Council 11 SFO Newsletter

June 6, 2016

Inside this issue:  All Call Picketing at June 8th Shareholder Meeting
NMB Schedules Mediation Sessions
Purser Preference Month Bidding Ends


All Call Picketing at June 8 Shareholder Meeting


Wednesday, June 8th, United Airlines will conduct its annual shareholder meeting at Willis Tower in Chicago. This event is typically a corporate celebration, but without a contract we can ratify it’s another day of an incomplete merger and failure to recognize the efforts of the people who make our airline fly.

Enough is Enough! Contract Now. Time is Up, United!

We call on every Flight Attendant in the Chicago area and all of those on layover to join us Wednesday morning at 8 am in front of Willis Tower. AFA members will picket and call attention to the fact that an airline is about people, and customer service starts with the people who deliver it and keep our passengers safe. United Flight Attendants will stand together to be recognized and call on United management to finish this merger with a contract we can ratify.

When: June 8, 2016 at 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Where: Willis Tower, Chicago

Attire: Full Uniform with Red AFA pin, Green Shirts for friends and family.

Let’s make it clear that we stand behind our Joint Negotiating Committee as we press United management to complete these negotiations with an industry-leading contract we can ratify.



NMB Schedules Mediation Sessions


The National Mediation Board (NMB) has scheduled mediation sessions over the coming weeks in a push to reach a joint collective bargaining agreement for United Airlines Flight Attendants. The week of June 13, the NMB has directed the parties to meet in Chicago to resolve any outstanding language issues in preparation for one final mediation session. The week of June 20, the parties will meet in Chicago under the oversight by NMB Board Member Linda Puchala in a concentrated effort to resolve the remaining open issues.

Again, the NMB has directed the parties to limit communications throughout the process.

As we push for an agreement, it is essential all Flight Attendants continue to demonstrate your support for our Joint Negotiating Committee as they work to reach an agreement United Flight Attendants can ratify. Wear your AFA pin, stand as one union and ensure all of our flying partners are signed up for negotiations updates at


Purser Preference Month Bidding Ends


As a reminder, preference month bidding for the annual Purser recurrent training (PRT16) will close on June 9, 2016 at 0700 Central Time.  If you’ve previously bid for this year’s training class and do not desire a change in your preference month bid, it is not necessary to resubmit the bid. If you wish to make changes, simply re-submit bids via DIS*31013.  The last bid on file will be your final bid. 

Preference month awards are expected to be posted by June 14th in field 3.A. of the FAINFO screen available via Unimatic.


In Solidarity,

Chris Black
LEC President





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