All members in good standing are welcome to attend.  Andrew, Jerome, and Cameron will be attending this year, so please get in touch with any one of them if you are unable to attend our meeting May 19th, and let your voice and choice be heard.

Thank you for staying informed!

Andrew, Jerome, Cameron, Craig, Graham

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