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 IAH Council 42 Newsletter

June 24, 2016 

Inside this issue:     Terms Agreed to for Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement

As you are probably aware , our Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) and the company came to an agreement on the terms of a joint collective bargaining agreement. The parties will work to finalize the language this weekend for review by the Joint Master Executive Council (MEC), including all (CAL, CMI, UAL) Local Presidents. These directly elected leaders of all 25,000 Flight Attendants, will meet in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday, June 27 & 28.

The Tentative Agreement is only official upon approval by the Joint MEC.

We know everyone is eager for details and we will work to get them to you as soon as possible following the Joint MEC Meeting. Please ensure that your mailing and contact information is up to date to ensure you receive all of the information that will be coming to you via Postal and electronic mail. Help ensure all of our flying partners get official information from our union – get the latest news and sign up for updates at OurContract.org

It is not too late to become an Info Rep and help disseminate information to our peers. If you are interested, reply to this email with Info Rep on the Subject line and your contact information in the body of the email.


In Unity

Franko, Jarrett and Jason

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